Date: 13 Oct 2012


"TAKE THEIR LAND AWAY AND FORCE THEM TO BEG FOR BREAD AND BIBLES." \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ IN 1947 HINDUSTHAN DISCOVERED NEW ENEMIES WHO HAD LAIN LOW UNTIL THEN. THEY WERE THE NEXUS OF CATHOLICS AND MOHAMMEDANS. BOTH HAD ONE AIM, "DISPOSSESS THE HINDUS. TAKE AWAY THEIR LAND, WEALTH & SOULS. THE MUSLIMS ADDED ANOTHER VICTIM TO THE LIST: GIRLS. \\\\\\\\\\\\ DUE TO SLAVISH MENTALITY INGRAINED DEEP IN PSYCHE, AND EXTREMELY LOW CALIBRE OF THE HINDU LEADERS, THE HINDU NATION HAD A FREE FALL IN 1947 WHEN THEY SURRENDERED ONE THIRD OF INDIA UNCONDITIONALLY TO THE DEVILS WHO PRAY IN ARABIC AND LOOK TOWARDS MECCA FOR INSPIRATION. SUDDENLY LAND SLIPPED AWAY FROM BENEATH THEIR FEET AND THEY BECAME REFUGEES LOOKING AT “BAPU” GANDHI AND “BANDIT” NEHRU FOR HELP AND RESCUE. \\\\\\\\\\ BUT WHILE ONE HAD SEIZURE OF GUTS AND WENT SILENT THE OTHER SURRENDERED (AKHAND) BHARAT FREE OF COST & CONDITION. TO HIS BOSOM FRIEND JINNAH. REGARDING THE HINDUS EITHER CATTLE OR EXPENDABLE NONE DEMANDED REFERENDUM. \\\\\\\\\\\ AT THE SAME TIME THE CATHOLICS LIKE SONIA MAINO MOVED IN SURREPTITIOUSLY INTO KEY POSTS IN GOVERNMENT, ESPECIALLY THE PORTFOLIOS OF LAND, TO BUY IT CHEAP, & DEFENCE WHERE HUGE BRIBES AND ILL GOTTEN WEALTH CAN BE ADDED TO BOFORS COMMISSION. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ THE PRIMARY TARGET OF THESE PREDATORS IN HINDUSTHAN IS UNKNOWN TO THE SIMPLETON HINDUS AND SIKHS. IT IS LAND (TERRITORY). \\\\\\\\\\\ IN THAT YEAR ALONE THE HINDU NATION LOST FIVE PROVINCES WHERE HINDUS WERE FORCED TO FLEE. SIKHS, TOO, LOST THEIR PRIME AGRICULTURAL LANDS AND RAN FOR COVER IN THEIR MILLIONS. NOT ONE DARED TO ASK NEHRU, “WHAT PRICE ARE YOU CHARGING FOR MULTAN & KHYBER PASS THAT WE CAPTURED FOR BHARAT?” \\\\\\\\\\\\THE CLEVER ENEMY ORDERED THEM TO FORGET IT ALL BUT TURN TO SCRIPTURES AND WORSHIP THEIR GURUS TO ATTAIN PEACE OF MIND. SAID A CONGRESS PARTY GOONDA, "IF YOU HAVE GITA AND GRANTH YOU SHOULD NOT MIND EVEN LIVING IN THE TREES." WELL THAT IS WHERE THE HINDUS AND SIKHS OF SINDH, WEST PUNJAB, KASHMIR AND EAST BENGAL ARE LIVING NOW- IN THE COMPANY OF LANGURS, CROWS AND BABOONS. BUT DO THEY MIND? NOT AT ALL! \\\\\\\\\\ MENTION TO THEM A HOLOCAUST MUSEUM OR RAISING A MEMORIAL TO THE TWO MILLION DEAD OF NOAKHALI AND WEST PUNJAB, AND EXPECT THEIR CORDIAC SEIZURE (HEART ATTACK) AND DEATH. MENTION THE NEED TO RECONSTRUCT THE SRI RAM TEMPLE IN AYODHYA TO HINDU STALWARTS, AND SEE THEIR PULSE DROPPING. \\\\\\\\\\\ HOW LONG WILL THE REST OF BHARAT REMAIN HINDU? WE DON'T KNOW BUT CAN SAFELY GUESS THAT WITH ALL THE LAND (TERRITORY) GONE & GOING TO THE LIKES OF ROBERT WADRA, IT WON'T BE LONG BEFORE THE HINDU NATION IS EXTINCT, OR BEGGING, ON EARTH (LAND) BUT WE SEE THE SURVIVORS SITTING IN TREES READING THEIR SCRIPTURES WHILE TAKING THE FLIGHTS OF FANTASY. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ======== In a message dated 13/10/2012 09:37:16 GMT Daylight Time, bkchaudhari@yahoo.co.uk writes: Sir Winston Churchill’s argument against granting India freedom: “Power will go to the hands of rascals, rogues, freebooters; all Indian leaders will be of low calibre and men of straw. They will have sweet tongues and silly hearts. They will fight among themselves for power & India will be lost in political squabbles. A day would come when even air & water would be taxed in India.” \\\\\\\\\\\\1. TATAs took 100 years to become billionaires, Ambanis took 50 years(after utilizing all its resources), whereas Robert Vadra took less than 10 years to become fastest multi billionaire. 2. All newspapers are scared to discuss the story of Robert Vadra because of severe threat from Sonia Gandhi and Congress govt. 3. After Robert Vadra got married with Priyanka Gandhi, Robert's father committed suicide under mysterious circumstances, his brother found dead in his Delhi residence and his sister found dead in mysterious car accident. These reports were not published in any Indian media. 4. He is having stakes in Malls in premier locations of India, he is having stakes in DLF IPL, and DLF itself. He was involved in CWG corruption - DLF was responsible for development of Commonwealth games, and Kalmadi gave favouritism to DLS because of Robert Vadra's direct interest and business partnership with DLF. 5. Robert Vadra owns many Hilton Hotels including Hilton Gardens New Delhi 6. Robert Vadra's association with Kolkata Knight Ryders has never been reported by Indian media 7. He has 20% ownership in Unitech, Biggest beneficiaryownership of 2G Scam. Because of Robert's involvement in this scam, there are concerns that investigation would never reach decisive conclusion \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 8. He owns prime property in India specially commercial hubs, and taxi business but for Air Taxi. He owns few private planes as well.\\\\\\\\\\\\ 9. He has direct link with Italian businessman Quatrochi. 10. The Bureau of Civil Aviation Security has created a record of sorts by according special privilege to Robert Vadra, which entails him to walk in and out of any Indian airports without being subject to any security check. Only the President of India , Vice-President and a handful of other top dignitaries were accorded this rare distinction. As a concerned citizen, I would like to know from the Government as to what was the special quality/qualification in Mr. Vadra that merited this rare Honor. The government has no right to go in for such largess that concerns with the security of the general public just for pleasing the son-in-law of Sonia Gandhi. ================================== 000000000