Date: 16 Nov 2012


1.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The world is sick because people allow Saudi Political Ideology like rigid, closed, dangerous and crimninal thinking of Islam like Islam is allowed to parade as a religion. BRAIN washed and Indoctrinated and coercively converted Muslims around the world act like foot soldiers for Saudi Arabia to promote this dangerous dogma. Converted Muslims consider the Saudi Dogma as a religion, completely forget and deliberately ignore their cultural roots and promote Saudi Arabian cult.Since converted Muslims live as parasites, they are not able to think freely, creatively and they promote dangerous Islam. The only way possible for the world to live in peace, tranquility, harmony and coexistence is only to wipe out Islam by all means. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.\\\\\\\\\\\\ Subject: RE: NOISY ISLAMIC SALUGHTER \\\\\\\\\\\\\ How far Jihadi Muslims can ignore the cry of infidels? Infidels around the world have been suffering from the Saudi Arabian desert originated philosophy of slaughter and inhuman treatment. It is time for Muslims around the world to listen to reason, sane people and positive, life affirming philosophy. We are giving in an inter connected world where Jihadi Muslims can not continue murder mayhem in the name of Saudi Arabian desert and fictitious character Allah who advocted killing of all infidels. Suadi world domination will be resisted at any costs. Like all dictators (Hitler, Franco, Lenin, Mussolini, Aurangazeb, Baber, Akbar, Tug lack, Idi Amin, Saddam Husain, Bin Laden-- all dictactors will be eliminated. Muslims erroneously think they can continue the silent slaughter without any fear or restrictions. The world is changing. Join together fellow Jihadis, abandon all illusiuon of world domination and join with peace loving, life affirming, freedom loving folks. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.\\\\\\\\\\\\ Musalman believes in PIECES OF PEACE, That is why all Muslim countries are fighting and killing each other and other innocent people of the world, with heinous acts of terrorism. ...... ! \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 4. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ What you are seeing in the Muslim world is in fact on account of a serious translation error. The script used in the 1400 years old book was perplexing for all who read it. However, now it is known that what this book actually meant was P I E C E. Yes, piece and if you insert this word then everything becomes clear. The book said that first divide the world into Believers and Kafirs and then dozens of sects within Believers and then hundreds of groups.......within each sect and each piece calling the other one a fake Muslim. Yes, and that is the real message!!! \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 5.\\\\\\\\\\\\ Yes, we have witnessed Islam has brought PEACE to Islamic countries. SOMALIA IS IN ABSOLUTE PEACE, IRAQ IS IN PEACE, AFGHANISTAN IS IN PEACE, YEMAN IS IN PEACE, INDONESIA IS IN PEACE, BANGLADESH IS IN PEACE, PAKISTAN IS IN PEACE...... \\\\\\\\\ 6. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Islam is the only religion with the right name .... Islam means ...PEACE ... it is a religion of peace & tranquility ... Only Islam has the capability to bring PEACE ... because it is the only valid religion established by the All Powerful All Knowing Creator of this universe. So did He preserve His Last Testament the Quran in Pristine Purity. There is none to match it ... Take it and save yourself or leave and be ready to suffer ... its your choice ... If there is a better way bring valid sensible proof ... \\\\\\\\\\\\\ 7. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Islamic slaughter and Beheading of innocent Kafirs and Infidels is not in silence but Jiahdis create as much Noise as they can.. It is very noisy and filled with cries for fictitious Allah invented by the mass Murderer Mohamed. See the Islamic beheading videos and you can witness young Jihadist shouting slogans from the Unholy Koran and few fellow Islamic Murderers also shouting contionuously Allah Akbar. Islamic clergy and JIhadi warriors cannot and will not do anything including stoning alive, beheading, bombing, terrorizing, hijacking planes in silence. They may plot the slaughter in secret but Islamic Jihadis kill innocent kaffirs and infidels not in silence. \\\\\\\\\\ islam is in fact not a religion for coexistence, or promoting peaceful life, harmony or living in silence. It is a noisy closed desert dogma originated in Saudi Arabia. All Muslims are forcefully converted non Arabs by the Islamic sword and they promote rigid, undemocratic, ant freedom Saudi dogma to promote the Saudi Arabian, desert Warrior Mohammad and his criminal activities. Islam is against democracy, peace, freedom, and silence. It is closed desert originated and noisy Saudi Arabian political dogma fir only for world invasion, plunder, looting and sexual oppression. Other countries (Hitler, Frank, Mussolini, Marx might have recommended killing opponents in silence, but Muslims always insists that the be headers and slaughterers shout Allah Akbar as loudly as they can. ======================================= 000000000