Date: 22 Oct 2012


At PARTITION the Muslims of India declared themselves SECOND NATION. Right?\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ They snatched five provinces and declared "HINDUS OUT!" They wrote up a Constitution in which the Hindus are THIRD class citizens. Right?\\\\\\\\\\\ They BULLIED the weak minded cowardly Indian leaders and made them agree to break up India UNCONDITIONALLY and without Referendum or population exchange. Right? \\\\\\\\\\\ Now the Hindus of today are not the CATTLE OF YESTERDAY. Right? \\\\\\\\\\\\ So they REFUSE to stand by any agreement that was the result of BULLYING. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Secondly the Hindus of today are not the DUMB SLAVES of yesterday who were given NO say in the defence of their own TERRITORY (Akhand Bharat). Right?\\\\\\\\\\\\ The Indian Muslims are defined as traitors for ever since the crime of High Treason against one's own Motherland is NOT time barred. Right? \\\\\\\\\ So we, the Hindus of Hindusthan, now demand to know- 1. What are the treacherous SECOND NATION doing in HINDUSTHAN after taking out their Pakistan? \\\\\\\\\\ 2. Can the Indian Muslims be allowed to "kick, beat & spit" on the Hindus from BOTH ends? \\\\\\\\\\\ 3. Are the Hindus NOT supposed, or expected, to have the sense of PATRIOTISM and DIGNITY just like any MOHAMMED on earth?\\\\\ 4. Why did our secular STALWARTS like Jawaharlal Nehru, and the "Father of Nation" MK Gandhi, both COLLAPSE and fell NOSE DOWN IN MUCK before the mad Muslim bully Mohammed Ali Jinnah, and agree to deliver the tens of millions of Hindus living in one third of India to degradaton, abduction, rape and EXTERMINATION? \\\\\\\\\\\ So all the Hindus must open their eyes to SEE as to what the MUSLIMS (& the ITALIANS) think of us due to their blind belief in the BOOK that defines us as KAFIRS, or INFIDELS, meant to be robbed, plundered and looted, converted, enslaved or beheaded. \\\\\\\\\\ It is the DUTY of the Indian MEDIA to enlighten the public even when the despicable anti national RULERS & ROBBERS wish to keep the HINDU nation ignorant, intimidated and imbecile. \\\\\\\\\ ================================= 000000000