Date: 02 May 2012


A MOHAMMEDAN TO GOVERN UTTARKHAND\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Dog’s loyalty to Gandhi-Nehru family paid off. Senior Congress leader and former Madhya Pradesh Minister Aziz Qureshi, who has been appointed as the Governor of Uttarakhand, said he was rewarded due to loyalty towards Nehru - Gandhi family and the “blessings” of the Congress president, Sonia Gandhi. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The newly Uttarakhand Governor said he had “always been loyal to the Gandhi-Nehru family,” and his appointment showed that loyalty was rewarded. “It is only because of the blessings from Sonia Gandhi that I have become Governor of Uttarakhand,” he said in Bhopal. Qureshi said that he joined Congress in 1951, and worked for the party at every level.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Qureshi was appointed as the Governor of Uttarakhand on Saturday (April 28, 2012).\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ------------------ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\COMMENT BY A PATRIOT\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ THIS NEWS IS AN INSULT TO THE HINDUS AND SIKHS, A SLAP IN THE FACE OF THE "BASHED" AND SUBDUED NATION, BEING DRIVEN INTO “MUD” AND ROBBED OF DIGNITY AND FUTURE.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ IT IS AN INSULT TO OUR ANCIENT NATIVE HINDU CULTURE, CIVILISATION AND AVATARS SINCE THEIR MOHAMMED DID NOT UTTER ONE WORD IN THEIR PRAISE. MUSLIM RULE EARLIER OVER BHARAT WAS SAVAGE AND BRUTAL, MARKED WITH MURDER, ABDUCTION, RAPE AND BEHEADINGS.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ BEING A MUSLIM IN HINDUSTHAN MR. AZIZ QUERISHI IS NOTHING BUT "DECEPTION, FRAUD AND SURPRISE ATTACK". \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ HIS ELDERS AND ROLE MODELS LIKE MOHAMMED ALI JINNAH AND POET LAUREATE MOHAMMED IQBAL TURNED TRAITORS TO INDIA IN A SECOND WHEN THEY SAW THE PROSPECT OF PUSHING VAST AREAS OF BHARAT INTO THE DARK AGES OF 7th. CENTURY AD.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ MUSLIM LOYALTY TO BHARAT AND THE HINDUS WAS SEEN IN 1947 AND NOTHING WILL CHANGE OUR VERDICT TILL KHYBER PASS AND CHITTAGONG ARE BACK IN BHARAT, OR ALL THE MUSLIMS ARE OUT. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ HINDUS DO NOT HAVE AN INSECT'S MEMORY TO FORGET THAT DEFEAT AND SURRENDER OF TERRITORY TO MUSLIMS, NOR A RHINO'S THICK SKIN.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ DOES NEHRU DYNASTY HAVE THE “DIVINE RIGHT” TO RULE THE LAND OF HINDUS? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ DO THE HINDUS HAVE TO ACCEPT EVERY INSULT, "SLAP AND KICK", FROM SINDH TO EAST BENGAL AND KASHMIR? IF THE HINDU NATION HAS THE SLIGHTEST SELF-ESTEEM THERE SHOULD BE A FIERCE REACTION TO THIS NEWS IN THE WHOLE OF INDIA. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ IF THE HINDUS LIVING IN UTTARKHAND DO NOT PROTEST AND REJECT THIS "MOHAMMED" OUTRIGHT THEY WILL BE REGARDED "DEAD" BY THE WORLD.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ WE MUST REPLACE THE CONSTITUTION OF BANDIT NEHRU, THE SECRET CONVERT TO ISLAM, WHO ACCEPTED THE DIVISION OF INDIA ON SECTARIAN / COMMUNAL BASIS, ALOWING THE ENEMY TO PUT KORAN IN CONSTITUTION WHILE FORCING HIS OWN HINDU SUBJECTS TO "KISS HIS BACK" AND GO UNDER HIS "SECULAR" CONSTITUTION IN ORDER TO SEE OUR OWN NATIVE FAITHS DOWNGRADED, SUPPRESSED AND DELETED FROM OFFICIAL RECORDS AND FILES.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ WHAT'S THE MATTER? CAN'T THEY FIND A SINGLE SUITABLE HINDU FOR THE POST? CAN'T WE SEE THE NEXUS BETWEEN THE FOREIGNERS, CATHOLICS AND MUSLIMS, ALL “GANGED UP” AGAINST THE NATIVES? HOW WILL HE SERVE HIS SUBJECTS WHO ARE ALL HINDU? HOW CAN HE ENCOURAGE ADVANCEMENT OF THOSE PEOPLE WHEN HIS HEART IS IN MECCA, IN HIS OWN MUSLIM COMMUNITY AND AT THE FEET OF HIS OWN RASUL ALLAH WHO WAS NEITHER BORN IN, NOR LIVED IN, HINDUSTHAN?