Date: 09 Dec 2011


WHAT A BRILLIANT SUGGESTION.\\\\\\\\\\\\\ CONGRATULATIONS for this unique practical & daring approach. Instead of always MOURNING & WAILING the death of our heroes we should, from now onwards, turn it into the PROMISE OF LIFE IN THE FUTURE.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ We think this line of positive thought should be adopted by the Hindus (AND THE SIKHS) immediately since OURS are the communities who have reason to be ashamed as much as to be proud of our DEAD whom we call "martyrs". \\\\\\\\\\\\ In plain and simple language they were ALL MURDERED ON OUR OWN TERRITORY BY THE ENEMY WHO CAME UNINVITED, ARMED, INTENT ON AGGRESSION OR INVASION FROM FOREIGN LANDS AND MADE OUR HINDUSTHAN "HINDUS' KILLING GROUND", WHAT "ABATTOIR IS FOR THE CATTLE". EVEN SMALL INFANTS WERE NOT SPARED, NOR OUR GIRLS AND WOMEN, NOR EVEN OUR PLACES OF WORSHIP. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ What you are suggesting is, therefore, unique, historic, bold, courageous, vital and strategic. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Congratulations.\\\\\\\\\\\\ NB: The devastating attack of 1947 that snatched five provinces of India overnight, left us with the promise of future CIVIL WAR since dishonest NEHRU did not enforce "Transfer of Population" that was the key condition of India's abject and most humiliating SURRENDER. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Shuddhi is absolutely essential if we do not wish to see more bloodshed in Partitioned India after that shed in Noakhali in August 1946 and in West Pakistan throughout 1947. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 10.12.11 ==============. In a message dated 09/12/2011 19:50:45 GMT Standard Time,\\\\\\\\\\\\\com writes: \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\. I would like to make a suggestion here that December 23rd should not be observed as Swami Shardhanand Balidan Diwas but as Shardhanand Shudhi Divas. All Arya Pratindhi Sabhas, where ever they are operating from should get up from their honchos and make a declaration and direct all the Arya Samajs in the world to observe it as such and follow the example of one Agniveer who is organizing a special event in Haridwar in last week of December (Dec 23 to Dec 30, 2011) on occasion of martyrdom of Swami Shradhanand who was the father of Shuddhi movement that brought millions back to Vedic aka Hindu fold. This is the only way we can pay our ultimate shradhanjli to this great personality "Swami Shardhanand Ji "of Shuddhi (purification) Yajna. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 000000000