Date: 25 Oct 2012


In a message dated 25/10/2012 04:39:08 GMT Daylight Time, writes: Dear Global Teacher/ Listener,\\\\\\\\\\\\ I fully agree with U as far as our Country's so called Freedom is concerned , I also very well u/stand that so far we have NOT get any Bloody Freedom , it is simply a misconception which our Leaders & their Stooges made us to believe till date without even changing the Constitution & Criminal Codes which were there during the British Regime to keep us enslaved . \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Hindus are supposed to be a Mighty Race , but see the Fate & Agony that just 65,000 of White British Troops ruled over us for about Two Hundred years & we meekly submitted to them because of Innumerable Traitors amongst us else why the KRANTIKARIES could have been caught & Mercilessly Beaten & received Barbaric Punishments .\\\\\\\\\ Sir, in my hometown of Jhansi, the Britishers were so afraid that they had stationed 65% of their White troops in JHANSI only & Had Mercilessly killed / Hanged 1,000's of revolutionaries of Jhansi who had sided with RANI OF JHANSI WHO WAS JUST ABOUT 22 - 1/2 YEARS OLD IN 1857 WHEN SHE HAD LED THE 1857 FREEDOM FIGHT . \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ SIR, OUR HOUSE USED TO BE A HIDING PLACE FOR THE REVOLUTIONARIES & THERE USED TO BE ROOMS & CONFERENCE HALLS IN THE WELLS WITH STAIRCASES & TUNNELS ALL OVER JHANSI BUT TRAITORS AMONGST US BROUGHT A FAILURE TO OUR MISSION FOR FREEDOM WHICH IS STILL CONTINUING TILL DATE AS WE SEE ONE ONLY THAT ITALIAN WOMAN IS CONTROLLING THE FATE OF OVER 1200 MILLION OR 120 CRORES THROUGH THOSE TRAITORS & WE HAVE SIMPLY TO WATCH HAPPENING SUCH THINGS IN OUR OWN MOTHERLAND HELPLESSLY . WHY , SIRS ? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ WHY IT HAPPENED IN INDIA ONLY THAT THE SAME BRITISH GOVERNOR GENL. LORD MOUNTBATTEN WHO HAD UNFURLED PAKISTANI FLAG ON 14TH AUGUST IN KARACHI WAS MADE OUR GOVERNER GENL. & WHY THE SAME SETS OF BRITISH ARMY & POLICE CHIEFS WERE RETAINED TO RULE OVER US & WHY LAHORE WITH ABOUT 65% OF HINDU POPULATION WAS GIFTED AWAY TO PAKISTAN BY MOUNTBATTEN ON THE EVENING OF 14TH AUGUST AT THE TIME OF HIS UNFURLING PAKISTANI FLAG IN KARACHI ? \\\\\\\ ARE THERE ANY ANSWERS WITH ANY POLITICIANS TILL DATE ? . \\\\\\\\\\\ I HAVE JUST TOUCHED ONE SUBJECT AS ABOVE ,SIR ! THOUGH I PERSONALLY KNOW HOW OUR 3RD GRADE POLITICIANS ARE RULING OVER US TILL DATE . \\\\\\\\\\\\ I AM NOT TOUCHING THE OTHER POINTS OF YR THIS FIRST MAIL TO ME . \\\\\\\\\\\\ WARMEST REGARDS, XXXXXXXXXXXXX \\\\\\ On Thu, Oct 25, 2012 at 12:30 AM, Global Teacher\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ wrote: \\\\\\\\\\ But who are they, what they do or follow to claim them as Hindu? Finally, what Hindu means? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Once you find the right answers, you would see Undivided Indians always had been Hindu united irrespective of present evangelical/imposed religion. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Main problem is that per present constitution Indians are still subjects of dead "His Majesty's" colonialism AND NOT CITIZENS!! \\\\\\\\\ The very fact Indians try to side track is that India never got freedom as a Sovereign Country from Britain - The Nehru Team only continued British Rule using 1935 Constitution funnelling hefty Royalty using Covert Swiss Bank without accountability. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ India is still being run under 1935 Enslaving British Constitution where all Indians are 'Subjects of His Majesty'. Take a look at the VISA/PIO/OCI forms NRIs have to fill to enter India, you will find the definition who Indians are. This is total disgrace for Indians and the consulate generals! The constitution allows Rajya Sabha MPs to opt for British Citizenship with full loyalty to the United Monarchy (UK, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, .....). \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Both Netaji and Gandhi-ji couldn't sell their egalitarian constitutions because Nehru was already Baptized to continue the feudalistic British Raaj with the 1935 British Constitution and naming Lord Mountbatten, Vice Roy, as the Governor General of so called Independent India. \\\\\\\\\\\\ That's why Netaji was handed over to British Military as War Criminal long after Independence and Gandhi-ji was assassinated letting him bled to death at the Birla House without emergency medical help, on the very day he finished his constitution for submission. