Date: 30 Dec 2011


IT IS TIME TO SAY, "PEACE BE UPON HIS VICTIMS AND HIS INTENDED VICTIMS" INSTEAD OF "PEACE BE UPON HIM". If we are addressing the above to GOD then He is the Creator of all life on earth including the one known as KAFIR HATER, OR KAFIR KILLER, and the one who is called PROPHET of Allah as well as the one who is called a KAFIR. We, the PROUD PAGANS, with a chip of FREEDOM OF EXPRSSION & EQUALITY OF SEXES on our shoulders, need to create such salutations from OUR own point of view, not readily take these from our ENEMIES. One thing that points to Mohammed's hatred of places of worship of Hindus, Pagans, Jews and Christians is the fac that all Muslim INVADERS followed his despicable example and destroyed every notable Hindu mandir in Bharat. Today with congregations wiped out by "sword of Mohammed" hundreds of mandirs and gurdwaras in Pakistan are deserted places. A pointer to his venom was the fact that even before his DEATH he felt like doing the ultimate deed for God. As we know there were two grand and historic RELIGIOUS places in the Middle East in the 7th. century AD. One was the SHIVA TIMPLE in Mecca and the other was the TEMPLE MOUNT of the Jews. Having destroyed the one in Mecca and converted it into a mosque he showed extraordinary energy and motivation to head for JERUSALEM to do the same to the Temple of Jews. While Mecca and surrounding areas were totally cleared of non Muslims, thanks to the Crusaders, non Muslim communities managed to cling to life in Jerusalem. There was a third renowned place of worship, the SOFIA HAGIS, the Orthodox patriarchal basilica, later a mosque, and now a museum in Istanbul, Zealot & frenzied (MAD) Followers of Mohammed robbed millions of Christians of the joy of pilgrimage to it for all the time to come. Which HINDU (recall the Grand Temple in Ayodhya), JEW (recall Temple Mount), BUDDHIST (recall the Buddha statues at Bamyan, Afghanistan), CHRISTIAN (recall Sophis Hagis and the churches in Northern Cyprus) and SIKH (recall Gurdwara Shahid Ganj in Lahore) would echo, "Peace be Upon him"?" Come on, be brave and say, "Peace be upon his VICTIMS. May they muster COURAGE and counter attack and LIBERATE not only Temple Mount but also Sofia Hagis and EVERY OTHER CHURCH AND TEMPLE on earth that was demolished or converted into mosque or museum by the intolerant and savage followers of Mohammed (pbuhV). ========================================= 000000000