Date: 22 Nov 2012


Army is crying, Why we were not allowed to drop parachutes behind enemy lines in Kargil battle. Air Force is crying, Why we were not allowed to strike the Chinese aggressors in 1962. We might have saved the entire 7th Infantry Brigade from annihilation.\\\\\\\\\ All are crying, Why Nehru ordered our army and air force to CEASE FIRE just when we were advancing to liberate the whole of Kashmir.\\\\\\\\\\\ The Sikhs are crying, Why Indira returned CAPTURED East Bengal to the enemy in 1972 and then launched the devastating attack on our Golden Temple in Amritsar to give us a "bloody nose". The crying Indians in Uganda and Fiji wondered, Why Government of India looks the OTHER way when we get thrashed and expelled.\\\\\\\\\ And everyone, from Kerala to Kashmir & from Imphal to Amritsar, is wondering, Why Nehru signed the unconditional surrender of five provinces of India to Islam without Referendum or transfer of population. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Yet we cannot be bold enough to declare, \\\\\\\\ "Hey! Wait a minute. Nehru was the step brother of Mohammed Ali Jinnah and his daughter Indira was, in fact, Maimoona Begum after her nikah with Feroze Khan of Allahabad, and all three of them had the same objective- to DIMINISH INDIA, ROB HER PEOPLE, DEGRADE HER ARMED FORCES and stick to absolute power for ever.\\\\\\\\\\ Anyone with a better suggestion? \\\\\\\\\\\\\ ======== Ex-IAF chief Tipnis blames Nehru for 1962 defeat http://newindianexpress.com/nation/article1347331.ece \\\\\\\\\\\\20th November 2012 05:14 PM \\\\\\\\\\\ Speaking at a seminar 'India and China: After five decades of 1962 war', Tipnis alleged that Nehru had surrendered national security interests to realise his "ambition" to be a world leader. (File/PTI) \\\\\\\\\ A former IAF Chief Air Chief Marshal (retd) A Y Tipnis has sought to blame former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru for India's defeat in the 1962 war with China, amid a continuing debate on why air power was not used during the conflict. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Speaking at a seminar 'India and China: After five decades of 1962 war' here, Tipnis also alleged that Nehru had surrendered national security interests to realise his "ambition" to be a world leader.\\\\\\\\\\\ "It was more or less universally accepted perhaps grudgingly not openly in some Indian quarters that to serve the dubious purpose of political survival that Pandit Nehru with his grandiose vision of a conflict free non-alligned world surrendered vital national security interest to the ambition of being a world leader," he said. \\\\\\\\ The remarks made yesterday came against the backdrop of the recent comments by the current Indian Air Force Chief Air Chief Marshal N A K Browne that the outcome of the 1962 war with China would have been different had the IAF been used in an offensive role. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Asked to expand on his remarks, Tipnis today said Nehru was the "major contributor" for India's debacle. \\\\\\\\\\ 72-year-old Tipnis, who had a three-year tenure as IAF Chief from December 31, 1998 was commissioned as a fighter pilot in 1960, two years before the hostilities broke out between India and China.\\\\\\\\\\\ Tipnis said he had also seen an Army Chief in those days being "ticked off" like a school-boy by Prime Minister Nehru for his alleged petulance. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ The issue of IAF not being used in the 1962 hostilities is still debated by military historians and experts and there is no clarity as to why the air force was not used. \\\\\\\\\ Browne had said the IAF was not allowed to be used in an offensive role and confined only to provide transport support to the Army. "These are open and glaring lessons we should have imbibed," he added.\\\\\\\\ For the first time in last 50 years, India celebrated the anniversary of the 1962 war with China on October 20 where Defence Minister A K Antony along with the three Services chiefs laid wreaths on the Amar Jawan Jyoti to pay tributes to the martyrs and participants of the war. \\\\\\\\\\\\Comments(3) \\\\\\\\\\ Nehru got catapulted to the top spot against all democratic principles and Bapu puffed him into an arrogance that made him feel he knew everything about ru(I)ning the country .Even timely and detailed letters by Sardar Patel were ignored by him outrightly .The chiefs of the defence forces ,though helpless ,submitted to non military and illogical acts of declaring a war without a prepared army or logistics .He has not only left the country with a permanent scar and fear of the Chinese ,he has left his legacy of the ignorant ministers and Babus meddeling in defence affairs and an impotent lot of generals oneying "Yes Sir " and the forces are in a critical phase without weapons or officers to fight for our safety\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Chiefs will always say that if the AF was used the result would have been different. Firepower demos at Tughlakhabad ranges are a far cry from targets to be located in High Altitude areas. Our fighter jocks are hard pressed to locate, let alone effectively engage pinpoint targets in these areas even now. Grunts on the ground, even in the recent Kargil skirmish will vouch for this statement. And as far as aging attack heptrs are concerned, their effectiveness in HA areas, the less said the better. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX NEHRU HAS THE LION'S SHARE OF THE BLAME. HE FOISTED MENON ON THE NATION AS RM AFTER OVERLOOKING THE JEEP SCANDAL - ONE OF THE FIRST AFTER INDEPENDENCE. HE IGNORED THE PROFESSIONAL ADVICE OF THREE ARMY CHIEFS AND PROMOTED HIS RELATIVE TO HIGHEST APPOINTMENTS DEALING WITH MILITARY OPERATIONS DESPITE THE OFFICER HAVING NIL EXPERIENCE BEING FROM A SUPPLY SERVICE. NOT ONLY THAT HE SENT HIM TO COMMAND THE FORCE SENT TO 'THROW THE CHINESE OUT'; THEN LET HIM COMMAND THAT FORCE FROM HIS SICK-BED IN DELHI! HE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR SENDING OFFICERS XXXXX \\\\\\\\\\\ ================================================== 000000000