Date: 23 Nov 2012


MUSLIMS IN MYANMAR \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ West's anti Indian / anti Hindu policy is clear like sunshine. They had NO objection to brutal and bloody partition of India when MILLIONS of Hindus were massacred or forced out.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ They have No interest in the Hindu refugees from Kashmir or the plight of Hindus in East Bengal and Sindh. Preident Obama has not found time to visit these places saturated with Hindu blood. But they are pained deeply over the plight of Rohinga MUSLIMS in Myanmar.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Should we NOT tell Myanmar, "PUSH THEM OUT TO BANGLADESH or PAKISTAN. THERE IS PLENTY OF ROOM FOR THEM AFTER THE PERSECUTED HINDUS WERE FORCED TO LEAVE IN THEIR TENS OF MILLIONS." How about askIng Mr. OBAMA to take them back to his own America?\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ In the meantime we must warn Myanmar, “DON'T KEEP THE MOHAMMEDANS IF YOU WANT YOUR COUNTRY TO REMAIN UNITED (NOT BROKEN UP, OR PARTITIONED) AND YOUR GIRLS TO BE SAFE FROM ABUCTION AND RAPE AND THE UNWANTED MUSLIM PREGNANCIES.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ DO NOT DESTROY YOUR BUDDHIST COUNTRY & HERITAGE IN THE FUTURE LIKE THE TWO BAMYAN BUDDHA STATUES IN AFGHANISTAN.\\\\\\\\\\ LEARN FROM THE MUSLIM BEHAVIOUR ELSEWHERE ON EARTH AND SAVE YOUR COUNTRY FROM THE FATAL “CANCER or GANGRENE” CALLED “ISLAM”.\\\\\\\\\\\ Finally, when or if the MUSLIMS start massacring the Buddhists, then don't expect Obama or any other Western leader to come and speak for them.\\\\\\\\\\\\\ =================================== 000000000