Date: 04 Dec 2012


HINDUUS ! WAKE UP ! ACT , ACT , ACT----- every one must read this article and take some action otherwise hinduus you are doomed ------and done for ------now do or die ------ now or never ----- HINDUUS ! WAKE UP ! ACT , ACT , ACT --------- \\\\\\\\\\\\\ 1 . After independence fake secularism is destroying India culturally ; socially and politically which even 600 years of muslim rule + 300 years of british christians rule = 900 years had not been able to do.------------------------------ \\\\\\\\\\2 . Most people do not know that the word ‘Secularism’ is not in the constitution . Indira Gandhi during the dark days of emergency altered the words ''‘Sovereign democratic republic''' to '''‘Sovereign socialist secular republic'''. these twos have destroyed the country. --------------------------------- \\\\\\\\\\\\ 3 . India has to dump this pseudo secularism at the earliest if India is to progress. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ 4 . Secularism is'''' no discrimination by the state against a person or a society on the basis of religion''''. But HINDUUS ARE DISCRIMINATED ; MUSLIMS AND ALL MINORITIES ARE FAVOURED BY INDIAN GOVT. Which is not SECULARISM ------------------------ \\\\\\\\\\\ 5 . It is communal to condemn the massacre of 30 thousand Hinduus in Kashmir and 58 Hinduu Raam bhakt in Godhraa Kaand , Gujaraat But the pseudo secularists never condemned the Godhra kaand and Kashmir Kaand that is why today communalism, separatism, antinationalism, untruth and atrocities against Hindus are on the rise even the human rights do not speak against these injustices done to HINDUUS --------------------------- \\\\\\\\\\\6 . According to an American news agency report, ---------- 1 ...... terrorists from 12 Muslim countries have been infiltrating India armed with arms, RDX, ammunitions etc. etc. ------------------------ \\\\\\\\\\\2 ....... They have sneaked into Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Bengal and Bihar in large numbers in 176 terrorist centres for a civil war to happen.------------------- \\\\\\\\\\\3 ...... Three crore = 30 millions Bangladeshi infiltrators have been welcomed in India by these secular leaders to create their vote banks which is increasing poverty, unemployment and terrorism. ------------------- \\\\\\\\\\\ 4 ....... But no terrorist has been punished so far because anti national secularists want to win the elections with their help and yet they call themselves as patriots and nationalists.----------- \\\\\\\\\\5 ........ DIVIDE AND RULE POLICY: - there were nationalist Muslims like Sir Syed Ahmad Jinnah, Alibrothers, Poet Iqbal and others but they became separatist because seeds were sown in their mind by secularists the majority and minorities . policy of the British Govt. DIVIDE AND RULE ----------------------------- \\\\\\\\\\\\6 ...... Nationalist Muslims want to handover peacefully the Raam Janmabhumi to Hinduus and remove 900 years of ill will between HINDUUS AND MUSLIMS but these politically secular leaders do not let it happen as it will weaken their vote bank.------------------------- \\\\\\\\\\\7 ........ ANTI JUSTICE: - Secular leaders built a Haj Houses spending crores = millions of rupees on it. If only Hindus had been similarly funded to build a Teerth Bhavans it would have created communal harmony sans discrimination.---------------------- \\\\\\\\\\8 ........ Under article 29 and 30 Muslims can teach Koran and Christians Bible in Govt. aided schools but as a sharp discrimination Hindus can not teach Gitaa, Raamaayan, Ved, Upanishadetc. etc. ----------------------------- \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 9 . ........ the secularists maintain dead silence when thousands of Hindus are massacred in Kashmir, Bangladesh, Ayodhya , Paakisthaan and other places and thousands of temples are demolished in Pakistan and Bangladesh. They created hell when the disputed structure was demolished, situated at the birth place of Bhagvaan Sri Raam, most sacred to 90 crore = 900 millioms Hindus. \\\\\\\\\\\\ 10 ........ MUSLIM Shabana Azmi and MUSLIM Dilip Kumar kept mum when 11 years old MUSLIM GIRL Ameena was married off to a 60 years old MUSLIM Arab MAN. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ 11 .......... Secularist are for those ------- \\\\\\\\\a ) who [[ MUSLIMS ]] slander Mother India, b ) who [[ MUSLIMS ]] hoist black flags on Republic Day \\\\\\\\\\\ c ) who [[ MUSLIMS ]] oppose Vande Maataram \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ d ) these secularists stand with folded hands before the fundamentalists [[ MUSLIMS ]] and extremists [[ MUSLIMS ]] only for vote politics and self interest is motto of life.India faced ruin under the rule of these fake secularists? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ भारत और संविधान --------------- \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ INDIAN CONSTITUTION AND INDIAN GOVT. ---------------------------------------- \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Section 7 ---- the UNIVERSAL proclamation of HUMAN RIGHTS is :--- \\\\\\\ i . All are EQUAL under LAW ------- \\\\\\\\\\\\ ii . No DISCRIMINATION under LAW ------\\\\\\\ Article 14 of India ---- Equality for all ---- \\\\\\\\\\\\\Article 15 of India ---- No discrimination ---- \\\\\\\\\\ Now see how Indian Govt. by passed all the Articles and Human Rights : -----In India ------ \\\\\\\ 1 .------ MUSLIMS have their own LAW ------ SHARIA -----Ex. SAHRA BANO case ; -----two laws in one country INDIA ----------\\\\\\\\ 2 .------ christians , muslims and sikhs get admission even with very low percentage of marks and a Hinduu has to have very high percentage of marks to get admission in schools , colleges and universities --------\\\\\\\\\\ 3 .------ Muslim university AMU is run with 100 % grant from Central Govt. and no Hinduu University is run by 100 % grant by Central Govt. ------------ \\\\\\\\\4 . ------ All students , all teachers , all staff is Hinduu but it is a CHRISTIAN SCHOOL / college / university because the managing committee is of Christians / Muslims -----------and also Govt. can not interfere with these schools , colleges , universities ---------- \\\\\\\\\\5 . ------ Kashmir is the only province where The Central Govt . is bearing the entire revenue expenditure of entire education , B A , M A , Engineering and Medical etc. etc. because it is muslim majority province but Hinduu can not get admission in medical college in Kashmir ; and in other part of the country Kashmiri Hinduu would not get admission because he belongs to Kashmir ---------- what a tragedy of HINDUUS ---------- \\\\\\\\\\\\6 . ------ Muslim get minority advantages though they are in MAJORITY in certain parts of India and HINDUUS where ever in India are in minority do not get minority advantages --------- \\\\\\\\\\7 . ------ For Muslims , Christians , Sikhs , special coaching classes are arranged by Govt. FREE OF CHARGE and HINDUUS cannot attend these classes ----------- \\\\\\8 . ------ Special provision for Muslims , Christians , Sikhs appointments in POLICE , BANKS , RAILWAYS , and in all PUBLIC SECTORS --- \\\\\9 . ------ Special additional steps must be taken for up lifting of Muslims , Christians , Sikhs------------- \\\\\\\\\10 . ------ Applications from Muslims , Christians , Sikhs must be taken