Date: 24 Aug 2011


First reaction:\\\\\\\\\\\\ THE GOVERNMENT (ITALY, ISLAM & DYNASTY) IS "AURANGZEB".\\\\\\\\\\\\ THE HINDU JAGAT IS GURU TEGH BAHADUR. \\\\\\\\\\ Now it is up to HINDU leaders to inspire their following for some MANLY action. \\\\\\\\\\ Can they mobilize a MILLION MEN to geherao one of the corrupt "DOGS and BITCHES" on top? \\\\\\\\\\ The way out is NOT GANDHIAN but the one by which both the MUSLIMS and the CHRISTIAN entered Hindusthan.\\\\\\\\\\\ The way out is to "militarise" all the Hindus (Why were the SIKHS militarised in 1699 AD?) so that our ENEMIES take note that besides the Muslims and the Catholics there are also the HINDUS living in Hindusthan. \\\\\\\\\\\ What a shame to see the native son of soil "dying" through self immolation for the SINS OF ALL OF US while a worthless foreign female import of BOFORS CHOR sits on the "golden throne" of our Bharat to loot our poor!\\\\\\\\\\ The historic DEFEAT of 1947 (the unconditional surrender of one third of India to indigenous Muslims "like the pound of flesh and a ton of blood"), too, was brought about by the collective collapse of too many neutral, secular, native cowards who accepted what the Muslim MINORITY wanted and the Hindu MAJORITY surrendered.\\\\\\\\\\ In the last 64 years there has been NO "post mortem" of Gandhi's AKHAND BHARAT. What kind of people are we, aspiring to get a permanent seat at Security Council? \\\\\\\\\\\\ In the meantime the Government of India (Italy, Islam & Dynasty) are determined to "kill" the nation by infecting it with CANCER OF CORRUPTION. \\\\\\\\\\\ 24 Aug 11. =========\\\\\\\\\\\ In a message dated 24/08/2011 20:05:47 GMT Standard Time, xxxxxxx writes: No breakthrough in talks, back to square one: \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Team Anna\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 000000000