Date: 25 Oct 2012


The Indian “BABOON” that escaped the zoo in Delhi to come to the United States was surprised to see the two contestants for the post of President openly debate face to face on television with the whole nation watching and assessing each for his suitability to hold the highest executive office in land. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ He had only seen the political FARCE back home when he saw Maimoona (Indira) put on the chair after the death of her father NEHRU, and then (Rascal) Rajiv, BOFORS CHOR, made Prime Minister in an instant after the assassination of his mother MAIMOONA BEGUM. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ He was quite astonished to see the freedom of American voters. Simultaneously confused and enlightened, he just remarked, “So THIS is democracy!” ================================================================ 000000000