Date: 06 Dec 2011


Indian Army has The "HINDU GANDHIAN" ethos of non-violence, cease fire and surrenders, and watching passively the country burn, while the other two armies the author (below) mentions have the ethos of CONQUERING MOHAMMED. The former is in RETREATING ("Shanti Shanti") mode while the latter is in ADVANCING ("Allah Hu Akbar") mode. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The present Indian Army is a relic of British Raj and is "programmed" to serve the new corrupt COLONIAL MASTERS without looking into their legitimacy and legality. Hence they will go on serving ONE dynasty over several generations like MORONS and watch democracy become a JOKE, and ONE Dynasty degrade, divide and PLUNDER the nation till NO nation is left.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ This Indian Army was insulted, humiliated, shamed and DEGRADED on Day 1 when the British Masters left. They SURRENDERED all that territory from Khyber to Karachi and from Sylhet to Chittagong that they had defended under the British. This Army's LOYALTY changed from TERRITORY to NEHRU and to his CORRUPT Congress Party including the "White Elephant" from ITALY.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The next despicable act was stopping their advance in Kashmir when they were winning hands down. Nehru and Jinnah being IDEOLOGICAL BROTHERS ("Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai!") it was necessary to have the Kashmir DISPUTE to keep the Valley of Gods a 'zone of war' so no tourists ever enjoy their stay there and the State falls into MUSLIM hands eventually.\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Indian Army was MISUSED in East Pakistan when ordered to WITHDRAW despite outstanding victory, leaving the territory to bloodthirsty savage ISLAM once again. They could have refused to obey the illegal and immoral command and arrested or SHOT the treacherous Prime Minister. SHAME in dumping Secularism and TERRITORY so quickly.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Indian Army is known as "EUNUCHS IN UNIFORM" in Tamil Nadu, Northern Sri Lanka, South Kashmir and even EAST Punjab for reasons we ought to know and UNDERSTAND well. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The REAL and GENUINE Indian Army was raised by Subhash Chandra Bose but Nehru in COLONIAL BRITISH MINDSET ensured that they were shunned like lepers, put on trial for High Treason, and dismissed with dishonour. Netaji's INA would have EASILY tamed the separatist Muslim tiger and also ensured Secularism to prevail across the whole of India as was the case during the century before. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ -Indian Army Watch DOG. ================== 000000000