Date: 15 Aug 2011


This is a very logical followup and one hopes that coming events can make a good dent in governments obduracy where one suspects there would be a hiddenhand of BJP and others too. And Chidambaram is obdurate to say the least ! \\\\\\\\\\\I ofcourse have great reservations about the model of democracy we practice where even constitutional reforms and amendments can be easily circumvented. I see little lasting relief unless Anna can have his total say! We need to go beyond where I am not sure Anna has a team with right engineering skills! There is much more to corruption than what meets the eye! We cannot relate to west in many ways! \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ As sun rises over a clouded capital commemorating yet another anniversary of freedom one wonders whether we at all chose the right path to it. Misled by own trusted now held high, who only bartered to be physically free thus actually turning away from liberation. A very subtle but an ocean of difference. We slipped into freedom so smoothly that cared not to even get a correct national anthem picking up Tagore’s composition of 1911 in praise of the British Emperor ! For were it not so we would not be waging a war, over six decades later, against an internal foe called ‘corruption’ seethed so deep in our labyrinths that the challenge to our existence, already without pride , should be coming not from outside but own governance; the daily rant against truth from those very who sit in high offices fluttering the flag of ‘ victory to truth’. Ironically with consent and acquiescence of very those who are victims, the people and through the very machinery we chose to sustain our freedom with, the model of democracy on which we pile praises as a ritual on a daily basis. Of all the concerns and threats that face us today, what stares starkly in the face is actually capitalism the mother of corruption as it strips society of all inhibitions with disappearance of moral accountability in daily existence from the top down to the street level , de coupling values and probity between personal and public life. We are so riddled with corruption that it breathes in our religious pursuits too. Corruption can exist anywhere but turning eye away from it , from means and tools to smash it, to collude with it , nurture it, is only a gift of capitalism the great Jewish and banker innovation to grip mankind and turn it into cauldron of greed spinning web of super prosperity for a few at expense of everyone else . Nothing can be a better evidence of this than the turn of events on its home soil as American banking system took toll of its own people in 2008 then triggered a tremor across the globe with no let up in sight going by what Europe and lately Britain has been witnessing . What keeps us pretentiously unmoved seeing by the unrestrained gluttony of grabbing and amassing assets incommensurate with needs , the constant and unstoppable cacophonous bombardment by redundant commercials the abject deficit in sense and sensitivity , is the apathy to restrain from mad rush to push up bland statistics called GDP. We are in total grip of marauding predators with loads of cash in grip of government if we have any . We dont bother with such cumbersome tools as figures for unemployed , may be those of employed will match US unemployed! Because we have two economies where our western buddies are not so smart , the black more powerful the main conduit to Swiss banks and Temples /gurudwars ; churches and mosques have World Bank like funding structures! With this wishing all felicitations for independence day! \\\\\\\\\\\ -----\\\\\\\\ Subject: "DEAR MR CHIDAMBARAM" , MESSAGE TO MINISTER \\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Thank you for sending me a copy of the letter you have sent or intend to send to Mr Chidambaram. If you have no objection, I think it would be a good idea to place a copy on both the lists. It is perhaps true that the Indian constitution does not provide for national or local referendums, so the Indian government cannot itself conduct such a referendum. But that has been done in some localities by Anna Hazare's team with which Mr Chidambaram held discussions until recently.. So there seems to be no reason why the results obtained should not be accepted as true and taken into consideration by the government. \\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\ Le 14/08/2011 20:17, \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\ Dear Mr. Chidambaram: \\\\\\\\\\\ "Asked whether the ministers can claim to have gauged the mood of the voters in their constituencies on the Lokpal issue especially in the backdrop of Team Anna's surveys in Amethi and Chandani Chowk showing people's support for Jan Lokpal bill, Chidambaram said that there are no such methods before MPs to conduct any referendum." \\\\\\\\\\\\ On August 9th I along with my neighbors were before the Downers Board City Council urging them not to incorporate our houses into Downers Grove IL. Reasons we do not need increased taxes, lower quality of services and we had taken a petition drive expressing the wishes of the citizens. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The Mayor Mr. Martin Tully responded with the same language of Chidambaram to the wishes of the people that there are no such methods where the city can conduct any referendum or survey. He is right and wrong. Oakbrook Village Park District Board, when faced with similar concerns sent out a questionnaire to verify the wishes of the electorate and cancelled or removed us from incorporation into the village. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Mr. Chidambaram is wrong not on policy matters for what he is administering but on GOOD GOVERNANCE and that is the current need for the future of India. Pakistan continues to make whooping administrative errors in Pakistan, due to the absence of GOOD GOVERNANCE and SELF SERVING POLITICIANS. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Mr. Chidambaram, what the people see in your statement above is politically correct but SELF SERVING to corrupt politicians and CORRUPT GOVERNMENT and that is WRONG. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ India like the U.S. is a great democracy, for the people, by the people, and of the people. I am confident your government will do what is Right based on the needs of the people and not on the Self Serving needs of certain M.P's. \\\\\\\\\\\ We as two great nations face common internal problems of where Good Governance is needed. \\\\\\\\\\\ I have the highest respect for the integrity of the character and intelligence of the Indian Cabinet including its outstanding Economist and Prime Minister, Manmohan Singhji. \\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \ Activist for Good Governance 000000000