Date: 31 Aug 2012


WHAT ELSE WAS THE PARTITION OF INDIA ALL ABOUT?\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ In 1947 the Muslims of INDIA INSTINCTIVELY GANGED UP and demanded their own separate and EXCLUSIVE Islamic Republic, rejecting SECULARISM AND non Muslim fellow citizens- Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and all the REST. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ So the question must be asked, "WHAT IS ISLAM THAT DROVE THEM MAD- made them commit HIGH TREASON and BEASTLY BRUTALITY against the unprepared and unarmed population living under the spell of suicidal “AHIMSA PARMO DHARMA”?" \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Here is the answer:\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Islam is NOTHING but re-branded, re-shaped, re-packaged and re-formed “JEHAALAT” (Dark IGNORANCE and beastly FANATICISM & CONDUCT) of the Arabs living 1400 years ago. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Thus Mohammed kept the same low slavish status of women whom men could beat and lock up, and kept the same high status of men who could have up to four females as wives at the same time. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ He kept the same laws by which a raped woman had to produce four male eye-witnesses and by which a woman could not walk (or drive) alone through streets. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ He did not prescribe brutal punishments such as burying up to neck and then stoning to death for men but only for women. MEN are promised virgins, wine and all comforts in paradise but there is no mention of any reward for women who learn Koran by heart, do namaz five, six or ten times a day, remain confined indoors, wear head to foot "burka" before stepping outdoors, tolerate three more rival wives in conjugal bed, serve husbands like slaves and even die fighting for Mohammed! \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Mohammed infused CONTEMPT for women and HATRED and VENOM against the “Infidels” (anyone who did not believe in his divinity or “Rasaalat”). \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ He kept the same separatism, mutual suspicion, mistrust and animosity for all the other faiths, and peoples, as in the nomadic tribal societies that still live on fraud, deception, theft, robbery and surprise attack (stabbing in the back). \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Mohammed of Mecca kept the same belief that “Deity” (Mohammed) is above one’s Motherland, above one’s fellow citizens (neighbours) and ‘man is above woman’. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ His marauding followers swept across vast territories on earth, recognizing no frontiers or borders and respecting no other civilization and State on earth. \\\\\\\\\\\ So, when you talk with a Muslim you are looking at a mentally retarded “fossilized moron” simply dug out of tons of earth laid upon him, layer upon layer, during centuries past. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ What else was “Partition of India” all about? IN 1947 VAST TERRITORIES IN SOUTH ASIA SUDDENLY PLUNGED INTO TOTAL DARKNESS, AND SAVAGERY, THAT WAS ISLAM, “MADE IN ARABIA", 1400 YEARS AGO”. \\\\\\\\\ And, since that was SHARED “Jehaalat" (RELIGION) by all, no Muslim still living SHAMELESSLY in BROKEN BLEEDING BHARAT ever regretted that attack on Motherland or said, “SORRY”. =========================== 000000000