Date: 19 Oct 2012


In a conference held in April 2011 at Vivekananda Center, where Arvind, Kiran, Ramadev, Dr. Swamy, leading retired Supreme Court Justices, CBI chiefs spoke, the retired Supreme Court Justice quoted Mahatma Gandhi saying, 'When rules become indifferent to the sufferings of the people to such extent, they will resort to lynching them'. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ India has shown to the world how peaceful struggles can be brought about by Mahatma Gandhi. Nelson Mandela faced the brutal apartheid regime, Lech Walesa challenged the powerful communist empire and they attribute to following ways of Mahatma Gandhi. They succeeded to bring about changes just as Gandhi ji was attributed to bring independence to India. But there is something different with what Indian politicians are doing in India. In all the cases, it is a foreign elements enforcing their will on the populations of the country. But in India, the perversity, the indifference, the depravity with which the powerful and corrupt gone to such degree without any sense of guilt and responsibility needs some introspection. How can one explain in the midst of crushing poverty the son of Finance Minister Chidambaram stating that people complain when food prices increase. Does this gentleman has any idea what his country is going through? History will tell us the extent India is going through with nearly half of the population of 1.2 billion suffering for day to day survival. International agencies are saying now India has the worst record of malnutrition and starvation.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Many people says India's problem is widespread and you cannot point singe group or individuals. But it is not difficult for anyone who has been around long enough that this rot is clearly started by Indira Gandhi. She was open about it when she publicly said that it is necessary to let people take (i.e, loot). She started the culture of sycophancy when the spectacle of her cabinet ministers, doing pradishanam around her. But at least this woman had patriotism and leadership and faced the country during difficult period of wars. The brief interlude of her rule saw the Janata rule saw some modicum of transparency but they split up with personal ambitions over country's welfare. By then corruption has seeped in the nation, thanks to Indira Gandhi. One gentleman who was present during Chandra Sekhar govt said how no sooner than he became caretaker Prime Minister, long lines of cars from rich industrialists came to wish him and hob nob with him, though he was just a caretaker. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Then move on to her son Rajiv Gandhi, the undeterred looting of the cut in every deal, even military has started, with close tying up between the industries and politicians blossoming during this period. At least his deeds were challenged and he was defeated and then killed in terrorist attack. The culture of corruption was continued even in BJP regime, but there is no proof that they have taken it to heights and in fact India was looking to be fast become super power and every day those of us in US could hear about how India is growing so fast and will take over US and other countries if they do not shape up. Even with 10-20% corruption China is showed it can fast become superpower and BJP showed a promise that it might be very well be able to usher India into big league. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ But even at this point in time in India's history, we have not seen what we saw the levels of corruption later. After Sonia UPA came into picture, the no holds barred grand looting of nation's wealth took shape, starting with those like Reddy brothers in Andhra Pradesh. Mind you, Reddy's first mining lease was obtained in 2004 and they are smart to keep both parties in good humor being close to YSR and Sushma Swaraj. But this level looting of national wealth at unprecedented scale, with absolute disregard to established systems nay arrogance, would not have been possible without Sonia Gandhi and her thirst for power and money. In the system of loot and let loot, we have seen from 2G, CWG, Coal licenses, Thorium and the list continues to go on and on and on. Just Andhra Pradesh alone boast not millionaires, but billionaires from the mining of iron ore, thorium etc in just matter of 3 to 4 years. What country saw is the culmination of honing of skills Congress party developed over six decades, they have thoroughly silenced the opposition who have their own faults, bought over judges with carrot and stick approach and blatantly went about using the very institutions developed by the country since independence for the sole purpose of keeping the party and power intact, using the pliant media to their purpose. These crooks includes the opposition letting the country die while saving their own skins which have played no small part in this mess. They would rather keep their posts than to relinquish it and pass on to others who can take on the Government. The political establishment misjudged the normal people, the normal people they thought they can shut them down that would never rise up. They misjudged the best among the institutions that are not under their direct control of those in power like CAG or EC. The common man whether it is Kejriwal, Anna Hazare's and godman like Baba Ramadev were able to represent the frustrations and aspirations of the people while those like Roy did not care for the consequences in bringing out the truth of the loot. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ But one thing is certain. No one, no one in the country deserves the blame as much as the Nehru family itself and no one in the country can be worst than Sonia Gandhi. Mark Tully wrote, years down the history of India, the period in which Sonia Gandhi was at the helm of affairs will be known as the most corrupt period of Indian history. It is not surprising for those who know her history from the beginning. Everyone knows unless this family is gotten rid of, we cannot change the country. With enormous looted resources believed to be running into not just billions, perhaps running into trillions or more this family has enormous resources to buy up any election in the country. They show how they can buy up the MPs just by pouring in crores of funds without a blink of an eye. That is what buys the subservience of the congress party to this family. The culture of corruption and sycophancy started with this family, nurtured and taken to greatest heights under Sonia Gandhi. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ What options has the country got now? Will Kejriwal and Co has what it takes to start a new party and grab power? They maybe able to bring Congress down, but they may not be able to power, unless they want to join the same rot in smaller leftist parties which are either corrupt (like Yadav) or has a record of mess (Kerala and West Bengal). Before long, like a hydra headed monster will arise again even if we cut its heads off, Sonia Gandhi and her family will arise again to drive this country into deeper dirt and will deal final death blow to the nation. