Date: 09 Nov 2012


In a message dated 09/11/2012 01:10:50 GMT Standard Time, XXXXXXXXXXXXX writes: \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Gandhi Statue Unveiled in Davie, Florida\\\\\\\\\\\\ Former President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and Davie Mayor Judy Paul unveiled a seven feet tall bronze statue of Mahatma Gandhi on October 02, 2012 in the Town of Davie, Florida \\\\\\\\\\\\ Thousands of residents from the area including Indian American families joined the festivities despite the heavy rains. It was quite a miracle that the rain stopped for enough time to allow the Unveiling Ceremonies to complete and started raining again when His Excellency Abdul Kalam commented “what an auspicious occasion!” (sic) \\\\\\\\\\\ --------------------------------------------------------------------- COMMENT ON THE ABOVE NEWS ITEM:\\\\\\\\\\\\ EVEN A DEAD OR RETIRED MUSLIM IS A BETTER STATUS SYMBOL THAN ANY LIVING OR PAST HINDU WARRIOR. To mention a Hindu would be going against Secularism, or a PROVOCATION to the whole world. \\\\\\\\\\\ THE ABOVE NEWS ITEM SHOWS THE WEAKNESS OF THE HINDU MINDSET THAT IS MINUS SELF ESTEEM AND PRIDE. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ EFFEMINATED HINDUS DESPERATELY NEED A "MAN" (PREFERABLY A MUSALMAN) IN ORDER TO BECOME NOTICEABLE, JUST AS IN BOLLYWOOD FILMS THE KHANS TAKE ON THE MANLY ROLES IN THE MOVIES. \\\\\\\\\\\ THE CHOICE OF GANDHI IS MOST UNFORTUNATE. IT TELLS THE WORLD THAT MOST HINDUS WOULD RATHER STICK TO A FALSE GOD AND PERISH THAN CHOOSE A WARRIOR TO REPLACE THE COWARD WHO WAS EASILY FLOORED BY MOHAMMED ALI JINNAH IN 1947. WHAT ELSE WAS “PARTITION”? \\\\\\\\\\\ HINDU PSYCHE IS SO SMASHED THAT FOR THEM TO MENTION A HINDU WARRIOR SEEMS LIKE PROVOKING THE REST OF THE WORLD. THE NEWS ITEM SHOWS TWO DISGRACEFUL AND SHAMEFUL ACTS BY THE HINDUS OF AMERICA WHO HAPPEN TO LIVE IN THE WORLD'S BRAVEST AND MOST COURAGEOUS COUNTRY. \\\\\\\\\\\\ NOTHING WILL RAISE THE HINDU TO MANHOOD IF THEY STILL REFUSE TO EVEN LOOK AT THE WORD "PARTITION" OR COMPREHEND THAT ABDUL KALAM BELONGS TO THE "SECOND NATION" THAT DISEMBOWELLED GANDHI'S "AKHAND BHARAT" ON ONE DAY IN 1947. \\\\\\\\\ THE UNWORTHY ANCESTORS OF THESE HINDUS, WHO ARE SIMULTANEOUSLY HONOURING BOTH ABDUL KALAM AND MK GANDHI, COULD NEITHER PREVENT THE MUTILATION OF THEIR MOTHERLAND NOR PUSH THE ENEMY BACK TO MECCA FROM WHERE THEY BROUGHT THEIR DIVISIVE INTOLERANT KORAN. \\\\\\\\\ =========================== NOW PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING AND BE DE-BRAINWASHED. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ WHO WAS MK GANDHI?\\\\\\\\\\\\ Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the man who selflessly served the interests of the two great imperial powers, ISLAM and BRITAIN, was born at Porbandar, Western India, on 2 October 1869 to wealthy Hindu parents.\\\\\\ Early experiences in London shaped his mind and mentality for the rest of his life. He had gone to England in his impressionable years and though his parents had spent a fortune to see him qualify as a barrister in England, his stay there was not a happy one. He was not accepted as equal, coming to the heart of Imperial Britain from a disdained slave colony. In streets he was subjected to racist taunts and called “Blackie”, “Nigger”, even “Baboon”. \\\\\\\\\ This had lasting effect on his personality and outlook. He came to see Britain as a “lion” and himself as a “goat”. So, the “goat” could only use the weapon of non violence and protest by “fasting unto death” and peaceful unarmed marches and shouting slogans. \\\\\\\\\ After return from South Africa, where again he was insulted and locked up unceremoniously, abused and beaten up by White men, he was convinced that armed struggle was futile and, so, put the country on the road of long suffering. \\\\\\\\ That was just what the British rulers had wanted. None was a better ally than Gandhi to pacify and disarm the slaves and ensure peace in their vast labour colony. \\\\\\ With his own safety and popularity ensured by the rulers he felt brave enough to condemn all the Hindu warriors of the past and the brave Hindu patriots, calling Shivaji and Guru Gobind Singhji “misguided patriots”. What could please the please the MUSLIMS and the EUROPEANS more? \\\\\\ It is directly due to “Bapu” Gandhi that the Punjab Lion is dead and the Bengal Tiger is in cage. From Lok Sabha in Delhi to the State Assemblies in Kerala and Tamil Nadu we see only “GOAT” Gandhi’s statues, followers, institutions, schools, roads, localities and towns named after him, all the time throwing ice cold water on the warm blooded onlookers and any sign of “Shakti” and “Gaurav” as Hindus. \\\\\\\\ Ideologically and politically, the whole of Gandhian Bharat is a treeless flat land with signs posted on frontiers on all sides,\\\\\\\\ “COME IN. PLUNDER AND CONVERT FREELY.”\\\\\ That is what the foreigners are doing- from Italy to Bangladesh.\\\\\\ For a government that wishes to drive the people like a herd of cattle a super hero figure like Gandhi is the ideal psychological tool. And logically this is the tool the ruling and fooling establishment are using vigorously, rigorously and non stop, since 1947. The Hindu nation once dominant from Afghanistan to Malaysia is like a flock of submissive sheep today, with the key of the abattoir in the hand of Italian born Sonia Maino-Gandhi. She has yet to see a ram among the one billion ewes standing up, to show her the sign, “QUIT INDIA!” Many Gandhian ewes are busy at work at Bollywood, pleasing all the KHANS in the absence of a Hindu hero. \\\\\\\\\\ Gandhi’s Hindu nation imagines like the man himself, being continuously kicked and stoned from all sides. That has led to the cocoon mentality of today when the Indians being expelled from Uganda or beaten up in Fiji or the Buddhist temples being burnt down in Bangladesh cause no ripple in the unconscious Hindu body in Bharat. Even the occupation of North Kashmir was not able to bring about a fierce reaction to liberate the territory. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ India that remains deep frozen in the crippling Gandhian jelly of tolerance and appeasement is now bleeding profusely. We see sharp and long daggers of corruption, bureaucracy and minority-ism being thrust into every pour of her skin. Soon she will violently IMPLODE with foreseeable loss of life and property. Only a post revolution new Bharat in even smaller area than now, will emerge as Hindusthan with the guts to declare itself “HINDU RASHTRA” after shedding her gangrene infested peripheries. \\\\\\\\\\\\---------------------------- Defeated, disgraced and dishonourable leader \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Any devotee of MK GANDHI, the emaciated Weakling who discouraged manliness and demoralised the nation into unconditional surrender and died an ignominious death at the hands of a patriot, must be either brainwashed, bullied or downright stupid (be-waqoof) to call the man “freedom fighter”. \\\\\\\\\\ What was the freedom of Delhi if Lahore, Karachi, Quetta, Peshawar and Dhaka were betrayed into slavery? Were they not integral to India like Mumbai, Kanpur and Chennai? Do we see a woman happy whose daughter is abducted and son killed by bandits? Yet Gandhi’s India doesn’t even mention the word “Partition” nor the cancer (MUSLIMS) that killed Akhand Bharat! Instead of confronting the enemy with courage he went on the worst ever misleading suicidal mission by chanting “Hindu-Muslim Bhai Bhai!” \\\\\\\\\ Hundreds of millions of Hindus, worshipping Gandhi, are still stuck to the same suicidal mentality like brain dead zombies. The nation has lost vigour and independence. Our own great religious and spiritual heritage, culture and traditions have been suppressed or subordinated to those from the Middle East. Gandhi never looked at the ruins of those great temples in Ayodhya, Mathura, Varanasi and Somnath, mortally fearing those who look towards Mecca while praying, and call themselves descendants of Babur and Aurangzeb and are quick with dagger and sword. \\\\\\\\\\\ Thinkers call it cognitive seizure of the great Hindu nation, still being misled, misruled and robbed by the Italians. Others regard it self-negation. Some have identified it as a secret wish for collective death due to centuries long slavery and degradation resulting in genetic