Date: 03 Dec 2012


We ought to begin with the issue of "MURDER OF AKHAND BHARAT". \\\\\\\\\\\\ We ought to DEMAND a "post mortem" of Partition. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ We ought to identify the TRAITORS who did not protest and did not resist the mutilation of India. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ We ought to identify the traitors who stood to BENEFIT from the murder of Akhand Bharat, and those who were destroyed and devastated by it. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ We ought to understand NEHRU'S reason for begging for cease fire in Kashmir and then sticking to it for ever. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ We ought to ask, Why Article 370 in Constitution is there only to BENEFIT the Muslim Majority State but not any other State in India. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ We ouhght to find out the reason as to why Indian MASSES are behaving like ASSES who do not see any difference between an Indian and an Italian, who, in fact, put an ITALIAN above an INDIAN. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ We ouht to protest at the statues of uninspring smi naked MK Gandhi but not of any HINDU or SIKH WARRIOR. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ We ought to explore the reason for imposition of Secularism in Delhi but not in Lahore. \\\\\\\\\\ We ought to ask, "WHAT ARE THE MUSLIMS DOING IN BROKEN BHARAT. Should they not all be in sent to PAKISTAN that was meant to be their exclusive Homeland on Indian Territory?"\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ We ought to ask, "What kind of Democracy is this where Prime Minister's chair automatically goes to the next generaton.\\\\\\\\\\\ We ought to ak, Why Hindu is BASHED in Hindusthan. \\\\\\\\\\\ We ought to ask, "Why the persecuted and the endangered Hindus is Kashmir have not been issued with guns for SELF DEFENCE?\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ We ouhght to enquire as to why East Pakistan was captured but then reurned to ISLAM and why at the time when Pakisrtani army was SMASHED and in the "bag" India did not recover North Kashmir. \\\\\\\\\ We need to ask, Why and how the Foreign Minister, Defence Minister and the Direcor of Intelligence in HINDUSTHAN can be MOHAMMEDAN. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ We ought to see the "STINK" in Hindu nation that did not inspire the ex President ABDUL KALAM to say, "I AM A HINDU."? ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ We ought to DEMAND, CHALLENGE & QUESTION and not merely accept whatever the Muslims and the Italians throw at us. ================================== 000000000