Date: 03 Jun 2011


OBAMA is the convenient "tool of Mohammed" in order to absorb (eventually) MILLIONS OR MUSLIMS in the United States. The trickle that has started will soon become a torrent.\\\\\\\\\\\\ As the Son of a Muslim this is what he can do legally in order to throw dust in the eyes of the American people who are not willing even to touch the KORAN that is already showing its culture and inspiration from Egypt to Syria and Somalia.\\\\\\\\\\ How can a MUSLIM call himself persecuted from an ISLAMIC republic? If they LOVE Koran, they must love ISLAM and so if they love Islam then they must be made to love the Islamic Republic where they were born. And if they must escape Koran & Mohammed in order to come to INFIDEL lands, then they must be stopped. Only ISLAMIC Republics should be made to taken them in. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Christian America or Hindu India must turn away every Mohammed who is fleeing for ECONOMIC reasons or to seduce and grab the non Muslim GIRLS. \\\\\\\\\\\\ If Obama was LOYAL to his adopted country that has given him the highest post on earth he would have told them, "You can come only if you swear not to touch or read KOAN." \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Would one accept a refugee from Germany clutching a photo of Hitler and a copy of book called KMEIN KAMAPF? But OBAMA IS ONE OF THEM who wants Israel to shed MORE LAND instead of asking Saudi Arabia or Egypt, even Pakistan, to ABSORB all the Palestinians and give the starving lot some food twice a day. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ What is happening now? All these MILLIONS of FLEEING MOHAMMEDS are being fed by Christian West. Since they are fed, treated as per OUR OWN human rights, more and more of them are coming and will be coming till the WEST IS OVERWHELMED or DROWNED. One should know the story of the rich man who let a hungry traveler in for the night, respecting his human rights, but lost his WIFE and his own LIFE in one night. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ The tragedy for the free and secular world is this: The MUSLIMS are increasing at a phenomenal rate, far outpacing the non Muslims. One Osama Bin Laden, their role model, had FIVE WIVES and TWENTY FOUR CHILDREN, what to speak of the even bigger role model, the MOHAMMED OF MECCA. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Thus riding the religious ZEAL & FIRE the Muslims are arriving in the West and their numbers are EXPLODING on earth. How will it all end up? Have a guess. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ In the end it will come to CIVIL WAR or PARTITION as in India when our United India was BROKEN UP into three fragments in order to save the mankind from another catastrophe after World War 2 and in order to prevent millions of more orphans and widows and refugees being created on earth. The HINDUS respected the Muslims' "human rights" just as the Europeans and the Americans are doing right now. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ But what happened to those morally superior wise saintly Hindus in India and the Christians in N. CYPRUS? Even their DEAD are crying from the next world, "Go and see the human rights AS PER KORAN that apply in every Islamic Republic. GO and see their Constitutions. From Day 1 the Muslims start INCREASING rapidly and whenever they attain sufficient numbers to rock the boat, they GO FOR ISLAMIC Republics and apply ISLAMIC "Human rights" (SHARIA) on ALL." \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ So to treat the MUSLIMS on the norms of OUR OWN HUMAN RIGHTS IS TO INVITE OUR OWN DEATH. The day they achieve their cherished goal there is "free for all" for them to ABDUCT & RAPE, DESTROY CHURCHES and TEMPLES and enact and impose Islamic Law on all, So, let us not be fools. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Dear Americans, you are still lucky that you can at lease speak your mind. But wait till the SOMALIS increase in numbers. Eventually a Christian in Washington or Florida will be like a Hindu in KARACHI and a Sikh in Lahore. \\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\ 3 June 11. ============ 000000000