Date: 01 Oct 2012


Mitt Romney Esq., \\\\\\\\\\\ MUSLIMS IN INDIA. THREAT TO WORLD PEACE\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Mr Romney,\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ After becoming the President of the United States of America kindly attend to the MUSLIM PROBLEM in (Partitioned) India.\\\\\\\\\\\\ At the time of departure of the British from India in 1947 the indigenous (Indian) Muslims threatened civil war and demanded "LAND FOR PEACE."\\\\\\\\\\\\ The weak Hindu leadership then, led by a senile MK Gandhi and a young cunning barrister called Jawaharlal NEHRU, signed the unconditional surrender of India in utmost panic and haste without even demanding Referendum or exchange of populations. United and secular India was betrayed. According to the Agreement the MUSLIMS of INDIA were conceded their own sovereign State called "Pakistan" that covered nearly one third of the country. The Rest of India was meant to be exclusively for the NON MUSLIMS like the HINDUS, the SIKHS, the CHRISTIANS, the BUDDHISTS, and so on.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ But the Muslims of the newly established State of Pakistan, having committed High Treason against the land of their birth, then acted most dishonestly and disgustingly. They stayed back in PARTITIONED India while at the same time in their own exclusive homeland called "PAKISTAN" they WIPED OUT the unarmed and helpless Hindu and Sikh minorities. Millions of Non-Muslims were slaughtered, abducted and raped, and tens of millions were FORCED OUT of their ancestral homes.\\\\\\\\\\\ Muslims, sadly, do not see the others' point of view, reason or logic, and do not honour any agreement or treaty but simply force decisions on the others by bullying and violence. May I request you to please look into this perpetual problem of Partitioned India having to suffer the Muslims. They are as BADLY integrated and behaved in India now as they were BEFORE Partition in 1947. The strategic implications of having the Muslims in Partitioned India are horrendous. Given their track record through centuries in the past they will most certainly wipe out the demoralised, disunited and complacent Non-Muslims (Hindus, Christians, Sikhs and Buddhists) across the whole of sub continent and threaten global peace, not only the United States, with one billion additional indoctrinated & brainwashed Muslims on earth. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Please deliver India from the SCOURGE of ISLAM. Thank you.\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\ October 1, 2012. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ===================================== 000000000