deterioration and deeply embedded inferiority complex. Despite 65 years since Partition the pacified supine Hindu nation is still giving rides to the corrupt “Hindu bashing” rulers and foreign oriented descendants of previous invaders and tyrants who are circulating as venom and cancer in the arteries of the nation. \\\\\\\\\\ No other nation on earth has the counterpart of our Gandhi who is seen as the sleep inducing agent for the dying patient who is unable to open his eyes or move his hands. We have become incapable of imagining as to what our Hindusthan would have been like today had we replaced Gandhian slavish appeasing mentality with the vigour, dynamism, pride and dignity of Shivaji, Guru Gobind Singhji and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose on 15 August 1947, the day of eternal defeat, shame and surrenders. Today, due to ‘Gandhi induced’ disability and invalidity the orphaned Hindu nation, including the Supreme Commander and the Prime Minister, is so demoralised, lacking self-confidence and unity, that our Bharat is looking up to a nondescript imported Italian born female of unknown pedigree, mental orientation, core loyalties and background, to guide the vast country of one billion inhabitants from Kashmir to Kerala. The country’s Parliament, President, Prime Minister and the top General begin their day after paying homage to her ancestors and swearing loyalty to her. Is there any other country on earth so low down and flat, being trampled upon, exploited and misled by a FOREIGN finger, like our Hindusthan? Only the brave Hindus who have escaped the “Gandhian cage” can go abroad and see the pride and patriotism of even tiny countries like Denmark, Austria and Lithuania to compare with our own.\\\\\\\\\\\ Gandhi surrendered everything even before the battle for Hindusthan had begun and instantly went silent (“died”) when his Hindusthan (“Akhand Bharat”) was attacked, hacked and bled to death by the so-called “indigenous” Muslims, and Lahore and Dhaka disappeared from the map of India overnight.\\\\\\\\\\\\ The enemy of Gandhi and his India, the former President of All-India Congress Party, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, demanded a separate country for the INDIAN Muslims and threatened civil war. He prevailed. Gandhi was “demolished” but survived to live in shame. \\\\\\\\\\\\\EVIL TRIUMPHED OVER GOOD. Gandhi was the cause of the triumph of Evil in India. \\\\\\\\\\\“Bapu” Gandhi, whose statues stand across Partitioned India, reminds all the world of the Hindus’ collective cowardice and love of slavery. He watched in horror, listened in terror, and fell flat on his nose without even whispering, “I charge you, Brother JINN, with High Treason.” \\\\\\\\\\Jinn had already exposed his Islamic sword, to frighten Gandhi, and his loyalty towards his own land of birth. JINN was born an Indian, died a Pakistani. He found Gandhi detestable, repugnant, loathsome and repulsive and thought the same of his Hindusthan, too. He couldn’t wait to take his Pakistan out of India and live away from Gandhi. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Like a docile and tame Hindu Gandhi became “secular” in order to escape being abused, beaten up or boiled & roasted alive (Hindus’ fate in earlier centuries). Lacking conviction & pride (“Gaurav”) in his own Hindu religion he did not admonish his own son, Hira Lal, **who rejected Sri Krishna and the Hindu religion, and embraced Mohammed & Islam with big love. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Mohandas Karamchand GANDHI is called the “FATHER” OF PAKISTAN”. His cowardice and frequent “fasts unto death” had created a dangerous political VACUUM in India that sucked in (INVITED) Islamic aggression so easily. \\\\\\\\ Would Jinnah have dared to utter the obscene word “Pakistan” had he seen Churchill or Shivaji, even Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, facing him, instead? \\\\\\\\\\ It was an oft repeated sentence that was heard all over India before Partition, “Jinnah, the “rat”, has become a “cat”, going for the “mouse” called Gandhi, for his meal.”