\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ HOW CAN THE NATION OF ONE BILLION, ALL TRAPPED UNDER ONE CONSTITUTION, ONE FLAG AND ONE ITALIAN BORN "FIRST LADY", TOLERATE THIS INSULT? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ WITH ONE FOREIGNER WE PUT IN CHAIR THERE IS ONE HINDU SITTING IN DUST AT HIS/HER FEET. ALL GOVERNORS MUST BE HINDU.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ A MOHAMMEDAN CANNOT BE ACCEPTED TO "GOVERN" ANYWHERE IN BHARAT, AND PROUD HINDUS MUST NOT BE SEEN AS HIS SUBJECTS OR SERVANTS. IT'S NOT ONLY THE MUSLIMS WHO MUST HAVE A CLEAR "ISLAMIC" IDENTITY. THIS APPOINTMENT CROSSES ALL LIMITS OF APPEASEMENT. A CONSTANT APPEASER IS LIKE A DOG. INDIAN MUSLIMS HAVE TO BE TAKEN TO TASK OVER PARTITION, OVER THE GREAT MASSACRES OF 1946 AND 1947 AND OVER THE ONGOING RAPE AND KILLING OF HINDUS IN HINDUSTHAN. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ MOHAMMEDANS SHOULD NOT EVEN DARE TO STEP OUT OF THEIR HOMES AFTER MUTILATING GANDHI'S "AKHAND BAHRAT". MUTILATING BHARAT IS NOT THE SAME AS KILLING A SHEEP.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\A MOHAMMEDAN WHO BELIEVES IN KORAN AND READS THE WORD "KAFIR" IN IT UMPTEEN TIMES A DAY SHOULD REALLY BE REGARDED A "PIG" IN THE EYES OF ALL THE PROUD KAFIRS AND INFIDELS.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ IT IS HIGH TIME THAT THE KAFIRS TOO STOOD UP AND CHALLENGED, "HOW DARE ANYONE PUT US UNDER A LABEL? A MUSLIM, BRAINWASHED TO SEE PEOPLE AS "MOMIN AND KAFIR", VIOLATES THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF EQUALITY OF MAN.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ SUCH A SELF-RIGHTEOUS MORON SHOULD BE TREATED LIKE AN "UNTOUCHABLE" INSTEAD OF REWARDING HIM WITH THE HIGH POST OF A GOVERNOR.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ LET US TELL HIM: "AZIZ QURESHI, PUT A BATTALION OF SOLIDERS AROUND YOU AS YOUR GUARD. A PROUD HINDU IN PARTITIONED INDIA COULD DO THE UNTHINKABLE TO YOU. PEOPLE OF UTTARKHAND ARE NOT GOATS AND SHEEP BUT PROUD HINDUS. THEY WOULD LIKE TO GET A GOVERNOR WHO SHOWS GRATITUDE TO SRI KRISHNA, SRI RAM AND GURU NANAK RATHER THAN TO THE "THUGS AND RASCALS" KNOWN AS "GANDHIS" WHO ARE PLUNDERING AND BASHING THE NATION DAY AND NIGHT.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ "WE DON'T EXPECT SONIA MAINO, THE IMPORT OF BOFORS "CHOR" TO REMIND YOU THAT ALL THOSE WHO SAW THE MUSLIMS IN THEIR TRUE COLOURS IN 1947 CANNOT BEAR TO SEE A MOHAMMEDAN IN OUR LAND. YOU ARE AN IMPOSITION JUST AS SONIA HERSELF IS AN IMPOSITION ON THE "DEMORALISED, TERRORISED AND ENSLAVED" HINDU NATION. THIS DESPICABLE STATE OF AFFAIRS CAN NOT BE ALLOWED TO GO ON FOR EVER.” \\\\\\\\\\\\\The first Christian who appeared in the capital of India was a doctor who came to cure ailing Shah Jehan. While staying in Delhi he also noticed the wealth of the Mogul court, and sent news back home. Thereafter the British could not sleep peacefully at night till they laid their hands on the immense wealth of Hindusthan.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The first Christian to land in America carried gifts for the native Indians. They entertained him like the Hindus of Bharat entertaining Sonia from Italy. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ He went back to say, "They are very rich people but extremely ignorant and damn stupid to welcome and trust any foreigner without caring in the least about his motivation, religion and background.” The following year he took a party of warriors and bounty hunters with him and slaughtered the natives to set up camps. Thereafter wave after wave of Christians appeared and drove the natives from eastern coast to the western coast, killing, burning, raping and destroying. No original place of worship is now seen across America, including South America that is called LATIN America since the Bible then was in the LATIN language. All religious texts and holy scriptures of the natives were burnt or torn up.