Date: 16 Sep 2012


The gruesome photo below (NOT GIVEN) of Christian homes in Egypt is very familiar to many of us from the days of the so-called Partition of India in 1947. In fact that was the UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER of India to the beastly followers of Islam brainwashed by Koran and Mohammed of Arabia. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ This is the REALITY that useless "Father of Nation" MK GANDHI (in sheer contrast to his contemporay WINSTON CHURCHILL) and JL NEHRU, the secret agent of Islam, who concealed it from their ignorant followers. This photo in 2012 was also the scene in East Bengal in August 1946 and in Rawalpindi District in March and in Kashmir Valley in October 1947. But those scenes never got published, not to offend Gandhi's Muslim "children" and Nehru's vote bank. Congratulations to the brave Americans for retaliation to Islamic onslaught in a befitting manner, but by GUN and by PEN. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Our useless good-for-nothing HINDU leaders did not understand ISLAM thouhg we have suffered the beasts for thousand years while the Americans are getting to know them only now, nor got prepared for the devastating Muslim ONSLAUGHT coinciding with the departure of Imperial Britain that left the Hindu world EXPOSED to the Kafir-Killer devils. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ================ In a message dated 16/09/2012 19:11:08 GMT Daylight Time, \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\com writes:\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Now what do you expect, the coptic christians will face the same life as what Bangla Deshi or Pakistani Hindus and Sikhs. The film is just an excuse. An infidel has to be killed, his women raped, a sexual slave as reward to conquer infidels as per Koran, Sira and Hadith. I spoke with 90 year old woman who migrated from Pakistan during India's partition and she said how during their journey they saw each village well is filled with girls and women who committed suicide, their bodies floating and stinking, because they rather face death than be raped (and perhaps killed anyway). Why is the world not learning from the history that saw how more than 10 million population wiped out in just matter of months?. Then there is murder of Armenian Christians by Ottomans which is being denied just as holocaust is denied. I read an emotional article with pictures sometime ago about how a Bangla Deshi woman and her daughter were raped in front of their relatives and they both committed suicide by hanging from a tree. Apparently this is common. Who cares about reduction of Bangla Deshi hindus from 30% to less than 10% in just 60 years. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Sadly, we are left with suicidal leftists on one side who has no clue what Islam is or perhaps not even care to teach us on how to take care of Muslims. Why don't these fools teach tolerance to Muslims in Islamic worlds? NY Times talks about two Kashmiri Muslims targeted by security forces but not about 350,000 Hindus ethnic cleansed overnight and living as refugees in their own country in squalid camps for last 25 years. What is wrong with these leftists? Where are we heading? Sadly, we have to blame ourselves or for not speaking up. Our own thirst for oil is in a large way contributing to this disaster. We are financing our own disaster, there are no two ways about it. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Here is touching words of the situation in Kashmir camps, an untold story of people living as refugees in their own land. As if living in these camps is not enough, they started targeting the infidels even inside the camps. An infidel has to be killed, their women raped and an infidel is same as urine, feces and dead body. This is the teachings of holy Islamic scriptures that contain only 4 to 5% of religion, but 95% of hate and political ideology of repressive Shariah, beating the Mein Kampf or the vilest of Neo Nazi ideology.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ “A 1997 Study based on inquiries at various migrant camps (Kashmiri refugee camps) in Jammu and Delhi revealed that there had been only 16 births compared to 49 deaths in about 300 families between 1990 and 1995, a period during which terrorist violence in J&K was at peak. The deaths were most of people in the age group of 20 to 45. Causes for low birth rates were primarily identified as premature menopause in women, hypo-function of the reproductive system and lack of adequate accommodation and privacy. Doctors treating various Kashmiri Hindu patients assert that they had aged physically and mentally by 10 to 15 years beyond their natural age, and that there was a risk that the Hindus could face extinction if current trends persist. On the conditions at the camps, one report stated that, at the Muthi camp on the outskirts of Jammu where a large number of the Pandits stayed after migration from the Valley, a single room was being shared by three generations . In certain cases at other places, six families lived in a hall separated by partitions of blankets or bed sheet”. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- \\\\\\\\\\\\\\(AINA) -- The sectarian crisis in the village of Dahshur escalated on August 1 after the burial of the Muslim man who died yesterday in hospital. Hundreds of Muslims torched and looted Coptic businesses and homes despite hundreds of security forces being deployed in the village. Eyewitnesses reported that security forces did not protect most Coptic property -- only the small church of St. George was protected, in addition to some Coptic houses in its neighborhood.