Date: 07 Nov 2012


The American elections remind the Indians all over the world with shock, shame and sadness of the obscene FARCE that is our own so-called "largest democracy on earth" in our limbless, corruption ridden, directionless Partitioned India. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Are we Indians not ashamed of the definition of the "largest democracy on earth"? \\\\\\\\\\\\ WHAT have we seen just now in the United States that is still UNITED and is bravely CONFRONTING the treacherous "second nation" that opened its War of Annihilation with the devastating attack on the World Trade Centre Towers and the Pentagon on nine/eleven? \\\\\\\\\\\\ Did Obama get the chair because of his surname? Because of his Father? Because of vote rigging? Or by fighting a TRANSPARENT election campaign? \\\\\\\\\\ In that American democracy are the PEOPLE treated like the dumb CATTLE who MUST accept a LOAFER Rajiv (later to earn international notoriety as "BOFORS THIEF") as the Prime Minister within minutets after the ignominious death of an Indira at Halloween? \\\\\\\\\\\\ Did Obama change his surname to show that he is a CHRISTIAN but not a Mohammedan, unlike our MAIMOONA BEGUM who remained "INDIRA GANDHI" even after her nikah to Mohammed Feroze KHAN of Allahabad? \\\\\\\\\\\\\ How would the "secular" Americans treat Mr Obama if he were to declare, "My father is a Muslim and SO AM I." \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ If anyone has an idea, please do share it with the others. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Can't we realize that we are perceived to be Indian "CATTLE" who cannot mention PARTITION, nor drive out the SECOND NATION from our partitioned bleeding BHARAT? \\\\\\\\\\\ What is our honest (FEARLESS) view on all this? \\\\\\\\\\\\\ United India ("Akhand Bharat") was murdered on August 15, 1947. We, the dumb Indian cattle, were ordered to CELEBRATE "Independence"! \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Hindusthan still remains a DEAD NATION, a "crushed coolie colony" under the suffocating WEIGHT of Dynasty, Islam & Congress. Does anyone have a different view? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ How about sending this e-mail to ALL the Indians on earth, especially our fellow Hindus? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Perhaps they are still fast ASLEEP, or brainwashed, or in fear of Gandhis and the terror of Islam, if not "dumb cattle". \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Nov 7, 2012. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ ======================================= 000000000