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Similarly, the Muslims destroyed the native Hindu culture, temples, abducted, raped and BEHEADED wantonly to please the ghost of Mohammed of Mecca. Today the Hindu nation is so smashed, MINUS dignity, unity, valour and self-esteem, as to put an Italian female on top, having dropped the criminal prosecution case against her husband "Rascal" Rajiv for BOFORS commission. \\\\\\\\\\\\ The Muslims broke our country but nobody speaks of PARTITION any more, fearing to cause offence to the ENEMY who stayed back and now occupies highest positions of power including the office of GOVERNORS of States where they act as the EYES & EARS of Mecca & Vatican, aspiring and scheming to finish off the Hindus. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Ignorant, servile and timid NATIVES are sitting in dust and dare not shout, "UTTARKHAND can also have a HINDU Governor, and someone who was born in Uttarkhand! WHY SHOULD THE GUY WHO READS THE SAME KORAN THAT MOHAMMED BIN QASIM AND MOHAMMED ALI JINNAH used to read openly, and Nehru and his daughter Maimuna Begum used to read secretly, be put in high position in our Uttarkhand who will set up a mosque to pray, import a Mullah from U.P., attract more “believers”, and then start converting the Hindus in order to make it a “disputed” State like Kashmir or an ISLAMIC State like East Bengal and West Punjab?” \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Any citizen of Uttarkhand still more sheepish secular than proud Hindu, and inclined to serve the Muslim Governor should immediately speak to a Hindu refugee from Srinagar, Rawalpindi or Bangladesh to enquire about their Muslim fellow citizens! We all must recognize the signs of the nations that have perished (Spartans in Greece and the Buddhists in Afghanistan) and those that are PERISHING everywhere (the HINDUS).\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ We asked an American, “What will YOUR country do if the Muslims, on becoming a majority, suddenly occupied Florida and called it “The Islamic Republic of Florida”? Would your country, inspired by the saintly teachings of Jesus Christ and Mahatma Gandhi, still regard the Muslims “brothers” and give them key posts of cabinet ministers and governors?” \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\He replied instantly, “All the remaining States in the USA will instantly unite and invade Florida, tear up its Islamic Constitution, arrest all the Muslims and put them in jails or on ships to sail away to Pakistan. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\“Thereafter, the ONLY job available to any Muslim staying back will be toilet cleaners.” \\\\\\\\\\\\\\We agreed. America has known them only since 9/11. We have known them since 712. How should the HINDUS in Partitioned India (“Broken” Bleeding Bharat) treat the Muslims? \\\\\\\\\\\ Be inspired by the manly patriotic Americans and become as brave. The ONLY jobs open to a MUSLIM in our Partitioned India ought to be a road sweeper and a toilet cleaner. Continuous surrender and continuous appeasement of the ENEMY are the traits of those whose days on earth are numbered. Italian-born Sonia’s protégé AZIZ QURESHI has the third choice, too, either to embrace the Hindu, Buddhist or Sikh religion or go to Pakistan, the homeland for the INDIAN Muslims. Proud Hindus living in sovereign Hindusthan cannot accept a Muslim or an Italian to GOVERN them.\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The question for “Empress Sonia”, the President of All-India Congress Party (Party of Partition, Provocation & Plunder) is, “What’s wrong with a HINDU Governor of Uttarkhand? Can’t you see EVEN one who is suitable enough among the one BILLION Hindu subjects under your “whip & foot”? --------------------------------------------------------- 000000000