Date: 07 Dec 2011


WHAT INDIA? \\\\\\\\\\ WELL SAID. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ What India that is MUTILATED and now without her left arm (Bangladesh). right arm (Pakistan) head (North Kashmir) and even the feet (Kerala) that are infested with Muslim GANGRENE (EXTREMISM). \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ What India under ONE dynasty, GENERATION AFTER GENERATION, since 1967 but still claims to be a democracy?\\\\\\\\\\\\\ What India where the MAJORITY COMMUNITY is a "RAT, JACKAL or a SHEEP" that could not teach the separatist Muslims A LESSION in 1947, nor could it expel the ENEMY after conceding their separate homeland (Pakistan). \\\\\\\\\\\ What India that cannot raise its most prominent Temple from the RUINS in Ayodhya? \\\\\\\\\\\\\ What India that is under the awe and foot of a non descript Italian White Elephant? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ What India where the RULERS "spit" on the native womanhood and IMPORT brides from abroad (Rajiv from the street in Italy and Rahul about to bring one from the street in Venezuela)? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ What India where the killers of ONE (Indira) were promptly hanged to death but the killer of over 160 (Ajmal Kasab) is still the "Guest of the President", enjoying halal and TV in jail? What India that cannot repeal Article 370 of Constitution that makes it ILLEGAL for an Indian, including the "Goat" who is PRESIDENT & SUPREME COMMANDER at present, to buy any property in Kashmir? What India that sends army to KILL the Tamils of INDIAN ORIGIN in Sri Lanka and to DESTROY the Sikhs' holiest shrine in Amritsar while providing mosques and churches with huge funds for maintenance and salaries? What India where all are INTIMIDATED into the trap of bogus Secularims that could neither be defended in Lahore nor re-introduced in Dhaka? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ What India where DEFEAT AND SURRENDERS of 1947 are celebrated as "Independence!?\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\ What India where the CORRUPT cannot be caught or tried, e.g., BOFORS CHOR.\\\\\\\\\\\ What India where the CORRUPT have sent TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS into foreign bankis but are roaming scot free in Bharat? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ What India where the journalists are not allowed to tell the truth, eg. Indira's secret NIKAH to a Sunni Muslim named Feroze Khan?\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ What India where the media cannot investigate as to in which MOSQUE in London Indira married Feroze Khan?\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ What India where the TREACHEROUS Muslims have more State protection but NOT the natie Hindu?\\\\\\\\\\ What India where the Hindu on visit from Sindh or Bangladesh is forced to return to Pakistani Hell while the Muslims from Bangladesh are most welcome to serve as "vote bank" of the rulers? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ What India where Hindi is struggling for existence while Sanskrit is extinict but "mongrel" Urdu and alien Persian rampant?\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ What India that cannot recover North Kashmir while claiming it to be integral part of country? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ What India where the NATIVE Hindu is a servant, Sikh a "Nishkam sewak" while the Italians are looked upon with awe and the Muslim is looked on with FEAR? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 7 Dec 11. ================ In a message dated 07/12/2011 18:44:46 GMT Standard Time, XXXXX writes: In Praise of India.\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Famous Quotations about India and Hinduism. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ I wonder if all these historians, authors, scientists, scholars, Thinkers, Ambassadors, Orientalists, Physicists and Surgeons were alive today would they have the same opinions now looking at the current events and political situation in India with all the political turmoil, corruptions, black money and the country being ruled by seventy five percents of criminal element of the elected members in the Parliament. Thanks. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 000000000