Date: 04 Oct 2012


Yesterday, which means October 3, 2012, there was a massive protest against a US-made movie 'Innocence of Muslim' at Ahmedabad, India. The innocent Muslims torched a police station, injured people and damaged whatever they found on their way to prove their innocence. Quite innocently they waved the Pakistani flag also. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ COMMENT: \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ We should hold pacifist defeatist MK Gandhi and his adherents, Sonia Maino & her "Hindu bashing" political party, the Lok Sabha and even our preachers responsible for destroying Hindu fighting spirit, manhood and vigour, while retaining the ENEMY even after Partition when Bharat gave them an arm and a leg and a TON OF BLOOD, too, in order to "buy peace". \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Forgetting that it is 2012 now and NOT 1947. they still believe that the Hindu is a weakling, and can be bullied, beaten, intimidated and humiliated. \\\\\\\\\\\\ So whenever and wherever in the world, be it Denmark of America, they get a slap in the face, they give a kick to the Hindus in Bharat. \\\\\\\\\\\ Isn't it time to kick them TWICE, in order to teach them a lesson. After all, Hindus are the MAJORITY community in Bharat that is also the land of our Spirituality, Divinity and Civilization. Isn't it also the time to ask, "What are the Muslims doing in Partitioned India?" ** \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \ Oct 5, 2012.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ** They were kept back in PARTITIONED India by the clever British, traitor Nehru and coward Gandhi to ensure permanent bloodletting and thrashing of the Hindus.\\\\\\\\\\\\ ---------------------------------------- \000000000