Date: 06 Nov 2012


THE GRIEVING SIKH, RECALLING THE GENOCIDE OF 1984 CRIED, \\\\\\\\\\\WE WERE IGNORANT IN 1947 & 1984. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Instead of submitting to any apparently HINDU leader (Mahatma or Pandit) of Hindusthan like the sheep, the Sikhs ought to be aggressively INVESTIGATIVE to find out the real identity of these so-called leaders and rulers of BROKEN BHARAT, or PARTITIONED INDIAN SECULAR STATE (P.I.S.S.) \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Did we not see Nehru give away Nankana Sahib, Punjab Sahib and even LAHORE TO THE ENEMY without a single condition or even one paisa as price, and then banishing the Chief Minister of Punjab from LAHORE to Union Territory?\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Then WHAT did our SIKH leaders deduce about that illegitimate (bastard) son of a Mohammedan, masquerading as Secular Jawahar Lal Nehru?\\\\\\\\\\\\ Did we not see MAIMOONA BEGUM (Indira Gandhi for the IGNORANT fools) return East Bengal to the ENEMY even after its capture in 1972 while planning Operation "Blue Star" to crush East Punjab 12 years later? \\\\\\\\\\\ Then WHAT did we deduce about her?\\\\\\\\\\\\\ That is why the Sikhs were butchered in 1947 and massacred in 1984.\\\\\\\\\\ Now WHO is shouting from the roof top warning the nation about the VENEZUELAN future wife of RAHUL GANDHI who is earmarked to be the next Prime Minister of the Indian "coolie colony"? \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Finally, if still we go along with the HINDUS and call Sonia Maino-Mussolini/GANDHI the "guiding hand " of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, then we DESERVE even ten more massacres and holocausts. The second Law of Nature is:\\\\\\\\\\\\ THE IGNORANT MUST PERISH even if they call themselves "LIONS".\\\\\\\ ================================= 000000000