Date: 08 Oct 2012


Did he say, "Dear Muslim Brothers?" ------- \\\\\\\\\\\\\COMMENT: \\\\\\\\\\ The Hindu has not had enough of slaughter, thrashing, surrenders and degradation at the hands of his Muslim "brothers" yet. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The "brothers" were wild starving Arabs who showed up first (712 AD) in Sindh, put the NATIVES to SWORD, took the loot away and the girls to be raped all along the way. Centuries later they came again and this time dragged 100,000 captive crying Hindus wearing cotton "dhotis and kurtas" who perished in snow in the HINDUKUSH ("Slaughter of Hindus") mountain range in Afghanistan. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Yet another "brother" came to visit his HINDU brothers and demolished every temple he saw and razed the one in AYODHYA to ground, killing all the Pujaaris and Pandits along with the congregations. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Then we had countless more "brothers" perishing by sword, being converted by sword, and even boys being BEHEADED including the two KNOWN WORLDWIDE, who were bricked in alive to die through suffocation. \\\\\\\\\\ Perhaps the best fraternal (brotherly) embrace of the "brothers" was in 1947 when ONE THIRD of India vanished under the Flag of Mohammed on just one day. The ETHNIC CLEANSING that preceded and followed the SLAUGHTERS, rape and abductions was forgotten in ONE SECOND when NEHRU rose at RED FORT, Delhi, to congratulate the amputated bleeding nation on achieving "Independence". \\\\\\\\\\\\ He spoke of the EVIL foreign British and the BENIGN "indigenous" Muslims and ordered his slaves and coolies to call them "brothers". All was forgotten and FORGIVEN in half a second as per "Scriptures & Preachers" of his humble subjects, licking their wounds. \\\\\\\\\\\ The line above is like CHURCHILL writitng to HITLER on October 8, 1942. "Dear Brother Adolf Hitler." \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ That is why KARACHI IS GONE, LAHORE IS GONE, EAST BENGAL IS GONE TWICE, AND EVEN NORTH KAHMIR IS GONE TO THE "BROTHERS" WHO HAVE EYES ON ALL THE HINDU TERRITORY, WEALTH AND MAIDENS, AND EVEN ON DELHI. \\\\\\\\\\\ Dear ignorant or grovelling servile Hindus, if you say "Brother" to a Musalmaan without reading his KORAN and learning about PARTITION of "Akhand Bharat", then you better get ready to enter another millennium of SLAVERY (donkey's life) once again. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ You should be MAN ENOUGH to challenge (like the "guardians and defenders" of your Hindusthan) each and every Muslim in BROKEN BHARAT (Partitioned Indian Secular State) that you see, "What are YOU doing in Hindusrthan after taking away a pound of flesh and spilling a ton of blood of our Mother India?" \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ But since our terrified HINDU gentle man did not dare to say that, the "Brother" is now joined by a "Sister" from Italy. What she and her Robert are doing is making the headlines these days. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ If Bapu MK Gandhi and Bandit Jawaharlal Nehru, and all the RULING establishment of Hindusthan (Bharat) did not tell you about the HOLOCAUST of 1947 then find a Hindu survivor from LAHORE, KARACHI, MULTAN, RAWALPINDI, PESHAWAR, QUETTA, CHITTAGONG, SYLHET, DHAKA and NORTH KASHMIR (if you can find one!) and ASK. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ They imagined themselved to be SHEEP, moved, shoved and pushed from one pasture to another, and, seeing a hungry WOLF, called out to him, "Brother Wolf"! \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 8 Oct 12. =============================== 000000000