Date: 28 Nov 2012


You have rightly paid compliments to XXXXXXX for his relentless and untiring efforts to get redress, even attention, from higher civil authorities. Needless to say that at present the top civil authority is Catholic "Hindu eater tigress" Sonia Maino Gandhi, and all our pleas and prayers will draw a blank. There is a good reason for it that is inconveivable but needs to be understood and exposed if we wish to survive with dignity in South Asia where the temperatures are rising. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Sonia belongs to "CARNIVOROUS" Abrahamic tribe while the Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs and Pagans are "HERBIVOROUS goats" blindly following the teachings of peace loving non-violent Gandhian tribe, willing to be overwhelmed, bashed, enslaved, killed and converted. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ This is what has been going on for centuries, if not for millennia, even in India but we choose to remain ignorant about core beliefs, loyalties, convictions and conditioning of mankind that is DIVIDED between Kauravas (led by Mohammed) and Pandvas (led by Sri Krishna). \\\\\\\\\\\\ In one sentence, India gave the Muslims their "Pakistan and Bangladesh" and sees no defeat, shame or humiliation though it was history's worst ever defeat and unconditonal surrender. India for the HINDUS (and the Sikhs) is like a desert. "However much effort one puts in, there will be no apple trees growing in sand." \\\\\\\\\\\\ 1947 was an eye opener year and the contestants stood apart clearly. The "carnivorous" tribe, Britain was part of it, proceeded with the aim of destroying India territorially with a free hand to massacre the Hindus and Sikhs numerically. This unspoken but vital Truth will help us understand as to why- \\\\\\\\\\\\\ - the grievaces will not be settled; \\\\\\\ - East Pakistan was returned to ISLAM after its capture in 1972;\\\\\\\\\ - North Kashmir was not recovered at teh same time;\\\\\\\\\\ - why the Hindus in Kashmir had NO defender; \\\\\\\ - "Occupied" Bharat did not send a naval task force to defend the lives and property of Indians (mostly Hindus and Sikhs) in FIJI in 1987;\\\\\\\\ - Prime Minister (Bofors "Chor") Rajiv Gandhi readily sent the Indian Jawans to kill the Tamils of INDIAN origin;\\\\\ - Prime Minister Maimoona Begum (aka Indira Gandhi) maliciously planned and launched the ferocious army attack on Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple), timing it perfectly to kill maximum number of congregation gathered there for Gurpurb (martyrdom of Guru Arjun Dev). The death toll far exceeded the number killed by the British at Jallianwala Bagh in 1919;\\\\\\\ - Government did not act promptly to stop the massacres of innocent Sikhs in the wake of Maimoona Begum's assassinaton in 1984. Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi compared the thousands of innocent Sikhs being killed day and night for four days to the "leaves falling during a storm!"\\\ - Article 370 in Constitution cannot be annulled nor can the "Indians" (Hindus) be settled in Kashmir Valley;\\\\\\\\\ -the Government (of peple?) will NOT allow the Hindus to construct the holiest Temple in Ayodhya; \\\\\\\ - the brith place of Guru Nanak was readily surrendered to Islamic Pakistan;\\\\\\\ -.we can neither say "Partition" nor see a Memorial to the two million KILLED and 15 million displaced persons in 1947; and-\\\\\\\ - the armed forces are returning their gallantry medals to the Supreme Commander, who is having a secret laugh at their pathetic plight and helplessness. \\\\\\\\\ In 1947 our top leaders put RELIGION as the only factor for partition of India. But immediately after that when the Hindus expected some joy, "religion" was declared a dirty word and abolished from Constitution. Nehru and Gandhi had NO qualms or objection in Pakistan having ISLAMIC Constitution but were at great pains to deny the Hindus any sense of identity. \\\\\\\\ Grievances of Armed Forces started with the first day in the life of post colonial India at PARTITION. Vast territories were surrendered to the Indian ("indigenous") Muslims who had to be called "The Enemy". But our Constitution stated: "Muslim equals Hindu." Gandhi even called them "Brothers"! Delhi continued to suffer from the Crisis of Identity.\\\\\\ To "prove" their Secularism the Hindus put Islam and Christianity on top. As a result today in India the Supreme Commander might be a Muslim, a Catholic, or a Muslim under false Hindu name (like Nehru's daughter Maimoona Begum who called herself Indira Gandhi!). The Prime Minister is a Sikh, the Defence Minister is a Catholic and the new Director of Intelligence is going to be a MUSLM who has superseded four capable Hindus senior to him. \\\\\\\\ One can safely declare, "India is like a mongrel dog". She is in violation of the First Law of Ideology that states, "To ensure peace and prosperity in a country its MAJORITY COMMUNITY must dominate their territory in a virile and manly manner." India's fleeing Hindus from West Punjab, East Bengal and Kashmir are that MAJAORITY community and the armed forces are part of them! \\\\\\ In reality and contrary to all logic and commonsense Nehru was rewarded with Prime Minister's chair and idealised by the masses. Emerging safely through capital crime of High Treason Nehru sensed danger to him only from the army that was upright, courageous and incorruptible. So he demoted the armed forces and degraded them in public eye. His daughter and grandson (prime ministers by "divine right") continued to look at the armed forces through the eyes of Jawaharlal Nehru. \\\\\\\\\\ Having "tamed" the generals the rulers, deeply entrenched in power, need not fear, especially if they loot and rob in daylight and fan corruption to weaken resistance & opposition. The best tool in their hands is the "Father of Nation", Mahatma Gandhi himself statues adorn every town and city centre in Bharat. He regarded the country's gallant soldiers "evil men of violence". Mention of an army victory is embarrassment to the ruling establishment. \\\\\\\\\ They also know that the ultimate Saviour of the long suffering, betrayed and neglected people will be the armed forces. Hence they will keep the generals' heads down, even betray them in the case of war and sign another cease-fire agreement or outright surrender of Bharat.\\\\\\ They need not worry. Their assets are abroad. People will perish as they did in Noakhali, August 1946, and Rawalpindi, March 1947. Even in the year 2012 this government is not going to notice the refugees from Kashmir, or the heavy INFILTRATION from Bangladesh or the nuclear threat from Pakistan. \\\\\\\ India surrendered FIVE provinces to Islam in order to appease the bully, in order to buy peace, and in order to avoid civil war. Due to Nehru's grand deception, and since Gandhi called them "brothers" the unavoidable civil war in the near future ought to engage our attention seriously. Degrading the armed forces that led to defeat against the Chinese in 1962 is to make sure that the "majority community" is finally wiped out. \\\\\\\\\ In this overall scenario General Satbir Singh's letters to "Hon'ble" (?) "Raksha Mantri" and the de factro Head of State, Sonia Maino Gandhi, can only move our hearts as to the simplicity and sincerity of it all. \\\\\\\\\\\\ 28 Nov 12.\\\\\\\ =============================================== 000000000 =============