Article 2013

Date: 28 Sep 2012


WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A DECOMPOSING DYNASTIC RULE, MASQUERADING AS DEMOCRACY, BECOMS "DAMN MOHA-MAD", or "SHAITAAN, BEIMAAN, HAIWAAN," BUT THE PEOPLE REMAIN INERT "NISHKAM SEWAK" AND WILLING SLAVES?\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Such a government takes off full speed ahead riding the machines of reckless scams and corruption under the guiding motto of, "MAKE HAY WHILE THE SUN SHINES." The rascals do know that the sun does set eventually. It set on the mighty Mogul Empire that destroyed the guts and self-esteem of the natives, and it set on the mighty British Empire that covered the globe. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The sun also set on the great Soviet Union and it set on Hitler's "THIRD REICH". It set on every DICTATOR- from Sadam Hussain to Col Mu'mar Gaddafi, and NOW IT IS SETTING ON THE EMPIRE CREATED BY BANDIT JL NEHRU soon after breaking up our AKHAND BHARAT.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ As the day of their demise nears, the RREPRESSION will get bitter and fiercer. Eveyrone in their way and every one that appears to be a POTENTIAL THREAT wil be given a "bloody nose". The TAMILS and the SIKHS, both proud of their glorious past and present and aspiring to ONE HUNDREDTH of the freedom and sovereignty that Nehru granted to SINDH and his daughter MAIMOONA BEGUM conceded to EAST BENGAL, asked for some concessions but got a "BLOODY NOSE". Now it is the ARMY. But why? Who do the THIEF and the ROBBER fear most? Spontaneous answer: "THE POLICE". BUT WHAT if the police is subservient to the political crooks? Who then?\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ It's the ARMY. Yes, the ruling and fooling politicians, assisted by unscrupulous "baboos", contemptuously called "baboons" during the British era, have a good reason to fear the ultimate guarantors of DECENCY and DEFENCE. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Decency means fair and firm rule, not partiality, discrimination, "minorityism" and the policy of "divide & rule". But having silenced everybody during EMERGENCY (1975-77) and having given a bloody nose to the Sikhs (1984) and the Tamils (1987), the RULERS have now turned to the army. The Indian army is FEARED ten times more by the GOVERNMENT OF INDIA than by our enemies across the frontiers who are now down to WAGAH from KHYBER.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ When civil law and order gets out of hand and goes beyond control, and the police fail to catch even a BOFORS CHOR, then the whole nation expects the ultimate, ARMY TAKE OVER. An average citizen may not know this but the government that is so active in scams, corrupton and day light robbery of nation and transfer of huge funds to foreign banks, is not UNAWARE of the punishing hand called THE ARMY. Hence from Day 1 (Day of UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER to Islam) in 1947, the government has been downgrading and degrading the army. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ The civilians may be ignorant but every army Jawan and officer knows what is happening. If you have a close relative who did not hate the army uniform like RAJIV and SANJAY of India's "Royal" family, but did join the Army, then please ASK him, or her, as to why the army in Bharat is both fed up and frustrated due to Sarkar. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Here is a poster calling on all ex service personnel to come out and PROTEST. We will see that while the man in uniform is respected in the UK and the USA, here in Broken Bharat he is shunned and insulted. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ PS: We would add, "ALL MEN & WOMEN OF BHARAT should come out and JOIN the veterans."\\\\\\\\\\ =========== In a message dated 28/09/2012 10:32:42 GMT Daylight Time, writes: 28 Sep 12.\\\\\\\\\\\\ Dear Veterans, \\\\\\\\\\\ It is time for all of us to once again RISE and tell the Indian Nation that besides major financial scams created by the Govt of India, how our Government is even cheating its retired soldiers and the widows of the Defence Personnel, the Indian nationals who have sacrificed their best days of life, and even their lives, for this Nation. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ WHAT A SHAME FOR THE GOVERNMENT OF INDIA, ITS BABUS AND ALL THE OTHER MPs WHO ARE SILENTLY OBSERVING THE SUPPRESSION OF GRANT OF JUSTICE TO THE RETIRED SOLDIERS AND WIDOWS OF DEFENCE PERSONNEL. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ALL THE MPs AND MEMBERS OF STATE LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLIES, WHICH EVEN INCLUDES A GOOD NUMBER OF RETIRED DEFENCE PERSONNEL, SEEM TO BE BUSY ONLY IN “KISSA KURSI KAA”. SHAME TO ALL OF THEM. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ GREATEST SHAME TO ALL THE RETIRED DEFENCE PERSONNEL WHO ARE IN THE THICK OF INDIAN POLITICS, WHETHER IN THE CENTRE OR STATES. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ IF ANY RECIPIENT OF THIS EMAIL KNOWS ANY RETIRED DEFENCE PERSON WHO IS IN INDIAN POLITICS – KINDLY DO HANDOVER A COPY OF THIS EMAIL TO HIM/HER. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The so called OROP announced by the Govt of India on 24th Sep 2012 is no less than a SCAM planned and executed by Manmohan Singh’s Government and its SHAMELESS BABUS who have been cheating the Defence Institutions and retired Defence Personnel for past 65 years. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ALL VETERANS WITH THEIR FAMILIES, THEIR FRIENDS AND RELATIVES AND WIDOWS OF DEFENCE PERSONNEL, FROM NCR AND ALL OTHER NEARBY TOWNS and NEARBY STATES, MUST JOIN THE EX SERVICEMEN RALLY AT JANTAR MANTAR, NEW DELHI, ON 01 DEC 2012. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Thorough administrative arrangements are being planned and will be executed, for your reasonable comfort at the rally site. =================================== ======================================= 000000000