Date: 29 May 2012


RAPE & PLUNDER OF “DHARTI MAATA”- \\\\\\\\\\\\(and we, her children, are watching)\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ What is the most important thing for (or, in) life? Food? NO.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Air? NO. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ It is EARTH. There can be NO life as we know, and live, without earth. That is why ancient Hindus, who had own minds, NOT THE MINDS OF TREACHEROUS SECUALR SARKAR, called it “Mother”. Only the Hindus refer to the earth as Dharti Maata or Bharat Maata. Has one ever heard a Christian or a Muslim calling the earth “Mother”? NO. In our own Hindu civilisation, the sacred earth and its resources are respected and cherished. In the case of others these are to be captured, dominated and exploited. Like everything else that is precious for us, our earth, too, is the target of PREDATORS. What is the reason for this?\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Firstly, it gives them ROOM FOR EXPANSION and, secondly, it places the earth's resources, both above, and underneath, for exploitation.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ That is why the restless starving Christians and Muslims came to lush green fertile Hindusthan for LAND, LOOT & LABOUR. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The followers of both these religions believe in “room for expansion”. The Germans called it “lebensraum” and occupied Poland for their own increasing numbers. The Muslims, who have very similar agenda of dominating the world also aim to have large families. (Osama bin Laden, their ROLE MODEL, had 57 children from several wives). The Muslims desperately need more and more TERRITORY. Their luckiest year on earth was 1947. What happened in that year? One will not get the answer from Government of India or even from our own cowardly LEADERS, the worst on earth, who do not show guts to look at that year closely to warn us of the next HOLOCAUST OF HINDUS and GENOCIDE OF SIKHS. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ One “ignorant ignominious IDIOT”, who happens to be Hindu as well as a Member of Indian Parliament, called Italian born SONIA MAINO “Mother Sonia” at par with “Mother India” and demanded that she ought to be the Prime Minister of Hindusthan!\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Barrister Mohammed Ali Jinnah and Viceroy Lord Louis Mountbatten both agreed that the IMPACT of the rapidly “exploding” Muslim population in India through (1) much hither birth rate, (2) active conversions, and (3) all the “mixed” marriages that give advantage to Mohammed of Mecca, ought to be taken into consideration and, therefore, should get vast territories for their “ROOM FOR EXPANSION” ("Lebensraum"), that is, to accommodate their rapidly rising numbers in India. Jinnah demanded ONE THIRD OF INDIA where his Muslims could WIPE OUT the Hindus and Sikhs, and have all the TERRITORY for the Mohammeds with their many wives and countless children. Nehru, who ought to have seen through this dirty Muslim trick, acted as a blind man or a collaborator. We have all heard of “Partition” without opposition, without challenge, without referendum and without a single condition!\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ That is why Nehru deleted the word from his Constitution that he imposed on our blind, ignorant and timid nation. Our nation, still the wretched slaves, is commanded to regard Partition as a minor thing like a bug in Sonia's tummy that cannot be discussed in public What should we do now? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Talk about Partition! Go into its causes and details. Find out how many Hindus PERISHED and how the refugees were ignored by Nehru and how many more Hindus were forced out of South Kashmir in 1989 that the Government of India neither notices nor mentions while running their “samjhauta express” to Lahore in order to appease the Mohammed of Desert instead of kicking the lot OUT along with the Italian imported “White Elephant”. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Now let us ask: “What is the ENEMY agenda?” Answer: It is to push the natives (Hindus and Sikhs) out of earth (TERRITORY) totally. All those ILLEGAL Bangladeshis coming in, in their millions, changing the demography of West Bengal are literally pushing us out. The tragedy is that like Nehru, whom we trusted, this Sarkar, too, wishes us all DEAD or CONVERTED. ======================================= 000000000