Date: 15 Nov 2012


After looking closer at Pakistan where murders and assassinations and kidnaps for ransom are the order of the day, where drones are striking in Waziristan and Karachi is counting the dead in dozens every day, a thinker addressed the Pakistanis, \\\\\\\\\\\\ "It is the Will of Allah to KILL as many of Mohammed's followers as the number of innocent Hindus and Sikhs killed, maimed and raped by your parents' generation at Partition when you violently separated from your land of birth in pools of blood. \\\\\\\\\\\\ “The curses of young and innocent girls dragged out of their homes or snatched from the hands of their parents and those families that perished in burning homes, are still haunting Mecca where your Mohammed was born. \\\\\\\\\\ “Action and Reaction being Equal and Opposite as per Laws of Nature, violence and killings in Pakistan will NEVER stop till the number of TWO MILLION is reached, or till you dump your incendiary, separatist and intolerant KORAN for good, and pray for the peace of those living on earth instead of peace of Mohammed's soul in Hell. Truth is bitter? Is it? \\\\\\\\\\ Seeing the Mohajir at the throat of Sindhi, Shia blasting the Sunni, Punjabi hammering the Balochi, Imran Khan threatening a Tsunami to sweep across the entire country in 90 days, and the police and the army chasing the Taliban, the kidnappers and the bandits, a Pakistani poet Laureate described the restless and turbulent Pakistanis of today as- \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ "Barbariyyat ke drindeh\\\\\\\\\\\ Jehalat ke bashindeh.\\\\\\\\\\\ Maaon, Behnoon se sharmindeh. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ La’anat hai tum par O’ be-waqoof bandeh”! \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ He added, "La'anat hai tum par, O’ be-waqoof bandeh, agar ab bhi naah samjhe kih jise tum Rasool Allah kehte ho wuh siraf, aur siraf, Arabon ka hi Paighambar tha, NA TUMHAARA. \\\\\\\\\\\\\“O FOOLS, for YOUR Messengers of God, look not beyond the borders of HINDUSTHAN." \\\\\\\\\ -Infidel. \\\\\\\\\\\ Nov 15, 2012. =========================================== 000000000