Date: 01 Dec 2011


It is high time to look at the monumental FRAUD on the Hindu nation by Anglo-Islamic Nexus in 1947, that is called PARTITION. \\\\\\\\\\\ The Hindu nation was CHEATED of its glory and dignity. Barrister Jawaharlal Nehru was clearly the most willing collaborator, colluding with the ENEMY to plan the eventual destruction of Hindusthan and the HINDUS after immediate mutilaton and huge territorial REDUCTION of Mother India. Instead of hanging his head in shame, he asked the ignorant people to CELEBRATE the "death" of Akhand Bharat, calling it "Independence". This was High Treason, Dishonesty and Fraud compounded.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The nation has been kept totally IGNORANT of the terms and conditions, if any, of history's worst ever UNCONDITIONAL surrender by the Hindu nation to its MUSLIM "second nation" that tore off vast territories of our sacred and ancient Motherland and also watched the EXTERMINATION of Hindus in those five provinces that were handed over to SAVAGE Mohammedans in that year by Nehru while Gandhi went silent. Not one Hindu leader gave the call to arms, or, to stand up to defend our territory and to crush the Muslim demand for breaking up Akhand Bharat. The gallant Indian ARMED FORCES were kept in barracks and later ordered to WITHDRAW, giving up what they were supposed to DEFEND to the last drop of blood in their bodies.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ On that day Nehru never bothered to see the bloodshed in Western India (later to become West Pakistan) and the tens of millions of destitute and refugees, including grieving widows whose husbands had been murdered in cold blood, and the crying orphans, fleeing their ancestral homes, being chased and hunted down by the so called Muslim "fellow citizens". That was immediately followed by full scale INVASION of Kashmir, as if encouraged by none else but Barrister Nehru to cover up his posthaste surrender of five provinces to the ENEMY. THIS IS NATIONAL ISSUE OF THE FIRST HIGHEST PRIORITY. \\\\\\\\\\\ The second issue is the complete MOCKERY of democracy since the ruling (and fooling) TOP establishment of Hindustan has been frozen in ONE Dynasty that provides the prime ministers, generation after generation. Even the President has to be approved by Dynasty and that means the Supreme Commander of our gallant ARMED FORCES automatically becoming the stooge of Sonia Maino & her Muslim allies.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ THIS IS NATIONAL ISSUE OF THE SECOND HIGHEST PRIORITY. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ We also know fully well the FRAUD of so-called Secularism being IMPOSED on the Hindus only (who are not provided protection anywhere nor allowed to build a befitting Temple in Ayodhya at par with The Vatican and the Grand Mosque in Mecca in order to honour our own Divine Lord, Sri Rama, while the Muslims enjoy too many exceptions & concessions, not only in SOUTH Kashmir. Secularism to be decent in Delhi had to be RAMMED DOWN their throats in Lahore. Otherwise it is ONE-SIDED, meant only for the slaves of the Dynasty (Alliance of Congress, Dynasty and the treacherous "Indian" Muslims who snatched their Homeland and also STAYED BACK.).\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ THIS IS NATIONAL ISSUE OF THE THRID HIGHEST PRIORITY.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The NEHRU Dynasty and their octopus like arms and tentacles have intimidated our brave and intelligent nation to the extent that to discuss these issues in the open is to invite retribution, if not death. Time has come now for our nation to DEFY THE DEVILS who are above Law and answerable to none. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ============= Subject: Invitation to all Lok Satta Members in Mumbai from Mustan Tambawala - General Secreatary - Lok Satta Party - Mumbai \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Dear Member of the Lok Satta Party \\\\\\\\\\\\\ LSP is privileged to have you as a member and your membership signifies your belief that future of our City and eventually our Country can only be better if there is change in Polity and Governance by Clean, Uncorrupted and a competent new Political Party. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ We are pleased to inform you that your party has embarked on a committed and sincere effort to get citizen candidates for the ensuing BMC election in February 2012. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Since LSP does not believe in using muscle, money or divisive vote bank politics in elections, it needs support and contribution from enlightened members like you. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ We, therefore, invite you (specially you) to an all important meeting to present our plans for the BMC elections and table, how you can help, support and contribute to bring about a much desirable change in Governance of the BMC. You may then decide how you want to help in this unique and noble effort. -- =================== 000000000