Date: 18 Nov 2012


FWD. (from BAL THACKERAY’S DEATH IS LOSS TO NATION \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Bal Thackeray, Shiv Sena leader, is gone. The whole of Bharat is in shock and this is especially so in Maharashtra, his home ground. \\\\\\\\\\\\ He was an illustrious son of Bharat and a popular leader with dedicated following. This is something remarkable for our Hindusthan where the followers vanish when facing a challenge. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Not many stood up to defend Gandhi's "Akhand Bharat" in 1947 and not many answered the call by Shri LK Advani in 1992 to "Build the Temple" in Ayodhya. Even now not many are standing up to support Shri Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev to see Sonia Maino-Gandhi in the dock to explain where the Bofors Commission is deposited. \\\\\\\\\\\ It was, therefore, remarkable for Shri Thackeray to have a strong following that could stand up to any danger. Naturally many tributes will flow in to remember his great deeds. But here are some candid views on the life and deeds of that great Hindu leader. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Firstly, he did not use his charisma or skills to expand Shiv Sena Party across Bharat. Thus his powerful Party remained only provincial. He ought to have recalled that once the Marathas had created a powerful empire with Delhi in it. If the Indian Muslims can still dream of reviving the old Mogul Empire why not a Hindu like Thackeray project the golden prospect of our much cherished "HINDU RASHTRA" ("Raam Raajya")? On this point Shri Thackeray failed. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Secondly, he did not believe in "Akhand Bharat" since he never condemned or challenged that bogus Partition and the illegitimate birth of Pakistan in 1947. He failed our eternal goal to emancipate the Hindus from the terror of Islam and to establish Hindu Rashtra. Why was it so easy for the Indian Muslims to cut and chop India to create their Pakistan and then write up an ISLAMIC Constitution for it? Shri Thackeray failed the ideal of both Hindu Rashtra and Akhand Bharat. \\\\\\\\\\\ Thirdly, he did not look at the MUSLIMS as the lethal "second nation" that had blasted the unity and strength of India in 1947. He could have spoken for his own bereaved "Broken" Bharat to demand EXCHANGE OF POPULATION to ensure lasting peace and security in Hindusthan. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ He had enough scholarship & investigative journalism at his disposal to discover the fact that the so-called Indira Gandhi was a stone hearted bitter Mohammedan who had converted to Islam on marrying Feroze Khan and was now MAIMOONA BEGUM in reality who would declare Emergency to crush freedom of expression, betray the Indians in Uganda and Fiji, completely ignore the plight of Hindus in South Kashmir, return East Bengal to the enemy even after capturing it, never liberate North Kashmir, plan a devastating attack on Harimandir Sahib (Golden Temple) in Amritsar but never take steps to reconstruct the sacred Temple in Ayodhya in order to give joy to the Hindus. Shri Thackeray failed his Hindu nation and Bharat on this. . \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Fourthly, he confined himself to his own State of Maharashtra in "siege mentality" instead of recognizing and tackling national challenges. Here he was expected to take on Jawaharlal Nehru's "Hindu bashing" All India Congress Party of "Rascals, Rogues & Robbers", and the "Mother of orphaned Hindu nation" Italian born Sonia Maino. He would have made a mark in history. Sadly, he failed on it. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Fifthly, he did not notice the "cesspit" of CORRUPTION that is Bharat today. He should have bravely come out in the open to actively support the moral crusaders (fighters) like Baba Ram Dev and Shri Anna Hazare. He ought to have demanded the arrest of Sonia Maino for not disclosing the Bofors Commissions and other bribes and illegal wealth accumulated by the members of Nehru Dynasty, including the son-in-law Wadra. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Seeing the nation being robbed with impunity and sinking deeper and deeper in corruption he could even have approached the Army, as a last resort, to restore genuine democracy by “blasting” the Dynasty and re-writing the Constitution of Bharat. He failed the nation on this. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Sixthly, he did not give a call to change the Constitution to make Broken Bharat a HINDU RASHTRA to act as deterrent and a counter to ISLAMIC aggression and rising menace in South Asia due to the vast surrenders in 1947 that produced PAKISTAN. He failed to give that call. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Seventhly, he did not mobilise the Hindus, especially the MARATHAS, the RAJPUTS, the GURKHAS, the JATS, the TAMILS and the SIKHS to "gherao" Ayodhya and stay put there till the grand Sri Ram Temple was fully constructed and operational to receive millions of pilgrims annually from all over the world. He failed on this, too. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ A couple of more questions: How did he react to the brutal persecution of the BETRAYED Hindus in Pakistan and East Bengal? How did he stand by the fleeing Hindus in South Kashmir? Who barred his way to SRINAGAR to lodge a protest, or boost the morale of the Hindu Pandits and their families there? He failed on this.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ History will judge Shri Thackeray not only for his strengths but also for his weaknesses and the betrayal of leaderless Hindu nation that is being led by "Daughter of Italy" Sonia-Maino Gandhi. \\\\\\\\\\\\\He was expected to be shrewd enough to notice that the Constitution of India is the brain child of a certain cunning barrister (traitor) to act as a death trap for the simple and gullible Hindus that lets the FOREIGNERS easily come into our country in order to rob, convert, clobber, divide, demoralise and bash the natives in an unacceptable insulting manner while conceding praise and glory to those who run churches and mosques. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ With one billion Hindus adoring Italy & Islam right now, it was leaders of Shri Thackeray's stature and calibre who were expected to inculcate pride and patriotism in the demoralised Hindu nation that is again in the "Era of Slavery" since 1947.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Finally, it is not only Shri Thackeray but ALL the top Hindu leadership that has FAILED Hindusthan (Bharat) if they are swearing by Nehru's one-sided "secularism" by which an Italian born "SECURITY RISK" (SONIA MAINO) is seen as more capable and patriotic than all of them and their wives, sisters and mothers put together. \\\\\\\\\\\ xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Nov 17, 2012. xxxxxxxxxxxxx =================================== 000000000