Date: 23 Nov 2012

Comment\\\\\\\\ Bal Thackeray: Leader who rose from the roots\\\\\\\\\\\ Virendra Parekh\\\\\\\\\\\\ 23 November 2012 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The tiger will roar no more. Some said it almost gleefully. Most said it with grief. It is natural for leaders like Bal Thackeray who practice the politics of conviction and speak out their mind forthrightly to arouse strong emotions. In his death as in his life, Balasaheb (as he was commonly known) maintained his uniqueness. He never contested an election and never held any official position. Yet he wielded a clout that would be the envy of many chief ministers, both in its magnitude and longevity. Millions thronged Shivaji Park in central Mumbai to have a last glimpse of their beloved ‘saheb’. This was not a hired political mob. People from every nook and corner of Maharashtra traversed long distances to pay homage to a man who they felt brought cheer to their lives and fought for their rights and honour. Their solemnity, their grief, was such as could never be manufactured by state machinery or money power. =================================== 000000000