\\\\\\\\\\\\ Today the entire Lok Sabha of Hindusthan, beholden to MK Gandhi, are also behaving like “rats” before yet another “Cat” called SONIA from Italy, making FOOLS of themselves. The new Cat in Bharat has become fat on the wealth of Hindusthan being deposited in foreign banks. Aggrieved & offended, the sulking followers of Gandhi are only capable of doing “Satyagraha” and hoping that Sonia Maino-Gandhi will vanish one day due to natural death.\\\\\\\\\\ What sense are “Ahimsa Parmo Dharma” and “Peace at all costs” of MK Gandhi when earlier we had the shining examples of SRI RAM fighting bravely in Sri Lanka, SRI KRISHNA encouraging Arjuna to fight in battle, BANDA SINGH BAHADUR sacking Sarhind to teach the savage ‘killers of infants’ a lesson, GENERAL HARI SINGH NALWA capturing Khyber Pass after defeating the Afghans, SHIVAJI “despatching” Rascal AFZAL KHAN, RANI OF JHANSI distinguishing herself in battles, MAHARANA PRATAP fighting for Hindu sovereignty, and countless other Hindus who FOUGHT against submission, slavery and dishonour but did not sit in “Satyagrahas” till the Muslims were “tamed” and the British had gone, leaving Jawaharlal NEHRU in tears over their departure. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Recalling the speed at which Gandhi forgot the slogan, “AKHAND BHARAT: AMAR RAHE!” but took up the chant of “HINDU MUSLIM BHAI BHAI!” puts him in the category of rats rather than lions. To earn the title of “LION” he had to speak like Winston Churchill, “FIGHT the separatist DEVILS till the end, and DEFEND our MOTHERLAND and SECULARISM to the last.”\\\\\\\\\\\ Today the powerful ruling establishment in PARTITIONED India, who have vested interests in fooling the Hindus and destroying the country while robbing the natives with both hands, are still busy boosting the Gandhi image, calling him “MAHATMA” while denying the TRUTH that instead of Independence he got us PARTITION and two million DEAD and 15 million REFUGEES.\\\\\\\\\\\ It took more than a few days to slaughter and wipe out all the Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan at Partition. What warning or threat did GANDHI deliver to the KILLERS in PAKISTAN to stop the massacres and ensure the safety of the helpless MINORITY there? Did he send the betrayed and besieged HINDUS any support, reinforcements, arms and weapons to defend themselves? Sadly, it was not done even in KASHMIR when it was invaded within days of Partition. Gandhi openly BETRAYED the Hindus and saw them being killed, raped and driven out of their homes, but never mentioned “Exchange of Population”, and never issued any warning to the enemy. He did not realize what the fleeing Hindu refugees expected of him as the top leader of Hindusthan. He was scared and terrified himself. We saw him like a dry leaf that is lifted up high, and tossed about, by the gale force (political) wind in a violent storm. \\\\\\\\\\\ The man was totally clueless about history, all the countless foreign invasions and the centuries of slavery and, by now, the presence of strongly motivated, united and HOSTILE foreign fifth columns that were deeply entrenched in our soil, who could “eat up” his AKHAND Bharat within days. \\\\\\\\\\\\ ON THE DAY THAT INDIA WAS MUTILATED AND MILLIONS WERE FLEEEING ACROSS THE BORDER, BOTH GANDHI AND NEHRU OUGHT TO HAVE BEEN LYNCHED, MUSSOLINI STYLE, OR SHOT DEAD. Partitioned India, still burdened with the separatist, intolerant and violent Muslims, had NO use of them.\\\\\\\\\\\\ Hindu LEADERS must muster guts even to think if action is still beyond their imagination. \\\\\\\\\\\ GANDHI' S legacy is FRONTIER AT WAGAH, NOT AT KHYBER. \\\\\\\\\\\ HIS legacy is PAKISTAN, not “AKHAND” Bharat. \\\\\\\\\\ HIS bequest is the LIMBLESS, WINGLESS GUTLESS SECULAR BHARAT THAT IS ASHAMED TO SEE THE WORD "HINDU" IN CONSTITUTION. \\\\\\\\\\\ HIS legacy is EXTERMINATION OF HINDUS in EAST BENGAL, NORTH KASHMIR and WEST PUNJAB but SWELLING NUMBERS of MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS and INFILTRATORS in BHARAT. \\\\\\\\\\ Who will now save the "REST OF INDIA" from the "KAFIR KILLER DEVILS", given that the Hindu leaders are as confused, demoralised and docile now in 2012 as they were then in 1947, and worst of all, admire and adore GANDHI but not any hero who wielded sword in battle-field. