Date: 03 Nov 2012


Shame on the SIKH Prime Minister who is behaving like a goat.\\\\\\\\\\\ Shame on all the community leaders who threw LAHORE, NANKANA SAHIB and PUNJAB SAHIB out of mind and memory. \\\\\\\\\\\\ SHAME on all the Sikh organisations who have not demanded CRIMINAL TRIAL of the ministers involved in those massacres of the innocent in 1984. and finally, \\\\\\\\\\\\ SHAME on all the Sikhs who did not dare to QUESTION the religion of Nehru and "Indira Gandhi". Both were MUSLIM.\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Nehru was the bastard son of a Mohammedan and Indira became MAIMOONA BEGUM after her nikah with Feroze KHAN of Allahabad. So they both looked at the Hindus and SIKHS through the eyes of Aurangzeb- with total CONTEMPT.\\\\\\\\ Do we have a THINK TANK among the Sikhs who could find the facts and then broadcast to the world? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Only a MOHAMMEDAN could let go of FIVE PROVINCES of Hindusthan to Islam on ONE DAY (15 Aug 1947). Only a Mohammedan could capture East Bengal and then RETURN it to Islam. Only a MOHAMMEDAN did not recover North Kashmir when Pakistan was decisively defeated in 1972. Only Mohammedans would plan the EXTERMINATION OF HINDUS like the rats by decimating the SIKHS first who are perceived to be Defenders of Hindusthan and Hindu Dharma. \\\\\\\ Only an ANTI HINDU government would let loose a reign of CORRUPTION to loot and plunder the nation without any heart in the natives. Future of Sikhs trapped in the land of “DONKEYS & BABOONS” is bleak since the Hindus themselves are now “secular”, NOT HINDU, so that the Italian "Mem" and the Muslims are not offended! The Hindu slave denies his own religion in the Constitution of Hindusthan! How can the Sikhs have any place in such a demoralised, demolished, chaotic and CORRUPT land? Since 1947, since her crushing defeat and vast surrender of territories in 1947, BROKEN BHARAT has been ruled by three DEVILS, i.e., "ITALY, ISLAM & THE BRAIN DEAD HINDU". The Hindu “DONKEY”, who cannot tell the difference between an Indian and an Italian, is carrying the load of Italy & Islam with great joy and willingly.\\\\\\\\\\\ The nation of “donkeys” could not utter even one condition for the surrender of Lahore, Karachi and East Bengal. At least ONE ought to have been: "Transfer of population". But the Muslims stayed on in India while the Hindus and Sikhs were WIPED OUT in Pakistan. Now let us OPEN our eyes and realize that even the Hindus are not safe in such a Hindusthan where they dare not reconstruct their holiest Temple where Sri Rama was born, while our Nankana Sahib is under the Flag of Mohammed of Mecca, and our Chief Minister was shifted in disgrace from the capital in Lahore to Bandit Nehru’s “Union Territory”. \\\\\\\\\\\\ The whole rotting Bharat Is heading towards bloodshed in the imminent Hindu-Muslim civil war. God help the Sikhs who have survived 1947 and 1984! \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 4 Novf 12. ========= 000000000