up on priority bases for recruitments ; admissions etc. etc. ------------- \\\\\\\\\\11 . ------ If Muslims , Christians , Sikhs are in majority in certain parts of India still it is considered as minority community -------- \\\\\\12 . ------ For loan applications of Muslims , Christians , Sikhs special officers are appointed from Muslims , Christians , Sikhs communities to handle applications on priority bases ---------- \\\\\\\\\13 . ------ Muslims , Christians , Sikhs loans interest rate is very low than a HINDUU ------- \\\\\\\\\\\\14 . ------ INDIAN COMMON CIVIL CODE ----- HINDUU CAN HAVE ONLY ONE WIFE BUT MUSLIM CAN HAVE FIVE WIVES AT A TIME and a muslim does not have to give ALIMONY to his wife when he divorce his wife ------as SHAH BANO CASE ------ \\\\\\\\\\\\15 . ------ Any one if want to have more than one wife must have a certificate from Imam of Jama Masjid that he was converted to ISLAAM before marriage ----------- \\\\\\\\\\16 . ------ A HINDUU CHILD can be adopted by a Muslims / Christians / Sikhs but muslim child by a muslim ; christian child by a christian ; a sikh child by a sikh ---------- because of this HINDUU CHILDREN are adopted by Muslims , Christians , Sikhs to increase their population and to decrease HINDUU POPULATION -------- \\\\\\\\\17 .----- christians and muslims can teach bible and quraan in their schools and HINDUUS can not teach RAAMAAYAN OR GIITAA etc. etc. ------- \\\\\\\\\\18 . ----- MUSLIM abdul rehman antuley is trustee of a HINDUU famous siddhi vinaayak temple buta HINDUU can not become a trustee of a muslim mosque or a muslim madarasaa or of any ------ \\\\\\\\\19 . ----- HINDUU mahatamaas , pandits etc. etc. hinduu organisations heads like Dr. praveen bhai togadia have been arrested many times but never a muslim of any mosque like shahi imam of jaamaa masjid who claims openly an agent of ISI of paakisthaan ------------ \\\\\\\\\\\\\20 . ----- muslim pilgrims for HAJ christian pilgrims for BETHLEHEM are given subsidy but hinduus pilgrims for amar naath ' sabarimalai, kailash mansrovar etc. etc. not given subsidy ------ but HINDUUS are TAXED to go there ------ \\\\\\\\\21 . ......Many HINDUU - TEMPLES are controlled by Govt. and temples money is spent on MUSLIMS and CHRISTIANS to give them grants , subsidiaries , to open mosques and churches . But Govt. has no control on any mosque or church ------------------------- \\\\\\\\\\22 . ---- catholic christian soniaa running INDIA -------- with a muslim advisor , sikh prime minister , muslim law minister , christian defence minister , and many many more muslim and christian chief ministers and ministers ---- in HINDUU - MAJORITY INDIA like : ------ MUSLIM P M s' of assaam ------ Badruddin ajmal ,------ISMAIL HUSAIN ---under whom 5 thousand HINDUU BODOS have to leave their homes and many are killed by illegal banglaa deshi MUSLIMS----- these both MP's must be dismissed ------ but soniaa would not do that ---- \\\\\\\\\\ MUSLIM MPs of Bihar -----MUALANA ASRARUL MOHAMMAD ---syed shahnawaz hussain ---- Monazir Hassan ------- \\\\\\\\\\\MUSLIM MPs of jammu and kashmir ----- Dr. mehboob beg and shrifuddhin shariq ; Dr. Farooq Abdullah ; Hassan Khan ;-------- \\\\\\\\MUSLIM MPs of kerala -----Mohammed Basheer ; E. Ahamed ----- \\\\\MUSLIM MP of tamil naadu ----j m aaroon rasheed ------Shri Abdul Rahman \\\\\\\\MUSLIM MP of uttar pradesh -------- Salman Khurshid -----Begum Tabassum Hasan -----Zafar Ali Naqvi------Mohammed Azharuddin----Feroze Varun Gandhi -----Shafiqur Rahman Barq------------- \\\\\\\MUSLIM MP of west bengaal ---- sk nurul islam ----Prof. Sk. Saidul Haque-----Smt. Mausam Noor-----Shri Abdul Mannan Hossain-----hri Sultan