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ For India to survive and grow, there is only one solution. Nehru family has to go. It is matter of survival to this nation, otherwise it is going to be dismembered into poor countries like Africa. Country should attempt the peaceful way, even allowing them to keep part of looted money, leave the country with no chance of entering into Indian politics. However, if they insist on being in power circles, people should try other means, perhaps, as Gandhi ji suggested, Indians should lynch this family. Just like the way Russian Czar and his family was eliminated by Russian revolution, crores of Indians should rise in a revolution and get rid of every member of Sonia Gandhi family. India has bled enough and it has no more left, either it fight for its survival and eliminate this family or chose to die. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Regards, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Turning point in Indian history, asking for Gandhi dynasty dominance to end... \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Turning point: the Gandhi dynasty dominance must end \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The Gandhi dynasty’s dominance over Indian politics has to end some day and what we are witnessing today is perhaps a turning point in history.\\\\\\\\\\\\ No matter how hard the Congress defends Robert Vadra in order to insulate his DLF deals from impacting his mother-in-law and party president Sonia Gandhi, the fact is that the Congress has already lost the battle of perception in the mango orchard. The aam admi- “mango people” in Robert Vadra’s words – are more than convinced that the Vadra-DLF deal is not as innocent a business deal as made out by the Congress. This perception has been further reinforced by reportage in the national press – across print, broadcast and the internet.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ It was just a matter of time before a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) was filed in the Vadra-DLF case. That is precisely what happened on Thursday with the Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court asking the Union government why Kejriwal’s allegations against Vadra should not be investigated. The next hearing in the PIL by an activist has been fixed for November 21. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Sonia Gandhi. Reuters. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Congressmen will have to accept – howsoever grudgingly – that the anti-corruption crusader Arvind Kejriwal’s assault on a member of the Gandhi family has had a devastating impact. This impact has been greater than what was achieved at the peak of the Jan Lokpal movement last year. Kejriwal has been able to achieve what no opposition party could in contemporary times. The last time that the Dynasty came under fierce attack, raising questions over its legitimacy to power, was when the late VP Singh resigned from the Congress in 1987 and took on Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi over kickbacks in the Bofors deal. Such was the public response to his leadership that Rajiv lost the 1989 polls catapulting Singh to prime ministership.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Sonia Gandhi faced a threat to her leadership from the then senior Congressman Sharad Pawar in 1999 when his revolt over her foreign origins failed to result in a vertical split in the Congress. The Dynasty survived and over the years, Sonia Gandhi gained confidence in controlling the reins of power.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ In the last few days of the alleged Vadra-DLF-Haryana Government scam, the Gandhi family has been forced to descend many steps from its lofty pedestal. Always ensconced in a class of its own, this family is now no different from the other political families in India with strong and dubious links to business houses which have received undue favours from the government through political influence. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The common man in India is deeply troubled by corruption which, in the absence of communal clashes, has taken centre-stage today. The Vadra-DLF story has discredited the Sonia Gandhi family, not on the issue of corruption as yet but on that of propriety, probity and conflict of interest.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The senior-most Congress functionaries also stand discredited with the way in which they went about defending Vadra. “Why don’t they go to the courts?”; “Where is the evidence?” was their common refrain.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Party spokesperson Rashid Alvi described Kejriwal’s charges as part of a conspiracy “against the Congress and its leadership,” while Finance Minister P Chidambaram proclaimed that “private transactions cannot and ought not to be allowed to be questioned on the basis of insinuations.” Law Minister Salman Khurshid described the allegations as “baseless”. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ There was no attempt by these senior ministers to even examine the merits of the case as presented by Kejriwal. That job was done by a section of the media. The Congress ministers looked foolish- as part of a phalanx that rushed out to defend Vadra, almost in an instinctive act of self-preservation because the citadel had been attacked. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Defence Minister AK Antony who are presented as paragons of honesty by the Congress preferred to remain silent and let the crisis pass by. Singh’s silence on critical issues often brings to mind Thomas Jefferson’s words: “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” His sage advice to the nation on Wednesday to shun the “mindless atmosphere of negativity and pessimism that is sought to be created over the issue of corruption” could not have been more ill-timed. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ How will history look back at the Manmohan Singhs, Antonys, Chidambarams and Sibals of the day once the Dynasty has passed by? Will they be seen as patriots or lesser men who showed greater loyalty to the Dynasty than to the nation?\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ With the general elections round the corner, Sonia Gandhi is at her most vulnerable today. Son Rahul has failed to inspire confidence and show results while daughter Priyanka will now have to worry about her husband’s tainted image. Sonia’s own stock has eroded with her party’s inept handling of the Vadra-DLF controversy. \\\\\\\\\\\\ From time to time, the Dynasty and the Congress reminds India about its Nehruvian legacy and the supreme sacrifices by Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi for the nation. That legacy has been sullied by the Vadra-DLF deal and has punctured the family’s charisma. The Congress will cling to the Dynasty because it has no option. But it’s now just a matter of time before a new chapter opens up in Indian history.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ http://www.firstpost.com/politics/turning-point-the-gandhi-dynasty-dominance-must-end-487739.html ================================================== 000000000