Date: 17 Aug 2012


INTERNAL rifts, strife and fractures are as per Ideology of ISLAM & ITALY, dead set against the HINDUS. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The Hindus proved spineless in not forcing the ENEMY out in 1947. So this weakness has encouraged the foreigners in our midst to bash, batter and destroy the Hindu nation. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Their goal is to weaken the Hindus so that any aspiration to, and demand for, "Hindu Rashtra" is snubbed in mud for ever while NO finger is raised at ISLAMIC "Rashtras" to the right and left of Broken Bharat. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Will the Hindu LEADERS, with dismal record so far, comprehend what is at stake? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ====== In a message dated 17/08/2012 17:25:11 GMT Daylight Time, \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\com writes: Who has spoiled the character of Muslims of India?\\\\\\\\\ Myanmar is a different country. If Muslims are driven out of Myanmar, the Hindus of India and any state or central government of India is not at fault. We do not know what actions are being taken by Pakistan and Bangladesh with Myanmar on the issue of infiltrator Muslims in Myanmar. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Who has spoiled the character of Muslims of India? Bangladesh and Pakistan are practically careless and lacking in responsibility. On the other hand, the Nehruvian Government in India is simply and careful on only its vote-bank at any cost to the nation. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ It is none but Nehruvian Congress government, right from JL Nehru through Indira to Sonia. \\\\\\\\\\\\ United India was divided on the plea of Muslim leaders, that Muslims are separate civilization and separate culture. India was cut in pieces and two pieces were given to Muslims. Those who had faith in aforesaid ideology they were supposed to leave India. Some Muslims left India. But a large number of Muslims remained in India. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Hindus believed in United India. But Hindus were massacred in Pakistan and most of them were forced to leave Pakistan. They are not safe in Pakistan till this date. On the other and contrary to the above situation, Muslims are highly safer in India than any other country including Muslim country. Muslims are creating pockets of mini Pakistan-s in India. Hindus are driven out. Nehruvian Congress is not bothered. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Indira Gandhi neglected the issue of infiltrators of Bangladeshi Muslim since 1968 to 1984. Thereafter her son followed the same line of action. Subsequently there are many pockets in North East state where Muslims are dominating.\\\\\\\\\\\ Hindus are out of Kashmir. Nehruvian Government remained inactive. Now Muslims have initiated same line of action in Assam. The same will be spread out in other North East states. This is beyond doubt.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Now pseudo secular media controlled by non-Hindus is exploring golden chance to create a total anarchy. Otherwise also Nehruvian Congress is in the habit of creating anarchy in its every term of rule right from 1950-1955 till this current term without exception.\\\\\\\\\\\\ Nehruvian Congress ruled state governments viz. Andhra, Maharashtra, Kerala says that they have taken enough care to secure the lives of people of Assam residing in their state. As for the alarming incidents they say it is all rumors.\\\\\\\\\\\\ However it is beyond doubt that the Muslims have developed courage to exhibit violent backlash to protest the riots took place in Assam in relation to the Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators. We have already seen the backlash of Muslims in Mumbai on 12th August. No media have shown courage to show as to what was spelled out during the gathering lead by Muslims leaders. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Now look at the following news item of one day.\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Source: Wall Street Journal: mint: dated 17th August 2012\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Bangalore:\\\\\\\\\\ In Bangalore a Tibetan student was stabbed as he was mistaken as from North East. This being a BJP ruled state now at the city’s railway station, police is accompanied by volunteers of RSS, ABVP and student wing of BJP. This group has set up help lines, information desk, water and food. It has also staged a series of marches asking the people to stay back. However two special trains operated to in 5000 booked tickets.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Some official of Union Government said there were indications that the violence may flare up again after the end of fasting month Ramzan next week. One senior government officer who did not want to be identified said adequate security would be provided. 35 cases atrocities in Karnataka have been reported by different organizations of North East to the CM Karnataka. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ As for Kerala, Hyderabad and Kerala: The Home Minister Advisory and other advisor have pointed out that the people of the North East had been subjected to assault in some areas of all these three states. Home Ministry has asked the state governments to act in the line of Karnataka government. The Home Ministry of Center has asked a railway to provide security to 375 bodo-s travelling from Andra to Guwahati. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Manoj Nirjari of Assam a security guard in Thallassery Kerala said he came to Bangalore because he and 10 others were threatened by his employer. His belongings were seized when he said he wanted to leave. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ A 20 years old student of Darjeeling at Kerala told the State Law Minister that his friend was slashed on the arm by two people on Wednesday. “We complained to the police, but the police officer refused to take complaint…” \\\\\\\\\\\\\Pune Police have so far arrested 13 people over the attacks on North Eastern Students. In Nasik, two students have complained about receiving threat. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Around 10000 people of Assam have left Hyderabad. Milal Saiki was assaulted by three persons in Rayadurgam. Amit Saikhya of Punjagutta has decided to leave Andhra after reading the newspapers. 30000 security guards are from North East in Hyderabad. =========================================== 000000000