Ahmed----and many many christian MPs --------like goa----- \\\\\\\\\\francisco ; varkeythomas ; p t thomas ;anto anthony;---- \\\\\\tamilnadu--- k.alias j ; davison helen; \\\\\\\\\\ r . thomaraiselvan ; elangovan ;gandhisalvan ; d nepolean ;and many many more with HINDUU NAMES like ambika soni ; sonia banergee and tens of more ------- \\\\\\\\\ -------- Why Hinduu image is so bad in India and abroad ------- \\\\\\\\\\\\A . Because HINDUUS do not talk about their atrocities done by :--- Islaamic Uganda ,Islaamic Figi , Islaamic Gulf countries , Islaamic Paakisthaan , Islaamic Banglaa desh ,etc.etc. and by Christian Portuguese and Christian British etc.etc. ------- \\\\\\\\\B . 100 % riots are initiated by Muslims but the Indian Govt. always made HINDUUS responsible for that and published this all over the world that Muslim in India are treated like the Jews by Hitler -------- \\\\\\\\\\C . In 1947 Hinduu population in Islaamic Paakisthaan was 22 % now it is less than 1 % ; in Islaamic Banglaa desh Hinduu population was 33 % and now it is less than 5 % ; in India Muslim population was 9 % and now it is 12 % ---- we can see now that liquidation is of hinduus in Islaamic countries not of Muslims in India . \\\\\\\\D . In 1947 Muslims population in India was 2.5 crores and now Muslim population is 6.5 crores almost 3 folds and in Paakisthaan Hinduu population was 2.5 crores and now it is less than 1 crore . Does it show Muslims are treated the way Jews were treated by Nazis ???? NO ---- MUSLIMS \\\\\\\IN INDIA ARE TREATED LIKE GUESTS getting hundreds of subsidiaries , special rights , social services etc. etc. ------ It is anti - Hinduu propaganda by Indian Govt. , Muslims and Christians . Riots always initiated by muslims and Indian Govt. always blame HINDUUS , RSS , VHP and all hinduu organisations ----- \\\\\\\Conversion by force , fraud , allurement is done by Muslims and Christians and Hinduus oppose this ; Indian Govt. Muslims and Christians do not like this and always give bad name to Hinduus ----- \\\\\\\\ ------------- ALL INFORMATION FROM 1 TO 16 POINTS and up to this point IS TAKEN FROM THE BOOK " IS THIS A SIN TO BE HINDU IN INDIA? " BY Dr. VIJAY KUMAR MALHOTRA ; MEMBER LOK SABHA --------- \\\\\\\IN MY OPINION " IT IS A SIN TO BE A HINDUU IN INDIA AND IN THE WORLD" BECAUSE OF ANTI - HINDUU INDIAN GOVT.------------------------- \\\\\\\\ HINDUUS MUST WORK FOR HINDUUS AND FOR HINDUU - CAUSES ---------- DO YOU THINK MUSLIMS AND CHRISTIANS ARE GOING TO WORK FOR HINDUUS AND FOR HINDUU - CAUSE ??? NO !!! HINDUUS HAVE TO DO THAT -------------------- \\\\\\\\\\a ] ----- to work for hinduus and for hinduu - cause to win elections to defeat congress --------then ------ to stop all the injustices done to HINDUUS ------- the only way to give justice to HINDUUS is to declare INDIA "" A HINDUU RASHTR "" \\\\\\\\\ INDIA IS ISLAAMIC STHAAN WITH 80 % HINDUU POPULATION AND 12 % MUSLIM POPULATION BECAUSE ------------- \\\\\\\\\\\\ 1. Muslims can come to India from any country and \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ A . get ration cards \\\\\\\\\\\\ B . get voting rights \\\\\\\\\\ C . get more rights than Indian people but HINDUU REFUGEES FROM ISLAAMIC COUNTRIES LIKE PAAKISTHAAN , BANGLAA DESH ETC. ETC.CAN NOT COME TO INDIA and if they come some how they are not given ration cards , no help in any way , no voting rights etc. etc. and they are left to die on the roads ---------------- \\\\\\\\\\ E . Hinduus are discriminated in HINDUU - MAJORITY - INDIA ------------------ \\\\\\\\\\\\\ There are many more examples to favour muslims and to discriminate HINDUUS \\\\\\\\\\ ========================================== 000000000