Date: 04 Dec 2012


HINDUS IN HINDUSTHAN ARE AN ENDANGERED SPECIE. THERE USED TO BE HINDUS IN KARACHI. THERE USED TO BE HINDUS IN LAHORE. THERE USED TO BE HINDUS IN KASHMIR. THERE USED TO BE HINDUS IN DHAKA. THERE USED TO BE HINDUS IN CHITTAGONG. THERE USED TO BE HINDUS IN SYLHET. YES, BUT NOW THEY ARE EXTINCT LIKE DODO ALL OVER PAKISTAN AND BANGLADESH THAT DID NOT EVEN EXIST UNTIL 1947.\\\\\\\\\\ Hindus are being punished and destroyed in Hindusthan where the foreign oriented minorities are enjoying power and privileges. Can anyone ever believe that there are Hindu REFUGEES in Hindusthan? The Supreme Commander is Sonia's SPIT. So is the "lame duck" Prime Minister.\\\\\\\\ Hindusthan ought to project HINDU history, culture, civilization and even RELIGION but with all the key posts, including FOREIGN MINISTRY, under Muslims and Catholics the Hindus cannot even protest. \\\\\\\\\\\\ The Defence Minister, RAKSHA MANTRI, is a CATHOLIC and the Director of INTELLIGENCE will be a MOHAMMEDAN.\\\\\\\\\\\ Any proud, patriotic and self respecting nation would have kicked the last MOHAMMED out after conceding them TERRITORY to establoish their own ISLAMIC country but here we have HINDUS, brainwashed by Nehru and Gandhi to call them "brothers".\\\\\\\\\\\\ Hindu-Muslim marriages are ONE way traffic to finish off the Hindus. Mosques are free to "VOMIT anti Infidel poison", taken from KORAN, against the KAFIRS, Hindus, and preachers like ZAKIR NAIK are indoctrinating their own followers to fight ther Hindus at some future date. That is allowed but to demand "Hindu Rashtra" is to invite ridicule and even starvation.\\\\\\\\\\ Hindus have been so STUNNED by the BLOW OF PARTITION that no one is demanding a POST MORTEM OF PARTITION. It must be held, sooner or later. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The nation must know who went along with the MUSLIMS to surrender our sacred TERRITORY ("dharti maata") to the devils and who insisted that the Muslims must not be called "ENEMIES" but "brothers" and who insisted on keeping them back after conceding them FIVE PROVINCES to establish their own separatist soveriegn Islamic country called "Pakistan". \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ A goat cannot fight a wolf. Only a tiger can take on the wolf. The Hindu scholars have never thought of this simple Truth but still insist on keeping the Hindus weak and vulnerable like the goats and sheep in the human jungle that is full of predators and killers. \\\\\\\\\\\ Only a few warriors like Guur Gobind Singh Ji and Shivaji and Rani of Jhansi and Maharana Pratap tried to put SWORD in the hands of Hindus for SELF DEFENCE but we see their INSPIRATION wiped out by this Secular "Vidhan" that is just RUBBISH if it does not mention AKHAND BHARAT or the unconditional surrender of Hindusthan in 1947. \\\\\\\\\\ ====================================== 000000000