Date: 16 May 2011


Two Muslim women in an Uttar Pradesh town, 40 km east of Delhi, allegedly killed their daughters because they had eloped and married migrant Bihari Hindu labourers, police said. \\\\\\\\\\ The victims had sought police protection after they returned to their homes in Baghpat earlier this week, but the subdivisional magistrate sent them home to reconcile with their mothers. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ On Wednesday night, Khatun and Subrato, both of whom are widows, allegedly tied their daughters, 19-year-old Zahida and 26-year-old Husna, to cots and threw a rope around their necks. They then held the girls down and tightened the noose until the victims suffocated to death, police said. \\\\\\\\\\\ Khatun and Subrato have been arrested. A third woman called Momina, their neighbour in Baghpat's Muslim-dominated Mughalpura area, who allegedly helped them commit the murders, is on the run. \\\\\\\\\\\\ "We killed them because they had brought shame to our community. How could they elope with Hindus? They deserved to die. We have no remorse," Khatun and Subrato said Friday. \\\\\\\\\\ The women said each killed her daughter at home. Police, however, suspect that Khatun, Subrato and Momina committed the murders together, strangling the victims one after another. Khatun and Subrato live in different lanes in the same locality. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\ ================================= COMMENT: \\\\\\\\\\ Muslims are present in PARTITIONED INDIA only due to one reason:\\\\\\\\ HINDUS' LACK OF COMMITMENT TO THEIR TERRITORY. Hindus have forgotten than Sri Ram FOUGHT A BATTLE and Sri Krishna BLESSED A BATTLE. Today's Hindus have adopted GANDHI as "bapu" (guiding light) and committed collective suicide everywhere- not only in Ayodhya, Kashmir and East Bengal. \\\\\\\\\\\ The following episode is bone chilling, that shows even WOMEN in Islam have so much HATRED & CONTEMPT for the Hindus. This shows the EXTREMELY LOW ESTEEM & IMAGE that the HINDUS enjoy in HINDUSTHAN (Bharat) that is smarting in agony under the foot of "ITALY, ISLAM & DYNASTY". \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ On the other hand, to our SHAME, Muslims and Christians are converting the HINDUS in broad daylight. Just watch "Peace TV" (Zakir Naik) and a dozen other FREE Muslim TV channels. Don't they show the whole world the "Hindus being driven towards the ISLAMIC abattoir like the sheep"? \\\\\\\\\\\\\ If the HINDUS do not respond in a virile and manly manner to their own ethnic cleansing in Pakistan and Bogusdesh and their SLOW ethnic cleansing in Bharat, then hardly any Hindu will be left in Hindusthan or the world eventually. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The sheep can be one million but still they cannot chase out even one wolf from their paddock. It is INDOCTRINATION right from birth that makes one man a wolf (JINNAH) and the other a goat (GANDHI). \\\\\\\\\ 16 May 11 ========= 000000000