Date: 20 Aug 2012


Congratulations to RSS for rising to occasion.\\\\\\\\\\ Thank God they they are not only well organised and well disciplined but also patriotic with NO foreign axe to grind. \\\\\\\\\\\ People will feel safe seeing them at time of distress. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ This is a major social upheaval since streams of refugees were driven away from Pakistan into India. At that time there was NO "comfort" of seeing such an effort by RSS. The homeless Hindu and Sikh refugees scttered all over India and starfted life afresh in three clothes. Now at least the Bodos have their own homes back in Assam to go to, like the Kashmiri Hindus who have homes in Srinagar but dare not return.\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Isn't Congress run Bharat in a mess?\\\\\\\\\\\\ India was shining but higher forces have created conditions that will deter development and investments as is the case of Pakistan. What an irony that in Karnataka the Bodos are not safe while the Muslim are, who captured one third of India but still stayed put to wait for their next opportunity. \\\\\\\\\\\\ What kind of Government is this that cannot settle Hindus in Kashmir, cannot expel the enemy entering from "BOGUSdesh", the gift of Indira (Maimoona Begum) to Shaikh Mujiburrahman and cannot get the illegal money back from foreign banks not punish the CORRUPT among them? ============================== 000000000