Why Deepaavali is celebrated by the Sikhs

Date: 11 Nov 2012


You have most remarkably gathered the reasons as to why the Sikhs celebrate Diwali, the festival of lights. Thank you for this enlightenment. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ The fact that the Sixth Guru, Har Gobind Singhji, insisted on the release of all the Hindu prisoners from the Gwalior Jail before he himself left the prison confirms the Hindu-Sikh bond of blood & love, not withstanding the present "sarkari" brainwashing to divide the two NATIVE communities in Hindusthan with a view to destroying the country. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ It was very sad in those days that the sons and daughters of soil were so badly treated, imprisoned and even tortured and KILLED by the "devils" of the "Second Nation" who not only exploited and impoverisehd the native Hindus but also forced their own crude and bitterly intolerant ISLAM (an INFERIOR import in our land of "gods and gurus") that began in Mecca in 7th Century AD.\\\\\\\\\\\ How the Hindus tolerated those CENTURIES of inhuman slavery beats imagination. That is why it is so DISGUSTING & SHAMEFUL for the patriots and honourable Hindus, and SIKHS, to helplessly see with REVULSION & SHAME an Italian born "First Lady" of our HINDUSTHAN now "guiding and commanding" the Prime Minister whose fall from "LION to MOUSE" is noticed by the whole world. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ At DEEPAVALI, the proud NATIVES of (AKHAND) BHARAT and the inheritors of martial inspiration, traditions, & DEEDS of Sri Ram, Sri Krishna, Guru Gobind Singhji, Shivaji, Maharana Pratap, Maharani Laxmi Bai of Jhansi, and numerous others, ought to pledge- \\\\\\\\\\\UNITY AMONG OURSELVES (HINDU / SIKH) FAMILY; \\\\\\\\\\ GIVE THE PATRIOTIC CALL, "AKHAND BHARAT : AMAR RAHE!" WITHOUT ANY FEAR OR HESITATION; \\\\\\\\\\ DECLARE BHARAT "HINDU RASHTRA" IF THE OBSCENE PROVOCATION CALLED "PAKISTAN AND BANGLADESH" IS TO STAY WITH THE SUPPORT AND BACKING OF THE WEST AND GLOBAL ISLAM.\\\\\\\\ REVISE EDUCATION TO INCULCATE PRIDE, SELF ESTEEM & PATRIOTISM.\\\\\\\\\ RESOLVE TO FREE TODAY'S ENSLAVED HINDU NATION THAT IS NOT ALLOWED TO EVEN STIR NEAR AYODHYA.\\\\\\\\\\ SNATCH ALL THE KEY POSTS FROM THE "FOREIGNERS" WHOSE RELIGIOUS ZEAL AND INSPIRATION COME FROM THE MIDDLE EAST, AND APPOINT COMMITTED HINDUS, INSTEAD. \\\\\\\\\\\ BLESSED WITH THE FINEST RELIGIONS ON EARTH THERE IS NO NEED FOR OUR PROUD BHARAT TO GO UNDER THE YOKE OF BOGUS SECULARISM THAT IS DEAD IN DHAKA BUT IMPOSED ON THE "MONGREL DOGS & BITCHES" (LOK SABHA) IN DELHI. \\\\\\\\ RESOLVE TO MOVE THE CAPITAL OF PUNJAB FROM TRAITOR NEHRU'S "UNION TERRITORY" TO LAHORE.\\\\\\\\\\\ LET THE HINDUS TAKE UP THE "KIRPAN" (TRADITIONAL SIKH SWORD) TO DEFEND "DHARTI" (TERRITORY), DHANN (WEALTH, TEMPLES, GURDWARAS & INSTITUTIONS), DHARMA (RELIGION) AND THE DAUGHTERS OF HINDUSTHAN. GIVE THE TINY MINORITY OF BRAVE SIKHS A "BREAK". THE PRESENT GOVERNENT OF "RASCALS & ROBBERS" ARE MAKING A SPECIAL TARGET OF THE SIKHS, PURSUING THEIR LONG RANGE STRATEGY IN ORDER TO DEMORALISE & DESTROY THEM AND THEN USHER IN THE ISLAMC SHARIA RULE ONCE AGAIN ALL OVER PARTITIONED INDIA. NB: WHOSOEVER TRIES TO MALIGN, ATTACK, DEMORALISE OR ELIMINATE THE "DEFENCE ARM" OF HINDUSTHAN (SIKHS) IS THE ENEMY OF BHARAT. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ SHOW COURAGE TO SET UP MEMORIALS TO ALL THE DEAD HINDUS & SIKHS, MURDERED, ASSASSINATED & BEHEADED THROUGH CENTURIES BY THE FOREIGN BRUTES, INCLUDING THE DEAD OF NOAKHALI (AUGUST 1946) AND RAWALPINDI (MARCH 1947).\\\\\\\\\\\ CONSTRUCT THE SRI RAM TEMPLE IN AYODHYA IMMEDIATELY TO GIVE A FOCAL POINT OF UNITY AND PATRIOTISM TO THE "LOST & INTIMIDATED" HINDUS OF THE WORLD WHOSE "SHAKTI" TODAY IS LESS THAN THE COURAGE OF ONE GOAT IN THE ABATTOIR, WAITING FOR ITS TURN. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 11.11.2012. =============\\\\\\\\\ In a message dated 11/11/2012 07:00:47 GMT Standard Time, xxxxxxxxxx writes: \\\\\\\ Sub - Historical reason why Deepaavali is celebrated by the Sikhs annually. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Special Day for the Sikhs:\\\\\\\\\\\ For the Patriotic Sikhs, Deepaavali holds a special significance, for it was on a Deepaavali day that the third Sikh Guru Amar Das Jee institutionalized the festival of lights as an occasion when all Sikhs sardars would gather to receive the revered Gurus blessings. It was also on a Deepaavali day in 1619 that their sixth religious leader, Guru Hara Gobind Jee, who was held by the Bigot Mughal Emperor Jahengir in the Gwalior fort, was freed from imprisonment along with 52 Hindu Kings (political prisoners) whom he had arranged to be released as well. And it was also on the same auspicious occasion of Deepaavali when the foundation stone of the Sacred Golden Temple at Amritsar was laid in 1577.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Letís together celebrate Deepaavali\\\\\\\\ xxxxxxxxxxxxx ================================= 000000000