Date: 12 Oct 2012


Rebuttal from XXXXXXX- FIRST UNDERSTAND THIS POINT CLEARLY: American psychology is that an adult making with a child is considered ‘molestation’ and punishable for life in jail. If Mohammad was born in the USA, FBI would be digging his grave. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ This is the very reason that the maker of the movie ‘innocence of Muslims’ display Mohammad a child molester. That is the mind of each and every American. Looking on both sides of the fence, whether religion or no religion, still it will be concluded by the very law of the United States: Child Molestation. Hope, all of you understand this point clearly. That is the understanding of each American and good meaning humans.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ YOU TELL US NOW: What would be the fate of Mohammad in the hands of THE FBI HERE IN THE USA? Are there two laws? Should we confuse our children by having to give a different treatment to bunch of criminals who in disguise of their religious beliefs pamper such a heinous example? Ask any Muslim, would they hand over their 6-8-9 year old daughters to Mullahs upon Mullahs’ demand? We can not continue to have two standards, two laws. For the safety of this planet earth, definitely dubious game plan must disappear. The pampering of such ugly, lusty and criminal activities under the fanatic covers of the books must end rather to be considered as part of the saintly religious orders. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ATTENTION MUSLIMS: Wake up Muslims, Wake up! Jihadis trained by Mullahs will strike you next demanding hands of your daughter just like Fanatics shot young girl in Pakistan who wanted girls to attend schools. Under these circumstances, would you still rub the examples of Mohammad on your loved ones and friends or would you trash those examples and burn the trash so no man does such kind of heinous activities for setting very wrong examples as Prophet of Islam? \\\ ======================================= 000000000