Date: 07 Oct 2012


ANTI HINDU POGROMS IN HINDUSTHAN. The tragedy is compounded when the Government themselves are on the side of the enmy. Examples: Accepting the surrender of one third of India in 1947 in order to ensure that one third of the Hindu nation is wiped out eventually. Stopping the armed forces liberating all of Kashmir in Autumn 1948 in order to see the Hindus wiped out in North and later in South Kashmir. Returning East Bengal to the enemy after its capture in 1972 in order to see the Hindus extinct there. Not adequately protecting the vulnerable Hindus in South Kashmir and not issuing them with weapons to defend themselves. Pouring scorn over the word "Hindu" by the ruling establishment by using the word "secular" instead. Preventing the Hindus from raising the Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya. Encouraging minority-ism. Creating divisions in the Hindu nation, e.g., Dalit vs Brahmin, Sikh vs. Hindu, and so on. Lack of any programme to inculcate LOYALTY to the Country, flag and Constitution as we see in the USA. Not discussing PARTITION in public in order to find out who did and said what, prior to Partition in 1947. Omitting the word "Partition" in Constitution. The fraud and deception of calling it "Independence" instead of "Partition". Celebrating the Death of Akhand Bharat instead of mourning the defeat of India by the indigenous Muslims. Public adoration of the traitors (Nehru), cowards (Gandhi) and the corrupt (Rajiv). Meddling with school syllabus to distort history. Imposition of a NON HINDU foreign female (from Italy) as "Frist Lady" of Hindusthan in order to demoralise and discourage the native HINDU girls and women. Doing nothing to prevent the conversion of Hindu girls seduced by the Muslims into love traps or in marriage. Ban on more than one wife on the Muslims. Making NO distinction in the Constitution between a Hindu (victim) and the Muslim (aggressor). In fact, the Muslims cannot be entitled to full citizenship of PARTITIONED INDIA unless the nation is imbecile. They were suposed to be "kicked out" to their new Islamic "homeland" called Pakistan. Appointing non Hindu Governors of States in order to "keep an eye" on Hindu resurgence after a thousand years of crushing and debilitating slavery. Deliberate fanning of culture of corrupton in order to impoverish the Hindu nation. And many other points that one can think of readily in order to support the thesis that the HINDU is under attack and under pressure to vanish from Bharat if not from the earth. Coining alarmist phrases like "dangerous" and "fundamentalist" Hindu, while ignoring the DANGEROUS Muslims who smashed the unity and interity of Akhand Bharat in 1947. rajput April 7, 2012. =========== In a message dated 07/10/2012 18:22:43 GMT Daylight Time, writes: After all………struggle for existence is not a crime. What do you suggest Hindus in Lakshmanpur to do at this point in time? ..................... ...................................... 000000000