Date: 27 Sep 2012


That is a praiseworthy laudable step. (SEE BELOW) \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ While taking LEGAL action please note that the MUSLIMS do not believe in courts and civil Law. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ WHAT COURT DID THE FOUNDER OF ISLAM GO TO, TO OCCUPY THE PAGAN MECCA, AND WHAT COURT DID HIS FOLLOWER MOHAMMED ALI JINNAH GO TO, IN ORDER TO JUSTIFY HIS DEMAND FOR PARTITION OF INDIA? When the Hindus go to court the Muslims laugh at our WEAKNESS since the only Law they have, practise and believe in, is what MOHAMMED practised. That was the Law of his Sword. None knows this Islamic Law better than Bapu GANDHI who collapsed over his Akhand Bharat when Jinnah showed him the tip of his Islamic sword in NOAKHALI in Aug 1946. What have we never mentioned that massacre or drawn any conclusions or lessons from it? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Not only with the MOHAMMEDANS, in the whole world "PEOPLE POWER" is vastly superior to LEGAL POWER. And we need to OBSERVE and LEARN that the MUSLIMS always gang up, go out to demonstrate and agitate to force their demands on the others. India's present borders are not the result of any court action by the Muslim League!\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ZAKIR NAIK must be most grateful Mohammed on earth since the Hindus have not FORCED HIM out of Hindusthan after PARTITION.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ EVERY MUSLIM IN AKHAND BHARAT was our fellow citizen and had the SAME legal and constitutional rights like anyboy else. But in BROKEN BHARAT every MUSLIM is to be seen as an ENEMY and they cannot enjoy the same citizenship rights like the others.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Pakistan was OUR LAND given to the INDIAN Muslims to establish their own country and to GET OUT and live there.\\\\\\\\\\\\ But since the other name of Islam is FRAUD & DECEPTION, they took and LAND and then STAYED PUT, too, in Broken Bleeding Bharat, while EXTERMINATING the Hindus who got trapped in Pakistan.\\\\\\\\ We all need to show courage and SENSE OF TRUTH to discuss this (the devastating attack at Partition) and share this KNOWLEDGE openly within our HINDU FAMILy.\\\\\\\\\\ Finally, besides going to court please organise BIG DEMONSTATIONS all over Bharat demanding the closure of ZAKIR NAIK'S ISLAMIC TV and his "Citadel" of FALSEHOOD.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ In Bharat Islam is ALIEN while Hinduism is NATIVE and anyone who lives, eats and procreates in HINDUSTHAN while putting MOHAMMED above our Sri Ram, Sri Krishna and Guru Nanak, ough to be shown the way out. \\\\\\\\\\\\ \ 28 se[ 12. +++++++++\\\\\\\\\\\\ In a message dated 26/09/2012 16:22:47 GMT Daylight Time, \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\com writes: HJS and Ganeshotsav Mandals demand the arrest of Dr. Zakir Naik; else intense agitation will be staged ! \\\\\\\\\\\\ Mumbai : A complaint has been lodged against so-called Islamic Thinker Dr. Zakir Naik, by office bearers of Ganesh Festival Mandals and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) with various Police Stations all over the State demanding that ‘when Ganesh Festival is being celebrated in peaceful atmosphere, Dr. Zakir Naik is trying to disturb Hindu-Muslim harmony by giving such challenge; therefore, case should be immediately filed against him’. The above information was given by Mr. Ramsh Shinde, the national spokesperson of HJS in a press conference today. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Read more at : \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Maharashtra : Complaints filed against Dr. Zakir Naik; Police threaten Hindus for complaining against Zakir Naik \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Mumbai : So-called Islamic philosopher, Dr. Zakir Naik posted his despicable thoughts through his Facebook account raising doubt against the divinity of Shri Ganesh worshipped by all Hindus; therefore, devout Hindus, Ganesh-devotees and office bearers of Ganeshotsava Mandals, Hindu activists from various Hindu Organisations went to different police stations for lodging complaint against Zakir as their religious sentiments have been hurt. It was expected of Police to register their complaints; but not only Police tried to avoid registering complaints as usual; they also threatened, admonished and accused Hindus. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Read more at : \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ __._,_.___ 000000000