Date: 13 May 2011


Re: Chinese map shows Pakistani version of Kashmir. Dear friend\\\\\\\\ You have written a commendable letter to the Chinese Television (CCTV) regarding the map of Kashmir. It is not entirely their fault. \\\\\\\\\\\ Since they are friends of Pakistan they will use the maps supplied by Pakistan. Using the map provided by India (Pakistan's ENEMY) will not be good for that friendship. Similarly countries that are friendly towards India will use the map of Kashmir as seen on the INDIAN maps. \\\\\\\\\\ What we often do not realize is that it was our own BANDIT NEHRU who not only accepted Pakistan (surrender of our TERRITORY) to the violent and separatist followers of Mohammed of Mecca but also cultivated very close relations with the Arab and Islamic countries, neglecting Hindu Nepal and the Buddhist countries to the East. His hostility towards them reflected his own HATRED of Hindus and our Akhand Bharat. What Indira thought of the Hindus while marrying a MUSLIM and what Rajiv thought of all the eligible HINDU girls in Bharat is known to the Chinese. \\\\\\\\\\\ Although, as you say, Buddha was born in India, the Chinese would be very upset at the total neglect of all the temples across India associated with him. They can compare the splendor and glory of MECCA with the ruins and gloom of our own holiest temples, including the one in Ayodhya. \\\\\\\\\\ NEHRU never encouraged any tourism to the Buddhist countries while encouraging Muslim tourism to visit their shrines in India and even paid Hajj subsidies. \\\\\\\\\ He did not visit any Hindu temple and looked at Golden Temple in Amritsar with scorn, if not contempt. His daughter INDIRA & son RAJIV did during 1984 what NEHRU had wished to do even prior to Partiton in 1947. \\\\\\\ India never encouraged tourism from and to Japan and China. Some Japanese millionaires defied the Will of the Hindu-bashing Government of India and restored some Buddhist temples in India at their own cost. If left to Nehru Dynasty or the Government of India these, too, would have been in the state of RUIN like our historic temple in Ayodhya. \\\\\\\\\\ Please do see things in perspective. Compare the area occupied by China with that occupied by Pakistan. Our Bharat does notice the Chinese aggression but NOT the ISLAMIC aggression, that is a MILLION TIMES worse.\\\\\\\\\ Led and brainwashed by State media we do "miss" AKSAI CHIN taken by China but we DO NOT miss LAHORE, MULTAN and SRI NANKANA SAHIB at all. \\\\\\\\ In short, our India must "dump" Italy & Islam and become STRONG under a clear IDENTITY and then RECOVER North Kashmir including Aksai Chin. \\\\\\\\\\\\ You quote our similar populations but overlook the fact that to be equal to China our Bharat, too, has to be a permanent member of Security Council. Before applying for that seat we ought to find out if the son of a Chinese minister can import his bride so easily from the "gutters" of ITALY or VENEZUELA.\\\\\\\\\\\ India had such a unique chance in 1971 when the Pakistani Army had surrendered unconditionally. She could EASILY have recovered North Kashmir and even Lahore and Nankana Sahib. But instead, our autocratic prime minister, Mrs. Feroze KHAN (A.K.A. INDIRA GANDHI), returned even the liberated East Bengal to the ENEMY. If there was any respect left for India in the eyes of the Chinese it became ZERO on that day. \\\\\\\ May 13, 2011. \\\\\\\\\ 000000000