Date: 19 Jan 2012


Whether General VK Singh continues as Chief till May this year, or is given extension till March next year, or his services are terminated earlier on some pretext, one thing is sure: this chief has not fallen for the carrots dangled at him. Whatever the consequences of his writ, he will go down in the history of the Indian Defence Forces as one who dared to challenge the writ of babus and politicians accepted by nearly all Chiefs before him. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ If the Generals standing behind him for succession and other brass hats do not play games and continue with this strength of character it will be a good signal for babus and politicians that time has come when Defence Forces will not take their "farmans" lying down. If we can draw lessons from this episode to challenge every rubbish thrown at us, we can look forward for better "izzat" from 'civilians'. Somebody some day had to bell the cat and I hope we will see more such challenges repeated in future. ============================= 000000000