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Hindu LEADERS like GANDHI cut a sorry figure when AKHAND BHARAT was bleeding and DYING. \\\\\\\\\\\\ They could not prevent the break up of Bharat in 1947. \\\\\\\\\\ They could not expel all the treacherous Muslims after Partition in 1947. \\\\\\\\\ They could not ensure the safety of the Hindus in Srinagar, Kashmir.\\\\\\\\\\ They could not rally round the SRI RAM TEMPLE, the holiest shrine in Bharat, in order to construct it to its original grandeur and glory to attract tourists and pilgrims from the world.\\\\ They could not defend Sri NANKANA SAHIB, the birth place of Guru Nanak Dev that lies in Pakistan. \\\\\\\\ They cannot even shout, "QUIT INDIA!" at Sonia Maino, the Italian born “First Lady” of Bapu Gandhi’s Hindusthan.\\\\\\\\\ They are watching the INFILTRATION of Muslims from the East and the West passively. \\\\\\\\\ They are watching the ONE-WAY TRAFFIC of naïve Hindu girls converting to Islam on marrying a “MOHAMMED".\\\\\\\ They cannot even secure grants and subsidies for HINDU pilgrims that are given to the Muslims for Hajj.\\\\\\\\ Not one has dared to shout, "WHAT ARE THE MUSLIMS DOING IN BROKEN BHARAT AFTER PARTITION?". \\\\\\\\\\\\ Not one has cried, "MK GANDHI’S VERSION OF SECULARISM IN DELHI AND AMRITSAR IS LIKE "COW DUNG" FOR US IF IT IS NOT VALID IN LAHORE AND DHAKA." \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Not one has declared AUGUST 15 the “DAY OF MOURNING” to lament the historic defeat of India in 1947 when she escaped the "MOGUL RULE" only after surrendering one third of surface area of India to the enemy. \\\\\\\\\\ Not one has stood up for a HINDU HOLOCAUST MUSEUM in Delhi and Kolkata to remind the people of the world of the barbarities and cruelties, massacres, abductions, rape and the Jezia tax during the ISLAMIC rule over India. \\\\\ None has yet demanded a free discussion over the absurd, illegal, illogical and non democratic (without Referendum) Partition. Are the slaves blind or timid “rats” not to wish to go to Israel and see the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem, the one in Prague, the one in in Vilnius and the one in Washington DC? \\\\\\\ Given such disgusting REALITY, only a FOOL will say, "OUR COUNTRY’S FRONTIRS AND GRANDCHILDREN ARE SAFE IN GANDHI’S HINDUSTHAN."\\\\\\\\ On the birth anniversary of the uninspiring demolished and cowardly MK Gandhi, who was forced to go naked, who was soundly defeated and humiliated by his friend Barrister JINN to force Partition of India in 1947, we can only mourn the fact that his followers still call him “Mahatma”! ==================\\\\\\\\\\\\ ** \\\\\\\\\\\\ Ram Gopal`s Diary \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Hiralal Gandhi In Kanpur\\\\\\\ �Yaadon ke Jharokhe se� (Through the Windows of Memory) \\\\\\\ Shivnath Sharma, Page 28-29 \\\\\\ (Translated from original Hindi.)\\\\ This incident dates back to 1936-37 when I was a student in Kanpur's DAV college and was preparing for the law examination. I used to live in the college hostel.\\\\\\ Inter-community relations in Kanpur of those times had reached their nadir. People still had fresh in their minds the memories of the big Hindu-Muslim riots. The embers of communal hatred were being fanned by the so-called �community leaders� on both sides. \\\\\\ On one side there was this Maulana Bukhari, fond of giving long speeches, thoroughly quenched in communal venom. People of a certain community used to regularly attend his meetings and encourage him at intervals by shouting incendiary slogans. Typically, these meetings concluded with the bringing of a few persons, purportedly Hindus, on the podium, wishing to embrace Islam. They were made to recite the Kalama (affirmation of faith, required of those embracing Islam), and were thus ceremonially inducted into the ranks of the believers.