Date: 30 Nov 2012


(SEE BELOW) \\\\\\You are so right in conclusion, to leave matters to destiny. At individual level that is all one can do. Real power to act lies with the rulers but no one can take away from us the power to think & express ourselves. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ India's situation is peculiar due to complete mismatch between the rulers and the slaves. The rulers are CHRISTIAN and MUSLIM while the slaves are all "demoralised secularised intimidated "HINDUS (all natives). Hence the First Lady is not a Hindu or Sikh but Catholic. It seems impossible that Sonia would be No. 2 in Hindusthan in the near future. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Hence the latter will have to dance to the tune of the former and go on adding the names of "martyrs & victims" to their long lists. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ We can project thoughts into the future. \\\\\\\\\\\\ For such a country like India the future is CIVIL WAR, IMPLOSION (insurrections and revolts) or an INVASION from across the frontiers. India can be sold out as easily as she was surrendered in 1947. Eventually a military coup can also not be ruled out. But what can certainly be ruled out is peace & stability in Hindusthan for the foreseeable future. \\\\\\\\\\\\ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 30 Nov 12. =============== \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Thanx for your e-mail. Your analysis of both past & present Gandhi-Nehru clans are heart rendering. Not many stalwarts of the Indian polity are lion hearted, dedicated, patriotic, of Winston Churchi calibre, good statesmen & administrators or interested in welfare of the masses & well being of the country and lastly honest. Most of them are in politics to make hay while the sun shines. Leave alone the politicians, even our def forces leaders have been mostly hen-pecked of the powers-that-be and paper tigers. Consequently expecting any worthwhile efforts from them for the integrity& sovereignity of the country, would be futile. Therefore, as I said earlier, we have to leave matters to destiny. xxxxxxxxxxxx \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ================================================== 000000000