Date: 16 Nov 2012


Subj: Re: Fw: Practicing yoga is Satanic, - it leads to evil. \\\\\\\\\\ There is this guy from Vatican condemning Yoga and there is that guy of Peace TV, Zakir Naik, who is putting Mohammed of Mecca above our own Rishis. Zakir Naik is a Pakistani vide Act of Partition of 1947, but he is still eating and sleeping in Hindusthan. So what is wong? What is wrong is that the HINDU is sleepig with all the doors of his Hindusthan wide open and all sorts of enemies from West and Far West are coming in to enjoy hospitality while leaving the host covered in muck and ROBBED of his wealth, heritage and honour. \\\\\\\\ When will the Hindus realize that NONE dare insult Vatican or Mecca like this but all can laugh over the RUIN of our holy and great Temple in Ayodhya? xxxxxxxxxxxxx ============== \\ \\\\\\\ On Fri, Nov 16, 2012 at 8:11 PM, Satish Chandra Gupta <\\\\\\\\\\\> wrote: Dear \\\\\\\\\\\ Saprem Namastey ! \\\\\\\\\\\\ Please do NOT BE DISILLUSIONED WITH SUCH COMMENTS OF THAT SENSELESS PRIEST , CALLING HIMSELF FATHER OF CHRISTIAN RELIGION . BY UTTERING OR PROPAGATING SUCH SILLY THEORY , HE HAS FORFEITED ALL HIS RIGHTS TO BE A CHRISTIAN PRIEST BY UTTERING SUCH COMMENTS AGAINST YOG ( A) ; HOWEVER AT THE SAME TIME , I PITY FOR TIMES OF INDIA FOR PUBLISHING SUCH SILLY AND BASELESS THEORIES OF SUCH HEADLESS PEOPLE . I BELIEVE TIMES OF INDIA IS MUCH MORE GUILTY THAN THAT PRIEST / CHRISTIAN FATHER. IT IS THE SECOND TIME IN JUST RECENT DAYS WITHIN THIS MONTH THAT TIMES OF INDIA , IN ORDER TO GET CHEAP PUBLICITY HAD PUBLISHED A WORST SILLY DEMORALISING STATEMENT OF ONE OF THE MOST RESPECTED FINANCIAL NAME , SHRI DEEPAK PARIKH , CHAIRMAN OF HDFC BANK , WITH BOLD HEAD LINES THAT "..... CORRUPTION CAN NEVER BE ERADICATED FROM OUR COUNTRY ......" BEFORE A MOST DISTINGUISHED GATHERING OF ALL INDIA INDUSTRIALISTS & BUSINESSMEN IN AN AWARD CEREMONY FOR " LIFE TIME AWARD ..." \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ IN MY VIEW TIMES OF INDIA REQUIRES ALL THE THRASHINGS & CONDEMNATIONS . \\\\\\\\\\\\ HENCE I ADMIRE YOUR ALERTNESS TO PUBLICATION OF SUCH SILLY & BASELESS STATEMENTS WHICH HAVE TO BE OPPOSED WITH ALL THE FORCE. \\\\\\\\\\\\ SIR , EVEN IN ISLAMIC COUNTRIES , OUR YOG ( A ) EXPERTS ARE WELCOMED & REPEATEDLY INVITED , EVEN ONCE YR AMERICAN DREADED MAFIA KING JOHN BUNANO ON WHOM THE FILM : " THE GOD FATHERS" WAS MADE HAD BEEN INVITING OUR YOG ( YOGA ) GURUS OR TEACHERS . \ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ On Fri, Nov 16, 2012 at 7:24 PM, \\\\\\\\ wrote: \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Practicing yoga is Satanic, - it leads to evil. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Times of India-Nov.16,2012. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Says the Vatican's former exorcist Gabriele Amorth 86-year-old Father Gabriele Amorth, who for years was the Vatican's chief exorcist, has condemned the ancient practice of yoga by deeming it "evil" Comparing it to satanic worship, Amorth has said that yoga leads to the worship of Hinduism and "all eastern religions are based on a false belief in reincarnation" "Practicing yoga is Satanic, it leads to evil just like reading Harry Potter," he told a film festival in Europe this week Needless to say, his statements haven't gone down well with yoga institutes across Rome. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ There has been a huge outburst among yoga practioners there, who've asked the Vatican to condemn this statement Italian yoga schools said Father Amorth's criticism was illogical They have been quoted in local papers saying, "It's an accusation that has nothing to do with reality Itís a theory - if one can call it a theory - that is totally without foundation Yoga is not a religion or a spiritual practice It doesn't have even the slightest connection with Satanism or Satanic sects". "Yoga is a science and the single most holistic approach to curing oneself internally, externally and mentally. Forwarded- xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 000000000