\\\\\\\\ Often times, Hindus too used to convene retaliatory meetings, which were equally inciting. \\\\\ Not only did the authorities make absolutely no effort to curb such gatherings, but in actuality they tacitly encouraged them. The reasons were clear. The independence movement was in full swing, and the calculated policy of the government was to weaken it by keeping Muslims and Hindus in a perpetual state of warfare. \\\ Just about that time Mahatma Gandhi's son Hiralal Gandhi was making news. Whether it was because of his illustrious father's indifference towards him, or any other reason, he had fallen into the abyss of degradation. He had become addicted to alcohol and women. His moral character had plummeted to the gutter level. Some Muslim fanatics saw their opportunity to slander the Mahatma, fanned the fires in the son by assisting him in his evil desires. A a prelude, he was coaxed into Islam and given a new name: Abdullah Gandhi. Then he was made a show-piece at Muslim gatherings all over India. Wherever he was exhibited, the Muslim slogan used to be : �Today the son has known the true religion of Islam, tomorrow we shall make Gandhi (M.K.) recite the Kalama.�\\\\\\ How could Kanpur be immune to this malady? As expected, with great fanfare Abdullah Gandhi, alias Hiralal was brought to Kanpur and was show-cased in a mammoth meeting. The same slogans- "The Son Today, the Father Tomorrow" were repeated. Then in accordance with the usual routine of previous meetings, some imposters and hired characters posing as Hindus took the Islamic oath, and were ceremonially inducted into Islam. The meeting then formed into a procession. I had the chance to watch this procession with a few of my friends from a close angle. \\\\\\\\\\ The procession was fairly big, and passed raucously through the important thoroughfares of the city, shouting inflammatory slogans. The centerpiece was, of course, Abdullah Gandhi sitting in an open 'Buggy' (horse drawn carriage). On either side of him was a man holding him for support because he was heavily drunk. He was wearing a pair of loose pyjamas, black 'sherwani' topped by a Sheikh Abdullah style fur cap. His eyes were bloodshot, and he was swinging under the influence. When the procession passed through Moolganj (the red-light district of Kanpur) the scene became hilarious. On both sides of the road, on the balconies and rooftops, the prostitutes turned out to watch the spectacle. Our 'hero' Abdullah Gandhi bowing to them, was sending his 'Salaams' through the air, which were profusely reciprocated to by the ladies of the night. At one spot, while doing his Salaams, Abdullah lost his balance and rolled to the floor of the carriage. His facilitators somehow lifted him up and put him back in his seat. \\\\\\ Needless to say, my heart filled with grief and indignation over the tragic fall of a great man's offspring.\\\\\\\\ ========== \\\ Another comment on Gandhi by a patriot:\\\\\\ MAHATAMA GANDHI and JAVAHAR LAAL NAHARU are responsible for the creation of PAAKISTHAAN because of this we HINDUUS and COMING GENERATIONS of every Hinduu are going to suffer for ever -------- before we were suffering because of white Christian British rule now we are suffering because of Catholic Christian SONIA + BROWN INDIAN CHRISTIANS + ANTI HINDUUS EDUCATED IN CONVENT SCHOOLS OF MACAULAY EDUCATION SYSTEM + MUSLIM rule of all together over the defeated, disunited and disoriented Hindus. \\\\\\\\\ ============= CONCLUSION\\\\\\\\\\\\ An honourable leader would have committed suicide out of shame or sense of honour on “leading” the country to defeat & disaster of such horrendous magnitude and strategic defence implications like Partition. Gandhi was not that sort of a leader. A young Maratha patriot had to teach him the responsibilities of a true leader. \\\\\\\\\\\ Gandhi will also be CURSED by those tens of millions of Hindus who believed in his assurances to stay put in Pakistan but not to escape with their lives in good time despite the approaching black clouds of despotic Islamic rule overhead. In the event most of them were hacked to death or burnt alive. \\\\\ How long will the curse of Gandhi’s residual national paralysis and cowardice last? As long as a semi literate non-Hindu Italian born female of unknown pedigree and background is seen guiding and advising the “poodle” Prime Minister and Parliament of Hindusthan, AND THE GALLANT ARMY GOES ON WATCHING. ======================= 000000000