Date: 19 Sep 2012


FILM ON MOHAMMED\\\\\\\\\\\\\ SEP 18, 2012.\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The Muslim world is greatly agitated over the recent film on Mohammed. Please do watch it: \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ One can understand the widespread protests by the Muslims from several angles. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Firstly, it is like the child who shouted, “LOOK! THE KING IS NAKED.” Islam is intrinsically weak, illogical, incoherent, divisive, intolerant and savage, and misfit in 21st century. It is, therefore, now “naked” and someone had to shout. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ INDEED, Islam has little content and even less logic and rationality in its doctrines and concepts. It cannot hold ground among the true religions on earth. These do not divide mankind into Believers and Non-believers, Momins an Kafirs. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ People professing true religions are calm inside, cherish no animosity towards the others and regard the whole human race as one family. Those lucky ones who follow these precepts are at peace with themselves and their environs. They do not look at fellow human beings as KAFIRS or INFERIOR, nor avoid the sight of a pig. \\\\\\\\\\\\ They have no urge to convert anyone by force or through deception. They respect females and do not regard women as property of men. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Islam started suddenly as a giant “EXPLOSION” in Mecca, shattering the peace on earth. Its shock waves spread across much of the world. It has had free run since then since there were neither borders nor frontiers nor even organisations like the NATO and the UNO to ensure peace. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Muslim raiders, charged with the mission to conquer and convert, spread out like wild grass fire from Morocco to Indonesia. None knows the suffering they brought upon the others than the Hindus and the Buddhists in South Asia. Islam came as LOCUST and turned the green pastures into wild and inhospitable human landscape. Along the ways of expansion it slaughtered millions of natives in all countries. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Who can give the most authentic testimony on the character and nature of Mohammed himself? The victims of his declarations, pronouncements and “fatwas”. They are the VICTIMS of Islamic invasions, raids, conquests and forcible conversions who are sadly no more on earth to speak up. We can certainly think of so many from public memory. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Take the 3,000 office workers in WTC towers in New York. Most of them had not even met a Muslim at close distance in all life.\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Take the father who killed his own teenage daughters to save them from gang rape when the howling mobs started battering his house door to force entry; the young woman who was being pursued by the rascals, high on the teachings of Koran, as she swam across a swollen river in West Punjab, holding her two-week old baby that was lost in fast current. She lived to curse Mohammed for the rest of her life. Then there was the woman in Lahore who asked her husband and sons to stay indoors and volunteered to go out to fetch water from the open street but was killed at the public tap by Muslim hooligans. Thousands of fleeing refugees who had to pass through bottlenecks like river bridges were stopped by Pakistani police and army and robbed of personal belongings, even watches and women’s jewellery.\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Not to forget the passengers trying to escape the Islamic HELL by train who were butchered to the last man and child when their train was suddenly stopped in country. Entire streets were set ablaze by Muslim mobs in cities like Multan and Rawalpindi where families were burnt alive behind closed doors. Those who tried to escape were hacked to death like the American ambassador to Libya last week. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ They all, and hundreds of millions more, like the Armenians, the Zoroastrians in Iran, the Buddhists in Afghanistan and the Hindus and Sikhs in India who perished, hurled abuse at Mohammed, himself the Son of a Kafir but gone berserk.\\\\\\\\\\\ But those minorities in Islamic countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya and Egypt are not so lucky. They are spending time in great fear fearing attack and death any time. Muslims, who hurl grenades into churches full of worshippers and destroy temples with congregations inside, are truly savages.\\\\\\\\\\\ Muslims are in agitation due to a good reason: Their Islamic “civilisation” is total failure but they are in denial mode. Any system based on the teachings of a Book like Koran is bound to result in macho rule, gender discrimination, extermination of minorities, dictatorship, social chaos, unrest, corruption and continuous BLOODSHED. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Islam is a crude tribal system suitable for only those of the DESERT who regard the rest of mankind as their enemies who must be overwhelmed, converted, enslaved or simply KILLED. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The present unrest is indicative of very thin ideological and spiritual ice on which the Muslims stand. They are again in the BULLYING mode to intimidate the free world to ban or withdraw the film. They bullied the Hindu leaders in August 1946 by Direction Action in Noakhali and then in March 1947 by widespread massacres across Rawalpindi District to force the top secular leaders to buckle down. They were successful. The Indian leaders not only stooped down with their noses touching the ground but also declared their willingness to sign the “Document of total and unconditional Surrender” before these human beasts. No self-respecting country on earth ought to stoop before the bullies in the despicable cowardly “Indian” way. No other country should cover themselves and their coming generations in the MUCK of surrender before ISLAM in the same way. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ The result of India’s shameful collapse was the worst catastrophe for the Hindu nation since the beginning of time.\\\\\\\\\\\\ But right now the UNITED STATES, World Power No. 1, knows the BULLIES very well. The bullies first appeared on its soil by stealth and deception on September 11, 2011. The RETRIBUTOIN that followed was stunning, swift and effective. The Taliban in Afghanistan, the counterpart of our ALL INDIA MUSLIM LEAGUE in India, were wiped out and made to flee in all directions, licking the “SPIT” of defeat. This time, too, the UNITED STATES is expected to stand FIRM because there is too much at stake. Once the bullies get away with getting the film banned the day is not far when they will demand that every American female covers herself from head to foot before she steps out of home. Other consequences of appeasing the beasts in human form will be total demoralisation of the Hindu nation in Hindusthan who are already praying that the Muslim Wolf keeps on sleeping while DIGESTING India’s FIVE Provinces that were gobbled up by it in 1947. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Our message to the Muslims of PAKISTAN (formerly our fellow citizens in India) who are about to go on protest marches with government sanction and support, is this: “You butchers, how many more widows will you create who will live without their husbands for the rest of life and how many more ORPHANS will you create who will live and grow up without fathers?” There is good news for our Free World. The West will not burst before Islam like a bubble nor collapse like our own “AKHAND BHARAT”, shamefully betrayed by MK Gandhi and JL Nehru in 1947. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Consequently, we will all be safe. The lion and the goat will continue to drink from the same trough in Ben Ghazi, Islamabad and Delhi. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The film on Mohammed was timely and fully justified. The wild and savage bullies, who can ransack even diplomatic missions and kill an ambassador and unarmed journalists like Daniel Pearl, must be “tamed” and kept in check in order to ensure peace in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Hindusthan and in the rest of the world. \\\\\\\\\\\\ 19 Sep 12. ====== 000000000