Date: 01 Dec 2011


All poltical parties must come out with their position clearly . They must realise that all that glitters is not gold ! Dr Jasmer had observed that Akalis may not be averse to FDI ! But wait and see We are a fickle and purchaseable society ie the creamy layer which has no qualms . Read history and one would be ashamed of how we helped others to loot ourselves or rather the masses specially peasants . The English studied our society diligently and creeped in. The immense agriculture produce by natures bounty the Indo Gangetic plains was never dreamt of by them ! They were wonder stuck. How to harness this with small company they had only to trade in spices. So they mobilised the sahukar the village bania who would fleece the peasant collect the harvest and move it to a central point then hand over to the District Collector . This was then shipped to England and sold in Europe too. How do you think this ramshackle island of buccaneers got over rich so fast We made it so Our rajas and maharajas No wonder they were feasted as a specialty . Greatest ambition to go to Buckingham Palace get a picture with the monarch receive various gun salutes etc . Did nothing for their subjects in their states . And who was the master planner ofcourse the Brahmin! All states had brahmin ministers as customary since the Mauryan Empire. You recall Chanakya was the PM of Chandragupta . Even Ranjit Singh had not a few though Sikhs created their panth when many Hindus got disillusioned with brahminism . Had brahmins been a galvanising force as they could have been India could never have been overrun! The problem started with the label of Hinduism . This came around 7th Century There were no Hindus before this timeline! Ashok was not a Hindu nor Ram !This word doesnt exist in our scriptures only an improvisation from Arabic ! On face value Hinduism has only lent to defeat after defeat and today it is at zenith of decay . We cannot just wash off our hands by passing the buck onto the Italian lady! Who brought her in and even annointed her as a Godess , I dont remember which there are so many to chose from, if not Hindus ! And who is the majority which calls the shots ofcourse Hindus! Is DIGVIJAYA NOT A Hindu ? Or Mulayam Singh or Chidambram etc etc . So to say that the BJP Hindu is a Hindu and Congress is not and so on is deceptive and simply marketing ploy. We have to become rational and sift substance from sand. Nation building can only be on a doctrine a philosophy and nor on religion. Which is why Ashok was so far sighted . Found that the temple was wooing the trader to sideline the influence of the State . This can bring down the State . Indeed the temple was created to deify the State so that the King is not subverted . So he devised his dharma chakra laying down the duties of the citizen . The role of temple was caped ! History is best teacher ! We have thrown it away in our education ============ 000000000