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ "As 120 families had already fled the village the day before after being terrorized, the businesses and homes were an easy game for the mob to make a complete clean-up of everything that could be looted," said Coptic activist Wagih Jacob. "The security forces were at the scene of the crime while it was taking place and did nothing at all." \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ After the violence, the family of the deceased Moaz Hasab-Allah said that destroying Coptic property is not enough and that Coptic have to "pay for their son's death" with lives. They did not yet accept condolences for his death, which is a sign that a vendetta is intended. In certain parts of Egypt, when the family of a deceased intends to take revenge, they accept no condolences before the persons responsible are killed.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The sectarian incident which, now called the "shirt sedition," started on July 27 in Dahshur, Badrasheen, 40 km south of Cairo, after the Coptic launderer Sameh Samy inadvertently burned the shirt of his Muslim client Ahmad Ramadan. Although they agreed to meet in the evening to settle the claim, Ramadam did not wait but came back in the afternoon to fight. After some 3000 armed Muslims surrounded the Copt's home and launderette, he locked himself up in his home. As the fight intensified on both sides with Molotov cocktails, the Copt hurled one fire bomb from the roof of his house, which the 25-year-old Moaz, who happened to be passing by. He was taken to hospital, suffering third degree burns. After his death in hospital, Muslim brotherhood clerics and his family vowed to exact revenge, causing 120 terrorized Christian families to flee the village, with only one Christian family remaining behind according to the village priest Takla Abdel-Sayed. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The Coptic launderer, his father and brother, after being assaulted by the mob, were detained by the police on charges of murder and possession of explosives. Five arrest warrants were issued for 5 Muslims who are still at large (AINA 8-1-2012). \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The Coptic Orthodox Church issued a statement today criticizing officials "for not dealing firmly with the events, demanding the speedy arrest of the perpetrators, the provision of security to the village Copts, their return to their homes, and monetary compensation for all those affected." \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Many activists regard the Dahshur incident as a perpetuation of the Mubarak-era policies of collective punishment of Copts.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ "We were previously told that it was the old regime and security authorities which stirred sedition to divert the attention from existing problems facing the government," said commented law professor and former member of parliament Georgette Qellini. "Now that regime has gone, so who now is the culprit? We flatly refuse collective punishment of Copts. Just because I share some one's religion, I have to pay the price of losing my home and my job." \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ In an interview with MidEast Christian News Rev. Dr. Safwat El-Bayadi, head of the Evangelical Community in Egypt, said that collective punishment of Christians is prevailing in the absence of a system and deterrent laws to punish perpetrators.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ "Is it possible that just because of a torched shirt, the whole village is to burn down," said Anba Theodosius, Coptic bishop of Giza. He intends to send today clergy from the Giza Diocese, to which Dahshur is affiliated, to visit President Morsy to demand "the return of the displaced families to the village, putting on trial those responsible, compensating the Christians victims for loss of their property and the return of stability and security to the village."\\\\\\\\\\\\ Dozens of Copts from the Maspero Coptic Youth Federation and the Coalition of Egypt's Copts staged demonstrations on Wednesday and today in front of the presidential palace and the headquarters of Security in Giza, protesting the Dahshour events. They chanted slogans against President Morsy and the Muslim Brotherhood.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Fadi Joseph, founder of the Coalition of Egypt's Copts, said during today's protest that President Mohamed Morsi went back on his election promise to the Copts, that "I will not do no injustice to any Copt and no Copt will ever be displaced." Youssef denied that the events of Dahshur was sectarian, stressing that what happened is an organized and systematic attack on Christians by militant Islamist groups in Dahshur. "\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ On the other hand politicians and commentators have criticized the president for failing in his first test. Some now call him "President of Gaza" due to his concern with affairs in Gaza. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Karam Gabriel, a lawyer and human rights activist, said that Dr. Mohamed Morsy bears full responsibility for the events of Dahshur, stressing that he cares about foreign matters such as the Gaza Strip at the expense of the Egyptians and the Christians who are being assaulted in an ongoing basis and are displaced. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Renowned Egyptian novelist and rights activist Alaa Al-Aswany wrote on his Twitter account a message to those who belittle the events of Dahshur, saying "What if the Americans acted the same way as the extremists of Dahshur, would you accept the expulsion of Muslims of America in response to Ben Laden's terrorism?" \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The Shoura Chamber (Parliamentary Advisory Council), during its session this morning decided to form a committee to go to Dahshur, "to reconcile the citizens." \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ By Mary Abdelmassih\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ================================= 000000000