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ India got a worst Dominion Deal void of the rights and privileges of other Dominion members, including travelling throughout commonwealth without Visa. India became a Commonwealth for exploitation by other members not vice-versa. That's why expensive Indian elections became fight for loyalty guided by foreign NGOs. \\\\\\\\\\\ Thus, first, the constitution must be re-written for sovereign equitable India stopping any flow of Covert Royalty (Government and Private) contributing to a economy and culture which is good for all Indians irrespective of Caste/Class/Religion. \\\\\\\\\ Why We Need Bindustan? Because British Systematically Destroyed United Coexisting Humane Hindustan for Convenience of Domination! \\\\\\\\\\\\ Bharatabarsha Jaago Hey:) Jai Hind. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ About Kolki ☼Kolki Peace Foundation☼ Why Kolki? 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But for that first Bhaarateey people need be united and must have same consciousness as Bhaarat. Once conditions in Bhaarat are improved those in the other countries can be improved by Bhaarateey Advice, since Bhaarat is Jagadguru. Merely calling names to others and blaming Bhaarateey people for their lethargy is not going to change the conditions as they are. The present condition in Bhaarat has been risen due to conversion of many Bhaarateey people into religions like Islam, Christianity Communism, Marxism, Materialism, Pseudo-Secularism etc that are enemies of Bhaarat and Sanaatan Dharm. To have unity of Bhaarateey people what we have to do is to reclaim the (distorted) consciousness of these (anti-Bhaarat and anti-Dharm people). Their consciousness has been distorted from their (original) Bhaarateey Consciousness due to their conversion out of Dharm and the brain washings that they are getting from their current Faith-brother foreigners since their conversion. As these people had their ancesters Bhaarateey and Sanaatan Dharm followers, they do have within them, the seed of Vedic Dharm (however weak it might have become now due to the brain washings that they have been receiving over the period). There is a Vedic method to get their consciousness back to realign with that of Bhaarat and Dharm. If has been given in my article "A Vedic Response to Terrorism" written in collaboration with Dr Leffler of USA a few years back. It has been published in some e-journals in USA & Europe in Sep 2009. The method though suggested to desist Bhaarateey people from abetting their current faith brother foreigners in their planning and executing terrorist activities in Bhaarat, will be effective even in reclaiming the consciousness in other cases as well. All of us are aware about the seriousness of the conditions in Bhaarat and therefore without losing any more time we must start practising that method NOW. Since many people do not appear to be familiar with the method, I am attaching the article describing the method with this e-mail. Kindly read, spread amongst your friends and bring it into practice as ealy as possible. Kindly ms note that the effect will be stronger (and quicker) in case the method is practised in groups at one place. Once all Bhaarateey people have got their conciousness in alignment with that of Bhaarat and Dharm, all the enmity will get weakened and we can advance to clear the world of whole instability and violence that currently is wide spread. With regards to all, -----Mukund Apte On Wed, Oct 24, 2012 at 11:56 AM, Satish Chandra Gupta <> wrote: Forwarded with wake up call : thank U bhai shri katarian ji & shri Vijay Kumarji : ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: <> Date: Wed, Oct 24, 2012 at 11:14 AM Subject: AN OPEN LETTER TO HINDU PEOPLE WORLDWIDE To: Please circulate to your friends, if not inconvenient. AN OPEN LETTER TO HINDU PEOPLE WORLDWIDE Respected Colleagues: I am enclosing herewith “An Open Letter to Hindu People Worldwide” by my friend Vijay Kumar of Nashville, Tennessee, whom I know for the last 35 years. The letter states that the aim of Islam is to destroy all states and governments anywhere on the face of the earth. If the Hindu people (or other infidels) do not wake up to the gravity of the danger, do not openly and candidly name the enemies of freedom and human liberty, one day the Quran will be the constitution ruling this land we cherish. I believe it is one of the most effective articles/letters I have ever read in my life on Hindu Nationalism and the future of Hinduism and India. The thought provoking letter, written brilliantly, argued cogently, suggests ways and means to expose, disarm and defeat political Islam squarely. I personally believe that Vijay advances brilliant arguments based on reason, and we all should support his idea of creating a "Global Intellectual Center" for countering worldwide Jihad. Vijay Kumar’s articles have appeared in Front Page Magazine, Faith Freedom, Jihad Watch, Atlas Shrugs of Pamela Geller, The Tennessean and several other magazines. You may contact Vijay Kumar at or me at Narain Kataria (718) 478-5735 -- With regards to all, ------Mukund Apte