Date: 31 Oct 2012


"FRIENDS OF NEPAL" MEET IN LONDON. (October 2012)\\\\\\\\ When one's house is in disorder, aliens come in fast as helpful "god fathers". \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Isn't it unthinkable that such a pro Nepal event could take place in Lok Sabha, Delhi, where "BABOONS" sit and squabble, vying with each other to win a smile from "Serpent" Sonia? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Their combined Will power and "Shakti" is no good even at home where Ajmal Kasab will remain State Guest for ever and the word "Hindu" cannot be put in Constitution. Terror of Islam and the awe of Christians have gripped the Lok Sabha of Hindusthan. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Problems of NEPAL, that was the last survivng Hindu monarchy, a pain in "Hindu bashing" Ruling Party's head, originated due to the foreign finger in India called Sonia Maino Gandhi, \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Nehru Dynasty and Congress Party who have hanged the word "SECULAR" around everu Hindu slave's neck in order to make him useless and unfit to defend anything connected with Hindu survival and strength in Hindusthan. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Insecurity and disorder are spreading in South Asia due to Power VACUUM in Hindusthan that gave "an arm and a leg" to the so-called "INDIGENOUS" Muslims, and yet kept them back to multiply and infiltrate in every nook and corner of Bharat, and beyond, into Nepal to destabilise that country. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Mandirs in Nepal are fast vanishing, yielding place to churches and mosques. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ The situation will only be rectified when a MANLY WARRIOR appears in Broken Bleeding Bharat and stands up for NATIVE DIGNITY and pride. \\\\\\\\\\\\ The role of the Indian armed forces, taking oath of loyalty to a country under "bandits, robbers, scamsters and traitors" who are destabilising and destroying day and night what is left of Akhand Bharat, is highly dubious like that of Hitler's generals who in the end could neither save the country nor themselves. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ None dares to ask as to why India returned East Bengal to ISLAM after its capture, and why she did not recover an inch of North Kashmir when she had conclusively & decisively defeated Pakistan in 1972! \\\\\\\\\\\\ No one is looking into the causes of murder of "Akhand Bharat" (two "dirty" words now) nor wants to know Sonia's pedigree and nor even why the Muslims are still there in PARTITIONED India. \\\\\\\\\\\ With Hindusthan herself "burning", who can attend to the slow demise of Hindus in Nepal? \\\\\\\\ 30 Oct 12. ============================================= 000000000