Date: 29 Nov 2012


There is widely shared experience and understanding on the basic facts that- \\\\\\\\\\\(a) adminisration in India is extremely inefficient; \\\\\\\\ (b) army is not a popular choice by the sons and daughters of politicians; \\\\\\\\\ (c) the police are unscrupulous & unprofessional;\\\\\\\\\\\\ (d) the judiciary are too slow and lazy and \\\\\\\\ (e) the rulers are extremely corrupt.\\\\\\ (f) the nation needs unity, cohesion and strength.\\\\\\\\\ (g) the nation needs to have some awareness of its own history, Partition and the "enemies within" and a clear idea of native and foreigner.\\\\\\\\\ (h) there should be spontaneous and automatic REJECTION of "foreign fingers" in our national affairs.\\\\\\\\\ (j) there ought to be PRIDE in being a Hindu in Hindusthan.\\\\ Instead, there is an invisible dimension that is most dangerous, yet least known. \\\\\\\\\\ Sovereign Hindusthan had to establish a Fact Finding Mission (FFM) to discover the reasons for holding the world record in submission & SLAVERY. India has been a slave nation since 1192 when Delhi fell to the Turks. She is still a slave nation whose western frontier dropped on one day from Khyber to Wagah under the blow of "Sword of Islam".\\\\\\\\ Such a Mission would have openly broadcast to the world what Guru Gobind Singh declared over 300 years ago, "I shall turn the JACKALS into lions." And he did! Who were the "Jackals" in his pledge? \\\\\\\\\\ Later MK Gandhi was even more blunt when he said, "Hindus are cowards." He was expressing his view on seeing the national collapse before the devastating attack on his "Akhand Bharat" and the rapid mass evacuation of Hindus that turned out to be history's largest human stampede in 1947. \\\\\\\\\\ Nehru's opinion of Hindus was even more shattering. Just before he happily signed the surrender of one third of India to Islam his friend Mohammed Ali Jinnah, later known as the "Father of Pakistan", said, "Jawahar, are you not worried about the Hindu backlash?" Nehru replied promptly, "Hindus are the largest herd of cows on earth. Do the cows mind which pasture they are driven to?"\\\\\\\\\\\ But after assuming power Nehru never spared even one minute to reflect on the demolished state of the Hindu nation under his rule. Why not?\\\\\\\\\\ The reason is clear. Guru Gobind Singh ji regarded the Hindus "jackals" but then created the fearless Hindu fighter trom that demoralised lot, the "Khalsa", who later defeated the Afghans and pushed the frontier back to Khyber. We ought to compare that feat by a small force of his "lions" with the present Indian armed forces who cannot even dream of crossing the cease-fire line in Kashmir to recover North Kashmir!\\\\\\\\\\\ Gandhi made the Hindus aware of their weakness and thus wanted them to become bold and courageous. \\\\\\\\\\\ But "Bandit" Nehru went one step further. He had his despicable stooges write up a Constitution that ensured that the Hindus would remain "Jackals, cowards and the largest herd of cows." And that is exactly what the Hindus are today if we see an Italian female guiding the prime minister, the historic Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya in ruins, Guru Nanak Devís Janmasthan in Pakistan, and Hindu REFUGEES in Hindusthan! \\\\\\\\\ His Constitution forbids anyone even saying the word "Hindu". Using his "constitutional sledghammer" Nehru, the agent of Anglo-Islamic conspiracy against the Hindus, made them all "secular". \\\\\\\\\\ Thus Nehru was a very cunning barrister, trained in England to betray India at the "Independence" talks that became talks for "Partition". His vast following did not have the slightest clue to his treacherous about turn.\\\\\\\\\\\\\ In short, it was Nehru who-\\\ - surrendered the Indian territory unconditionally; \\\\\\\\\- who retained the Muslims back in order to enable them to grow stronger and then demand Partition again; \\\\\\\\\\\\\- who groomed his own daughter for his chair, showing total disregard for democracy; - who used propaganda to raise his image and profile among the ignorant and illiterate masses to appear as a great freedom fighter, a great patriot and a great leader;\\\\\\\ - who bashed and battered the Hindus and their religion under the garb of Secularism; \\\\\\\\- who ruled as virtual dictator; \\\\\- who had friendly relations only with the Arab and Muslim countries but antipathy towards the Buddhist countries to the East and Hindu Nepal in the North; \\- who adored FOREIGN females (the nation did not react to his slavish OBEISANCE before the Viceroy's wife, and no one objected to his daughter Indira marrying Feroze Khan, a Muslim. Complying with that tradition his grandson Rajiv Gandhi brought his semi literate wife from Italy who entered the Prime Minister's house in New Delhi without visa, security clearance or Indian passport). Now there will be even bigger slap in the face of the nation (armed forces being an integral part of the nation!) when Rahul Gandhi brings an unknown female from Venezuela and tells the nation, "She is my wife. Touch her feet!"; and \\\\\\\\- who degraded the armed forces fearing his own assassination by a brave man in uniform. \\\\\\\\\\\\ India paid a heavy price for having Nehru on top and she is paying even higher price for having Sonia Maino-Gandhi on top. \\\\\\\\\\ The Hindus' plight in Sindh, South Kashmir and East Bengal, animosity between Dalits and Brahmins, the Naxalite revolt, and the alienation of the Sikhs, show the ruptures in the Indian nation. \\\\\\\ Those who are described as the "carnivorous" lot stand to gain. The "herbivorous" people, already exterminated in Pakistan and wiped out in Bangladesh are now an endangered specie in Hindusthan since their leaders have not established that Commission (post mortem of Partition) due to cowardice or fraud.\\\\\\\ Democracy has not been given a free run since 1947 and it is not going to function since the undemocratic forces are gaining an upper hand all the time. \\\\\\\\\ To correct the course for Bharat was a surgical strike by the armed forces as soon as the last "guardians of Nehru", the British troops, had sailed away. It was the need of the hour. Failing that, the country went in for a long period of slavery, turmoil, confusion, corruption and disruption till it all blows up eventually. \\\\\\\\\ The fate of the betrayed, neglected and degraded Indian Army will be the same as in 1947 (withdrawal from five provinces) and again in 1962 (NEFA & AKSAI CHIN), only a thousand times WORSE. If they don't or can't act now they will go down in history as the LAST DASHED HOPE OF THE NATION.\\\\\\\ The points written above are for the top civil and military leadership to resolve but if the Civil are incorrigibly corrupt, dishonest and treacherous then the MILITARY must act to save the nation and the country. A new Constitution that acknowledges the Hindusí existence in Hindusthan and is conscious of the enemy within, is mandatory. ============================================== 000000000